MANPAC to intensify agitation from tomorrow

MANPAC to intensify agitation from tomorrow

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Imphal, Feb 5,

With various speeches from the President and Prime Minister being Pro CAB, the people of the North East States increases their anguish towards the government.

Manipur People against CAB (MANPAC) a body which is spearheading the protest against CAB at Manipur today declared to intensify the protest against CAB demanding to withdraw it.

In a Press meet held at the office of JCILPS here in Imphal, Co- Convenor of MANPAC Amu Kamei declared that the body will organised an indefinite mass agitation on the roads and highways of Manipur from tomorrow until the contentious CAB is withdrawn from the parliament. He said that the protestors are going to come out in the streets and as a mark of protest, they will stay in the streets continuing their daily chores in the streets from praying to eating to reading etc. He appealed the people from different communities, both the hills and the valleys in every nook and corner of the state to join and take part in the protest.

Amu Kamei also said that the bill if it becomes an act is like slow poison which will eventually genocide the whole indigenous race of the North east people. He further said that they will fight tooth and nail until the bill is withdrawn from the parliament.

He further condemned the present government for their appeal to the central government to add a clause in the CAB. He said that the people of Manipur will not tolerate with the adding of clause in the CAB, the bill should be completely withdrawn, he added.

Kamei further condemned the speeches of President and Home minister regarding the bill as unconstitutional. And he also said that the very bill is unconstitutional as it is in-secular in nature. He added that future doesn’t hold good for the indigenes if the train comes to Manipur. So the government should withdraw the bill.

He further appeal to the legislature of the state that they should take a firm decision to resign from their respective seats if the said bill is passed in the parliament.

Co-convenor of MANPAC Phundreimayuym Abdullah also said that they will continue to fight until the Bill which would genocide the indigenes of the North East. He further added that it is the need of the hour to save the indigenous people to avoid the faith of the indigenes residing in Tripura.

He questions Prime Minister Narendra Modi, regarding his speech as the illegal migrants as the sons and daughters of Bharat Mata, whether the people of the North east were not the sons and daughters of Bharat Mata. He further added that the Government of India really treats the North Easterners as a colonised people and as second class citizens.

 Abdulah further appealed that MANPAC warmly welcome every other organisations to join the protest against the CAB to fight collectively.

He also further appealed to the people to join the protest and to save the future of Manipur.

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