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Imphal, Aug 8:
The North East Dialogue Forum has shown solidarity to the victims and survivors in Hiroshima and Nagasaki  because of the bombing of Atom Bomb on 6 and 9 of August 1945 by the USA .
In a statement the NEDF expressed strong condemnation appealing not to repeat such acts in human history. 
The NEDF demand to the International Community including UN for a  WORLD   FREE  NUCLEAR  FROM   NUCLEAR  WEAPONS  with  the  dream for ‘A  NUCLEAR  FREE  FUTURE’.
The statement further added that it  is  75  years  now   that  the  first  two  bombs  were  dropped   in  Japan -   Little  Boy,  a  12,500  TNT made  from   uranium   on  Hiroshima  on August, 6,  1945,  at  around  08:16  A.M.  (Japanese  Time)  and Fat  Man,  a  22,000  tonne  made  from   plutonium   on  Nagasaki  on   09  August,  1945  at  around  11:02  A.M.   (Japanese  Time).   Though  the  two  bombs  had   cut  off  precious  and  innocent  lives  of  the  two cities  there  and  then  and  totally  to   some  2,20,000  souls  by  the   year  ending  and  leaving   many  impaired  for  life and  generations   because  of   radiation  effects,  human  nature  has  not  changed  as  there  is  no  repentance  to  turn  over  a  new  leaf,  though   the  glib  is  for  world  peace   while  the  strategy  is  to  growl,  intimidate  and  threaten  through  having  nuclear  weapons  and  other  weapons  of  mass  destruction,  right  from  extracting  and  commercializing   atomic  minerals  at  the  expense  of  land  resources,  indigenous  communities’  lives  and  sustainable  livelihoods,  including  changing  land  laws  and social/economic/environment  impact  assessment  analysis  and  reports  to  suit    the  political  convenience   in   having  nuclear  industries  and  thereby  go  about  strutting  one’s  chest  of  belonging  to  the  elite  Nuclear  Supplier   Group  (NSG)  and  so   move  around   by   wearing  an  imaginary  placard  ”Nobody  touch  ME”.
The   acquisition  of   such  nuclear  weapons   undergoes  a  meticulous   axe  and  grind   through  the  process  of  obtaining  atomic  minerals which  are  radioactive  beginning   with  mining  and  leaving  behind,  hazardous  ores,  tailings  and  wastes  detrimental    both  to  human  life  and  the  environment  by  making  it  polluted,  poisonous  thereby  cutting  off/shortening  life  of  humans,  fauna,  flora  and  all  living  organisms  and  as  such, contributes  immensely  to  enhancing  climate  change  and  thereby,  making  the  world  become  uninhabitable.    And to  exist  precariously,  utmost  precautions  must  be  taken  similar to,   if  not  worst,  the  existential  grim  reality  under   the  pandemic  of   COVID-19.  Around  the  world  -  faith  groups  of  Hindu,  Muslim,  Jewish,  Jain,  Buddhist  and  Christian  traditions  under  the  name  Faith  Communities  Concerned  about  Nuclear  Weapons,  Civil  Society  Organizations  (CSOs)  like  Campaign  for  Nuclear  Disarmament,  International  Camapign  to   Abolish  Nuclear  Weapons  including  faith-based  organizations,  viz.  The  World  Council  of  Churches,  General  Assembly  of  the  Church  of  Scotland,    Non-Governmental  Organisations  (NGOs)  like  the  International  Red  Cross  and  Red  Crescent  Movement  and   Hibakusha  (survivors  of  the  Hiroshima  and  Nagasaki  atomic  holocaust)  have  persistently  called  for  a  WORLD   FREE  NUCLEAR  FROM   NUCLEAR  WEAPONS  with  the  dream  for  A  NUCLEAR  FREE  FUTURE.
In  like  manner,  the  North  East  Dialogue  Forum  (NEDF)  expressed  its  solidarity  with  all  those  calling  for  a  NUCLEAR  FREE  WORLD,  i.e.  whether  as  a  weapon  or  nuclear  energy  for  peaceful  purposes  to  generate  electricity  and  right   from  the  mining  process.  
The NEDF calls  for  immediate  stoppage   of  uranium  (including  all  other atomic  minerals)   mining  anywhere  and  everywhere  as  
· Uranium  mining  is  taking  place  in  complete  disregard  of  native/indigenous  people’s /tribal  land   thereby  taking  away  aboriginal/indigenous  people’s  rights  and  livelihoods;
· Uranium  is  used  for  making  nuclear  bombs  by  converting  it  to  plutonium  in  the  nuclear  reactors;
· Uranium  mining  rapidly  produces  large  volumes  of  liquid  and  solid  waste,  which  remains  hazardous  ad  infinitum,  pollutes  the  air  around  thereby  has  a  catastrophic  environmental  effect  on  the  immediate  surrounding  and  also  contaminates  the  downstream  area;
· Radioactivity  in  the  form  of  radon  gas  permeates  and  accumulates  in  solids,  liquids,  gases,  and  finds  its   way  to  human  beings  directly  and  indirectly;
· Health  hazards  are  stupendous  and  deadly  and  continues  through  generations  even  causing  genetic  mutation;
· There  is no  method  or  strategy  to  stop  radiation -  contamination  from  uranium  mining  waste  and  its  spread.
The forum also  urged  upon  one  all,  irrespective  of  ethnicity,  culture,  nationality,  faith/religious  belief,  colour,  gender,  to  be  resolute  for   a  NUCLEAR  FREE  WORLD  and  that  all  Governments,  irrespective  of  ideology,  form  and  type  to  sign  and  ratify  the UN  Treaty  on  Prohibition  of  Nuclear  Weapons  (TPNW)  so  that  our  dream  becomes  a  reality  here  and  now.    
The forum  also  call  for   freedom  from  (a)  human  rights  violation  in  the  form  of  rape,  murder,  torture,  harassment,  exploitation  and  from  (2)  gender,  ethnic,  racial,  cultural,  religious  discrimination.
The forum  further  call  for  freedom  of   speech  and  expression  with  the  democratic  right  to  dissent  and  to  exercise  the  human  right  to  life  in  letter  and  spirit.  

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