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41st Red Army Uprising Day – It’s time to unite and knock the door of the UN for restoration of our independence

by Rinku Khumukcham
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Imphal, Mar 25:

Chairman of the Military Affairs Committee (Red Army) of proscribed group PREPAK has called on fellow citizen of the Kangleipak region to come forwards and unite to face all kind of Soft Power and hard power to restore the freedom of the Keileipak by knocking at the door of the United Nation.
The Chairman of the MAC (Red Army ) in a message sent to media houses in connection with the “41st Red Army Uprising Day” which is all set to observe on March 26, 2021.
The Chairman also greets all other revolutionary groups by paying red salute and also to all the people of the WESEA region.
In his statement, the Chairman , K. Sathy said that After India annexed Kangleipak forcibly by violating all International laws, various strategic activities to suppress the majority community of the region has been taken up by the colonial ruler. The then Chief Commissioner, which the Indian sent to rule had abolished the Pass system to check the entry of outsider on 18th November 1950. Since then, outsiders started flooding in Kangleipak.
After India annexed Kangleipak the colonial India has been trying to show the world that Kangleipak has been part of India since time immemorial by portraying the struggle for restoration Independent of Kangleipak under the leadership of Pioneer Hijam Irabot as an act of extremism. This Indian colonial ruler has been giving name such as extremist, terrorist and misleads the world that there is no armed revolutionary movement in the region for restoration of the lost Independence. This is a clear indication of trying to keep the fire under the carpet.
The present armed struggle is not to segregate Kangleipak from India but to restore the Independence that was annexed by India by forcing the then nominal head of the erstwhile Kingdom to signe agreement of the so call merger under duress in violation of both domestic and international law. The so call merger agreement was not recognized by the then elected representatives of the National leaders, neither referendum nor plebiscite had been conducted to get the assent of the people of Kangleipak. If India follows the true spirit of democracy, it would have conducted plebiscite or referendum to find out whether the people of the state wanted to join India or exist as Independent kingdom. As there is a prolonged armed struggle to restore the Independence of the, India still cannot take up democratic measures that the International community follows as standard procedures to end the conflict happening across the region.
The prolonged armed revolutionary struggle is not a demand for Independence from the India government, the goal is to restore the Independence of the region and make a develop and equal society. To make sure that the revolutionary struggle meets its goal we believe in socialism where everyone lives in equal status , and moreover we also believe that we can restore our Independence if all the revolutionary fighters of the WESEA region joined hand fight the enemy together.
On the other hand, like the earlier regime of India, leaders of today continue to make similar appeal to the revolutionary fighters to shun violence and to initiate peace talk. What is funny is that, India try to portray themselves as peace lovers, and showcase the people of Kangleipak as violent, barbaric and blood sucker, who stood against peace, to the world community . Origin of all these is the political conflict between Kangleipak and India. The root of the conflict is the forceful annexation of Manipur and the conflict can be resolved once the India regime retreats. In order to protect and safeguard the freedom of the people of Kangleipak, PREPAK and other revolutionary groups are fighting to thwart the Indian rule from the soil of Kangleipak. What India should know is that Kangleipak don’t even dream of trespassing to even a hair piece of land to the Indian territory. What has been doing is to protect the freedom of the people and its land from the hand of the Indian oppressors. The conflict between Kanglei-India happens at nowhere in any part of the country and as it happens only in this region, it clearly showed that the root is the annexation of Kangleipak by India. Even though India is telling the world that there is no freedom struggle in the country, they are enforcing the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act, 1967 and declaring outlaw to those revolutionary group of the WESEA region waging war against the Government of India.
If India is sincere it should declare the world that there is revolutionary movement in the region. Even as India calls the revolutionary group of the region as extremist, terrorist, the UN Human Rights Committee’s advice to solve the conflict in the region showed that the revolutionary movement of the region is a legitimate movement accepted by the world community.
Rights of every people across the world to make their own choice of self determination is already guaranteed in the Un Charter . In the declaration of the UN General Assembly and as per the International law , every community has been given to chose the Right to self determination and to to discuss on the issue on whether it is relevant or not. However, today, India which claimed to be a developed country does not follow the International Law. Saying so the Kanglei people still have the rights to chose the rights to self determination on whether to restore the freedom or not. What is lying in front of us to unite all the people of the Kangleipak and face all kind of Soft Power and hard power to restore the freedom of the Keileipak by knocking at the door of the United Nation..
Our ancestors never wanted to live under colonial ruler, that was why Kangleipak shines as a kingdom for years as a kingdom in the South East Asia. Sacrificing our live for the cause of freedom of our nation is the lesson taught by our ancestors. This lesson has been always in the heart of the PREPAK and its army wing Red Army and has been following as our bounded duty. It is because of this spirit that amidst obstacles given from the enemy the we can still continue the revolutionary struggle with more courage and strength.
We may sacrifice our lives but it is our bounded duty to protect our land, no matter we fail to reach our goal in this generation we still hopes that the torch that we light up to fight for the cause of freedom will be followed by the next generation until we achieve our goal. This is a message from the RED Army to all the people of the Kangleipak.
Every bloods from the Red army have become the history of the revolutionary movement and will be included in the history of the people. This is a message to all the people of the world that, we the kangleicha have never live under any colonial regime and are not living under any colonial regime . The sacrifices of the RED army that is shining is showing way to the coming generation.
The Chairman lauded the Red Army in its sacrificial spirit to restore the Independence of the Kangleipak
“We are proud of the Red Army who had fought fearlessly with the enemy at different battlefield. To fight the Red Army , the IOF are conducting open and hidden war against the people. While saying that the day is not far that we achieve our goal , the Red Army should keep in their heart . This is the only way to restore the freedom of Kangleipak”, Kh Sathy said.

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