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Imphal Aug 18,

Concerning about the indigenous population of the land Chief Minister N. Biren stressed that the  various forms of war and various warfare tactics has been used against the indigenous population of the land. 

This was said today while attending the 2nd Dr L. Bhaigyachandra (Ihilel) Memorial Lecture held at Kangla Hall.

Continuing his speech as Chief Guest of the function he said that the various wars were waged against the indigenous people of Manipur using drugs and population warfare and added that such war may lead to extinction of the indigenes population of Manipur. 

Biren further said that the government also tried to deal such warfare by establishing Anti Illegal Migrant Special Unit. 

He stressed that every community also need to take care of such war waged against the indigenous people. He added that all the communities should discuss and take a collective decision and further needs to think how such demographic warfare took place. 

He also urged the people to find a solution of the controversy between Meetei and Meitei and made to use only one accepted by the people instead of the two.

 He also raised concern about youths getting addicted to drugs deteriorating culture and traditions of the State while urging every communities in the State to give collective efforts in wiping out the drug culture. It is high time for every community to assimilate the rich culture and tradition, which is the backbone of existence of the state for thousands of years, to the youths, he added. 

While expressing the importance of the lecture programme with the present situation of the State the Chief Minister said that Government, with the motive of providing education about culture and traditions from the grassroots level, had started the development of Model Schools in the State. Citing the reason of present chaos in the State to the non perseverance of our own rich culture by the people, he stated that everyone should have an aim in their life and contribute to the development of the society. 

  1. Biren also praised late Dr. L. Bhagyachandra for his far vision and contribution in preserving and promoting the rich philosophy, culture and tradition of the State. Dr. L. Bhagyachandra is still remembered for his immense work in the field philosophy, politics, culture and tradition, he added.

Delivering the lecture on “”Status of Indigenous Peoples: A Case Study of Meetei” Retd Prof W. Nabakumar said that the globalization and technological advancement has destroyed the geographical barrier and thus give a huge impact on the indigenous people of the world.

He further stressed that the indigenous people of Manipur has faced political and economical marginalization after being merged with India.

Highlighting the status of Meetei Nabakumar said that Meetei people are now facing existential crisis or survival crisis and axiological crisis or value crisis and added that both the two are like the two faces of the same coin and both occur simultaneously.

He further said that an intellectual and political voyaging is needed instead of blaming others and resisting the tsunami like wave of globalization.

Nabakumar said that what L. Bhagyachandra did was an academic voyaging of the philosophy of Meetei. 

Sukham Premjit, General Secy. REFORM, said that the organisation has been researching on culture and tradition for over 15 years. He said that late Bhagyachandra’s works need to be discussed more so that people understand his ideology for the welfare of the state.

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Imphal, Aug 18,

State police team led by Officer in charge of Imphal West Police station N. Ingocha rescued three minors who were reported missing from Bishnupur district around noon yesterday from Moirangkhom area in Imphal West District. Interestingly, the minors were brought to Imphal by two persons promising them job and money at Tamenglong district.

Child Rights activist Montu Ahanthem, who is also the Convenor of  Manipur Alliance for Child Rights said that the three are victims of circumstances. He thanked the police team, members of the CWC, Child Line and members of the MACR for their co-ordination in rescuing the three minors.

Report said that, police team on duty at Moirangkhom area found a girl fainting at the area while getting down from an auto rickshaw. The matter was reported to higher authority and as OC of Imphal West, N. Ingocha rushed to the site and he found the girl who fainted to have a similar look with a girl who was reported missing from Bishnupur district a day earlier.

Earlier, MACR Bishnupur district had reported about the missing of 2 minor girls and a minor boy on the intervening night of August 15 and 16 to the Bishnupur police station. The photo of the three minors were uploaded to the Manipur Anti-Human Trafficking Group.

Two men identified as Malemnganba and Raju reportedly brought the three minors. When the police team rushed and identified the minor girls as those reported missing the two persons reportedly fled.

OC Ingocha and his team immediately took the three minors to Child Friendly Police station, Lamphel.

Later, after the minors were handed over to CWC and MACR members which later handed over to the Bishnupur district committee.

When the police enquired on how the 3 minors came to Imphal, the girls (age nearly 14 years) said that they were called out on the evening of August 15 to help a person who seems to be lost somewhere at Moirang area. The person who reportedly lost his way happened to be a husband of a girl whom the minor girl knew. And what is more interesting is that the boy who lost his way had some misunderstanding with his wife and had been staying separately for some times. As he came the locals of the area reportedly chase for him and he finally lost his way. As he lost his way the minor girls whom happened to be known to them came out to help along with a nine years old minor boy. The scene turn ugly with people shouting to forcibly married them (Keina Katpa). Out of fear the three minor fled with the person. Later two persons identified as Malemnganba and Raju took them and brought them to Imphal.

