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Celebrating World Environment Day in Ukhrul: A Community Unites for Climate Action

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Celebrating World Environment Day in Ukhrul: A Community Unites for Climate Action

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Ukhrul, June 6:

In Ukhrul, Manipur, the global observance of World Environment Day was marked by heartfelt initiatives led by the Tangkhul Shanao Long (TSL) and the Ukhrul District Community Resource Management Society (UDCRMS). These events highlighted the critical role of community involvement, particularly women, in climate change adaptation and environmental conservation.
TSL’s Call to Action: Women Leading the Way
At the TNL Hall in Viewland, Ukhrul, the TSL commemorated World Environment Day under the theme “Roles and Contribution of Women in Climate Change Adaptation.” The event, attended by Deputy Commissioner Ql. Kengoo Zuringla and TNL President Qr. Sword Vashum, emphasized the indispensable role women play in addressing climate change.
In her keynote address, TSL President Ql. Thingreiphy highlighted the profound impacts of climate change, referencing the recent Cyclone Remal. She called on women to leverage their unique knowledge and influence within the community to spearhead proactive environmental efforts. “Women are inherently aware of the cycles of nature,” she stated. “From planting seasons to early warnings about wildlife, our voices are crucial in mobilizing actions to preserve our environment.”
Thingreiphy stressed the importance of understanding natural behaviors and incorporating this knowledge into everyday practices, such as proper waste disposal and avoiding construction that disrupts natural water flow. “We need to align our living practices with nature’s rhythms,” she urged, “to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change.”
Voices from the Community: Shared Concerns and Commitments
President Sword Vashum, while admitting his lack of formal expertise in environmental science, shared personal observations on the changing climate. “In my native village, we now use fans, something unimaginable a few decades ago,” he noted. This anecdote underscored the tangible shifts in climate conditions and the urgent need for collective action to protect the ecosystem for future generations.

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Deputy Commissioner Kengoo Zuringla addressed the pervasive issue of plastic pollution, a modern scourge that has infiltrated even the most remote areas. “Plastic waste is everywhere,” she lamented, “from bottles to food wrappers, it’s a growing menace.” She reiterated the importance of responsible waste management, advocating for tree planting and environmental stewardship to combat these challenges.
Kengoo’s message was clear: “Nature has provided enough for our needs, but not for our greed. We must adopt clean habits and take responsibility for our actions to ensure a green and healthy future.”
UDCRMS: Planting Seeds of Hope
Simultaneously, UDCRMS observed World Environment Day at its Resource Centre in Khuilung Tang, Hungpung, with a focus on tree planting. The event, led by Managing Director Ql. Lily Rose and attended by Divisional Forest Officer Rajesh Darade,( IFS) saw enthusiastic participation from senior citizens, students, and various community groups.
Lily Rose’s speech resonated with a simple yet powerful message: love for nature. “We plant trees because we love nature,” she said. “On this special day, let’s each plant at least one tree to show our commitment.” Her words were a rallying cry for communal effort in environmental preservation.
The tree plantation drive was a tangible demonstration of this commitment. Over nine varieties of trees, including ornamental and evergreen species, were planted by participants, symbolizing hope and renewal.
Engaging the Youth: Art and Awareness
The UDCRMS event also featured a painting competition, encouraging young minds to express their visions of a greener future. Prizes and certificates were awarded, fostering a sense of achievement and involvement among the youth.
Community Collaboration: A Collective Effort
The success of these events in Ukhrul was made possible through collaboration. TSL’s event was sponsored by the Directorate of Environment and Climate Change, Government of Manipur, while the UDCRMS initiative saw joint efforts from various organizations, including the Archdiocese of Imphal, PARDA, and the Divisional Forest Officer of Ukhrul.
A Call for Sustained Action
The observance of World Environment Day in Ukhrul was more than a celebration; it was a call to action. The speeches, activities, and community participation highlighted the pressing need for sustained environmental efforts. From the pivotal role of women in climate adaptation to the active involvement of youth and community groups, Ukhrul demonstrated a united front in the fight against climate change.
As Deputy Commissioner Kengoo aptly put it, “We must be civilized in our habits and committed to environmental conservation.” The day’s events underscored that through collective action and awareness, we can protect our planet and secure a sustainable future for the coming generations.

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