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Manipur Maoist urges for unity and strengthening mission journalism, patriotic regional forces

Manipur Maoist urges for unity and strengthening mission journalism, patriotic regional forces

Written By: / Tuesday, 18 June 2019 17:07

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Imphal, June 18,

Manipur Maoist in a statement on the condition of Manipur said all questions of the people regarding the revolutionary movement must be answered.  The statement said that the government is terrorizing the people in the name of NSA and fake encounters and the rebels are also doing things which are against the people. The price of one kilo of rice has shot up to fifty rupees. At such a time, instead of keeping mum those who call themselves communist should stop those who are stealing the rice and distribute it those who need it. If Dr Nara leads such a movement and go to prison for it, people will definitely garland him. Saying that one is a communist, one is concerned about the people, is reading Marxist literature will not result into anything. One has to show that one is a communist through their activities, only then people will accept the person as a leader. On the other hand, the editors of news papers are now the panelists of the discussion programs in the electronic media. They discuss on important matters giving the public knowledge about those matter but they still carry advertisement of the government without even considering the parties which are giving these advertisements, without even thinking that the ruling party is good or bad. The more advertisement they get the more money they earn for their newspapers. In this context, we can think about why people are taking 200-300 rupees and participating in the election. The gap between theory and practice has affected this society badly. If one is little educated, one does not want to activism, in order to be called a think tank many are doing Phd and publishing books. Intellectual activism is not just going as chief guest in programs but working with the revolutionaries and standing with them shoulder to the shoulder in the revolutionary movement.
Maoist Communist Party Manipur is not disheartened in any away since the urge for change among the poor and toiling masses of Manipur is ever increasing. People have lost faith in all the national parties. Now people do not trust that India will give us a good future. This is a good objective condition for the revolutionary movement. At the point, we need to develop mission journalism, patriotic regional forces, progressive intellectual activism, and democratic social activism and collectively work together. Maoists are trying to develop the regional forces, in this context. North East Development Party (NEIDP)’s ideology is based eclecticism and they are gathering whoever they could find to strengthen their organization. Given this, Maoists will not include this party in the unity based on regionalism till they change their organizational practice. Manipur People’s Party which is the one of the oldest political parties in Manipur and the problem ailing them was the financial irregularities. There is no confusion regarding PRJA. So, there is nothing much to talk about them.
Maoists are keeping a close eye on the matter however the party will take definitive action towards people who swindle party funds. Furthermore, the remaining regional parties are centrist and given that they are not building their organizations, they are not yet part of this unity. Maoists are doing whatever they can to help the armed parties however it has not interfered in their internal affairs. If they create problems for the people, Maoists will withdraw all the help, the statement stated.  The statement urges the people for their support in the building tactical unity with other forces.

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