Speaker lose patience; stands, shouts over members demand

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Imphal, Feb 23: Speaker of the Manipur Legislative Assembly Yumnam Khemchand almost lost his patience after opposition MLA Khumukcham Joykishan demanded clarification over his queries which he felt that the leader of the house failed to clarified while discussion on the passing of the Manipur Appropriation Bill 2018.
Eyes of not only the 60 members turned toward the angry speaker but the people was surprised after the Speaker of the House Yumnam Khemchand stood up from his sit and ordered the complaining MLA to sit down and even order the Marshal to pull out the MLA.
However, the Speaker quickly cools down after the member Joykishan went to his sit.
MLA Joykishan was urging the leader of the house to clarify on the whereabouts of the shops allotted for selling of the wheat procured under National Food Security Act. He also said that the leader of the house had left out to left out the total wheat allocated monthly for the state as well as the provisions which the wheat were allocated to four agents. Joykishan also stated that the leader of the house did not answer what he sought regarding the failure to pay salary/honorarium to labourers working at Mao Potato Farm.
A heated argument took place between the speaker of the house and MLA Joykishan took place after the member stated if the speaker misunderstood to what he had sought from the concern leader of the house.
Another dramatic turned out occurred after the CAF and PD Minister stated that he had already provided answer. The speaker nearly turned his eyes to the CAF&PD but the Minister reply as per the directives of the speaker.

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