The ILP movement

/ Letter to the Editor / Sunday, 12 July 2015 16:57

We can’t simply put the blame to the law enforcers either they are under the state government or the central government, regarding the present turmoil happening in the region. We all know that these people were only following the orders from their higher up. The connotation Higher ups refers to those bureaucrats who are giving direct order to these law enforcers following the strong directives of the legislators who are assigned to take charge of the various department including the Home department as cabinet ministers.
For decades, Manipur has been a turning to a theatrical staged where some directors or script writers are steering to whatever direction that they desired to the performers. It was under the supervision of the director that plays are being staged and the similar thing happens. The recent uprising of the of mass movement is the architect of the Chief Minister his cabinet colleagues. And the main artist performing is the state police and the people of the Manipur.
May be people of the state may not be able to think on the same line that some people think to certain burning issue like introduction of an ILP like act in the state. But it is also a fact that almost all the people of the state particularly the Meitei community among the Manipuris that had felt necessary for introduction of ILP like act. It is because of the insecure position of this community that the people consider ILP or similar act is the need of the hour. The demand is not a new one. It is a demand of the people since 1980s. And the government while trying to get the mercy of the Union government has been able to suppress it time and again by using any means.
It is also a fact that many in the state police force were once active supporters of the JCILPS and its equivalent organisation spearheading the mass movement in those days. It is simply surprising to see them treating the agitators in support of JCILPS as animals by these police personnel of whom some were leading such agitation before joining the state force.
The high handedness showed to the agitators and the kind of atrocities committed by them is a clear signed of pouring anger to the already burning anger of the people. The more the police force mishandle the more the agitation with intensify. Police logic to utilise maximum access can’t be understand, as, if they had stopped utilising maximum force the tendency of the peoples’ movement might reduced.
Now, it is certain that the Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh is now changing its tactics to end the people movement. He might now try to win the heart of the people. It is at this hour that people should be more careful.
In this crucial hour let me remind each and every citizen of the state not to make U-turn to the present agitation.

With regards,
Dinesh Yengkokpam
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