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Rahul Gandhi hits hard on BJP; says Modi government destroys 1 crore jobs in 2018

Rahul Gandhi hits hard on BJP; says Modi government destroys 1 crore jobs in 2018

Written By: / Wednesday, 20 March 2019 17:24

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Imphal, March 10,

President of the All India Congress Committee (AICC), Rahul Gandhi hits hard to Narendra Modi led NDA government saying that his government has destroyed 1crore jobs in 2018.

“The BJP led NDA government has destroyed 1 crore jobs in 2018 contrary to their promises of creating 2 crore jobs”, Rahul Gandhi said. He added that before 2014 Lok Sabha election BJP had promised 2 crore jobs for the unemployed youths and now they are destroying 30, 000 jobs every day in 2018.

“Youths of the country are facing job crisis and some students now started asking their parents whether they will get jobs or not “, Rahul Gandhi said while speaking to a election meeting held at Hapta kangjeibung in palace compound here in Imphal today.

The AICC president who arrived here in Imphal yesterday evening also targeted the BJP as fascist saying that the party wanted to enforce their ideology to all the people across the country. He also added that the BJP always spew hatred among the people.

“This upcoming Parliamentary election is between two different ideologies – one which impose their idea and the other in respecting ideology of all people across the state”, Rahul said.

He added that the BJP in collaboration with the RSS has been trying to impose their ideology to all the countrymen despite the fact that every state has their own ideology and have their own unique culture and tradition. The Modi led government is trying to eradicate the culture, tradition and history of other states.

“Congress Party’s ideology is to protect, preserved the culture, history of all states across the country’ Rahul said and added that Manipur should be ruled from Imphal and not from Nagpur.

The Congress President is also critical about the removal of the special status of the state. He said Manipur is a small state and need special care; Special status should be given to state like Manipur.

Regarding the Look East Policy Rahul Gandhi said that Manipur will serve as the Bridge between India and South Asian countries and for that Manipur need to be prepared.

On the issue of corruption the Congress President also criticize the central government of invading the institution like the Judiciary and educations.

“This BJP led government is keeping in its hand on all institution which are meant to be autonomy, they think any person who wear a half Khaki pant and a lathi on one hand is eligible for the post of Vice Chancellor of University”, Rahul Gandhi said referring to the appointment of RSS backed Vice Chancellor at Manipur University which spark series of agitation in the state putting halt to the academic atmosphere in the state.

The Supreme Court Judge have come out seeking public support for delivering justice and the BJP appoint its National President to a person which have murder charge.

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