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Indigenous People’s Forum, Manipur launches ‘Silent Invasion’ book to empower indigenous communities

by Aribam Bishwajit
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Indigenous People’s Forum, Manipur launches ‘Silent Invasion’ book to empower indigenous communities

The Indigenous People’s Forum of Manipur’s most recent publication, “Silent Invasion,” accompanied by the subtitle, “The Crisis of Demographic Influx in Manipur and its Impacts on Indigenous People,” serves as a comprehensive repository of meticulously researched facts and figures. Its primary objective is to empower the indigenous populace of Manipur with a profound understanding of the historical context surrounding indigenous communities in the region. This timely publication emerges against the backdrop of heightened tensions, exemplified by recent communal clashes leading to a devastating loss of lives, widespread arson, and a plethora of other tragic incidents.
Furthermore, the contents of the book delve deeply into crucial aspects such as the geographical intricacies of Manipur, providing a comprehensive understanding of its landscape. It meticulously outlines the demographic composition of Manipur, shedding light on the diverse communities that call the region home while also elucidating the criteria that define indigenous people of Manipur. Additionally, the publication meticulously documents the influx of foreign migrants up to the year 1947, offering invaluable insights into the historical dynamics of population movement within the region.
Moreover, “Silent Invasion” meticulously examines the profound impact of demographic shifts on the indigenous populace, elucidating the multifaceted challenges they face in maintaining their cultural heritage, socio-economic stability, and political representation. The book meticulously articulates the demands put forth by indigenous communities, advocating for their rights, autonomy, and preservation of their way of life.
Crucially, the publication in detail highlights the inherent differences between indigenous peoples and migrants or settlers, providing a nuanced analysis of the disparities in historical ties, cultural practices, and societal contributions. Through detailed narratives and empirical evidence, it endeavors to foster a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding indigenous identity and migration dynamics within Manipur.
On a momentous Saturday, amidst the grandeur of the Sangai Hall at the Imphal Hotel, a distinguished event unfolded—the unveiling of the latest literary masterpiece, “Silent Invasion.” It was a gathering suffused with anticipation and reverence, where Ashang Kasar, the venerable President of the Indigenous People’s Forum of Manipur (IPFM), seized a moment on the sidelines of the book launch to share profound insights into the essence and significance of this monumental literary endeavor.
In a conversation with Imphal Times, Kasar expounded on the critical narrative woven intricately within the pages of “Silent Invasion.” With eloquence and gravitas, he articulated, “This book stands as a luminous beacon, casting light upon the historical trajectory of indigenous communities in Manipur. It beckons us to delve deeper into our collective past, prompting introspection into the paths we have trodden. Despite our steadfast advocacy for indigenous rights, we have been hindered by a regrettable dearth of documented evidence, impeding our full comprehension of our ancestral heritage. ‘Silent Invasion’ boldly ventures to bridge these informational chasms, offering a comprehensive exploration of our shared history. It is a clarion call to empower indigenous peoples with knowledge, clarity, and a revitalized sense of identity, fostering a renewed connection to our roots.”
Continuing his discourse, Kasar underscored the pivotal role of “Silent Invasion” as a vital tool for indigenous communities, enabling them to delve deeper into their history and confront the challenges of the present. He emphasized the imperative of drawing lessons from the past to inform present actions and decisions, asserting that the book serves as a roadmap for navigating contemporary issues.
Addressing inquiries regarding the dissemination of the book, Kasar affirmed the IPFM’s unwavering commitment to widespread distribution. “We are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that the books reach as many people as possible,” he declared. “There is no fixed price; we are offering it for free. However, we welcome any contributions or donations in exchange for the book. For those seeking multiple copies, we encourage them to reach out to us, and we will swiftly facilitate the delivery of the requested quantity.”
Given the concise nature of the book, spanning a mere 44 pages, it is readily accessible to both the indigenous population and broader readership, urging them to engage with its contents and grasp the intricate conflict dynamics unfolding in Manipur. Against the backdrop of prolonged violence that has plagued Manipur for over nine months, there exists an urgent need for individuals to comprehend the underlying issues and actively contribute to fostering positive change within the region.
Empowering individuals with the knowledge encapsulated within “Silent Invasion” is not merely an intellectual exercise but a call to action. It beckons readers to critically examine the prevailing circumstances and collaboratively chart out strategies aimed at restoring peace and stability to Manipur. By encouraging dialogue, fostering understanding, and soliciting diverse perspectives, the book serves as a catalyst for transformative change, propelling communities towards a future characterized by coexistence and harmony. Thus, it is incumbent upon all stakeholders to heed the call and actively participate in the collective endeavor to forge a path towards enduring peace and prosperity in Manipur.

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