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Students’ and Women’s wing of JCILPS sets deadline for driving out 25 fruit stalls ; Express sceptical to the announcement of introducing ILPS Bill

Imphal, April 25,

Questioning the state government on how the 24 fruit stalls in front of Bhairodan Maxwell Primary and High School at Thangal Bazar have been provided permission while women street vendors selling vegetable on the road sides of Khwairamband Keithel have been drive out by various state force, Students’ and Women’s wing of JCILPS today sets deadlines for driving out the 25 fruit stales.
“When our women selling vegetables at road side at Khwairamband Keithel are being driven out time and again either by the traffic police or by the VDF or by police force destroying their vegetable, how those 25 fruit stall attached to the wall of Bhairodan Maxwell Primary and High School at Thangal Bazar have been given person on what basis at that crowded area”, Samjetsabam Memcha Leima, convenor of the JCILPS Women Wing asked the government.

Talking to media persons near Bhairodan Maxwell Primary and High School at Thangal Bazar, Leima said if the government fails to drive out the fruit stalls from the crowded area within three days time then the JCILPS will not remain quiet.
On the other hand while appreciating the government on its announcement to introduce a JCILPS Bill in the upcoming monsoon session of the state Assembly, convenor of the students’ Wing JCILPS S. Manjit expressed sceptical on the commitment as no stakeholders has been consulted so far about framing of any such Bill.
“Govt. had stated that all stakeholders will be consulted and a Bill that will be agreed by every community of the states will be framed by constituting a Committee”, Manjit said and asked the government if there has been any such committee formed or consulted the stake holders.
“We have witness a mass uprising as a Bill which turns out as an instrument to protect the outsiders has been introduced in the state assembly, we would not tolerate if any Bill that will not be accepted by the people is introduced”, Manjit warned the govt.

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