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Imphal Times Impact: ACOAM Lup demand clarification from concern authorities over granting of loan to fake flour Mill

IT News
Imphal, May 22,

Reacting to Imphal Times report about granting of loan of Rs. 8 crore to M.R. Roller Flour Mills, All club, organisation, Association and Meira Paibi Lup, (ACOAM Lup) Kangleipak today urged the concern authority to clarify on how the proprietor of the Mill , Mahendra Kumar Jain managed the cheat the authority.

Speaking to this reporter, ACOAM Lup representatives said that the organisation had earlier received compliant about bounce check from its labourers. But have been waiting over the functioning of the Mill for some times. Talking over phone the ACOAM Lup representative Shanta said that the matter reported in Imphal Times is serious. If the allegations are correct than the concern taxation department authority as well as the Vigilance department should make a clarification over the issue.
He said that a complaint will be sent the head office of the State Bank of India over the granting of loan to a Mill by using fake documents by the Manipur State Head Office of State bank of India, MG Avenue. Small entrepreneurs were suppressed by not granting small bank beside having genuine documents, how comes the bank authority granted loan to a Mill with fake documents, Shanta asked.
He further said that taxation department do not even spare small business set ups in collecting taxes, how the proprietor of the M.R. Roller Flour Mills, managed to escape filing tax return to the department and why it is not notice by the authority.
Shanta also asked all concern government authority including the Industry department to clarify on the amount of subsidy granted to the Mills. He said ACAON Lup will not let the public money looted by outsider business men in this state. He said a complaint will also be filed to the State Vigilance department regarding the issue.

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