On being questioned to the minor children, they told that they were promise money and jobs at Tamenglong district. As the motive of the two persons who brought them is clear enough as that of child trafficking Bishnupur police had registered a case under human trafficking act.

The three minors were handed over to their respective parents by the MACR, CWC, Child Line Bishnupur and the Bishnupur Police.  

Source from Bishnupur said that both Malemnganba and Raju have been arrested by the Bishnupur district police team. The two will be produced before JJB as their Aadhaar card shows their age as minor. However, one among them stated that his age was wrongly enrolled in his Aadhaar card and that he is 20 years old.  Police team are investigating over the matter. 

Meanwhile, The Manipur Alliance for Child Rights (MACR) in partnership with Child Rights and You (CRY) extends its heartfelt thankfulness to Manipur Police and all its member partner who took different roles and succeeded in rescuing the two young girls and a young boy hailing from Bishnupur District, Manipur.

 A statement by Montu Ahanthem, Convenor, MACR said that looking to the past incidence there is a urgent need to adopt the Draft ‘State policy for children 2018" by the Sate Cabinet at the earliest. The incident has proven beyond doubts that the Manipur Police has once again proven its outstanding capacity to carry out  the rescue operation of the three children as and when calls for, so swiftly, despite pre engaged with their various assignments in coordination with various agencies working in the field of Child Rights.

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Imphal, Aug 18,

Manipur Updates, a group comprising of likeminded people who join hand to hand together from various region of Manipur and has been organising different forms of programmes on giving esteem effort towards achieving social responsibility for all the needy people today launched its “Maintenance Programme” under its Mission Green Manipur initiative.

Today’s programme started from Kangla gate where the group members assembled at 5:30am and followed by a tree plantation program at Kanga Ching, Tellou Imphal East. A total of 550 saplings were planted today and 150 active volunteers participated in the said event. Valentina Elangbam, the 9 year old girl who is the brand ambassador of Chief Minister’s Green Mission Manipur also took part in today’s tree plantation program.

Chitrasen Shijagurumayum an executive member of Manipur Update said “Manipur Updates has been planting saplings in different parts of the state since its formation. The group also takes great care to look after the saplings they have planted, as maintenance is the most important while planting a sapling.
Chitrasen further said, we are seeing the results of Global Warming now, as this year summer recorded the highest rise in temperature reaching upto a maximum of 37 degree Celsius and acute shortage of rainfall here in Manipur. It is our responsibility to make this world a better place and with this thought, they initiated this program under the banner of Manipur Update, he added.

Chitrasen stressed on the report of the India State of Forests Report (ISFR 2017) released by the Ministry, in 2017 Manipur saw an increase of 1.18% in forest cover of 263 sq Kms and was the third highest increase in India following Kerala and Andhra Pradesh.

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Imphal, Aug 18,

Proscribed group Kanglei Yawol Kanna Lup (KYKL) today observed the 26th Martyrs Memorial Day (Athoubasinggi Ningsing Numit) commemorating the revolutionaries of the state who had sacrificed their life fighting for restoration of the sovereignty of the region.
The Martyrs memorial function was held at the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Battalion of the KYKL, its other units, transit camps and at other area of Kangleipak, a statement of the outfit said.  
The statement further said that at the main observance held at its 1st battalion, CO of the Battalion, captain Dhana of Meeyamgi Yawol Lanmee (MYL) HQ and Chief of the Army staff of the Meeyam gi Fingang Lanmee (MFL) of the KCP, H. Ibomcha attended as Chief Guest and president respectively. Lt. Col.  Ingba, Adjutant of MYL, KYKL and G3, MFL, KCP M. Robin attended as guests of honour.
The party flag of the KYKL was put to half-mast and a two minutes silent was observed as a mark of respect to the martyred revolutionary party, the statement added.
Speaking on the occasion, Lt. Col. Ingba of the KYKL stressed on the need to understand the new war strategy of India terming the country as fascist. He said that the agenda of India to engulf the indigenous people has been finally come to the public domain after the abrogation of article 370 and bifurcation of Jammu and Kashmir besides its attempt to introduce CAB . He called on people to stand together against such strategy of India by strengthening the resistance movement and by continuing the liberation movement.
Chief of the army of the MFL , KCP H. Ibomcha while speaking on the occasion called the present regime of India as Cultural Bomb. By cultural bomb, it is the Hindutva, the Indian Culture that has been invading to this soil, Ibomcha added. The KCP Army chief also stressed on the idea of colonizing the mind by saying that the need of the hour is to liberate the mind from being occupied.

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Agartala, Aug 17,

Meteis settled in Tripura, also called Takhel Leibak, are living a miserable life yet their sufferings are not reaching to the ears of Tripura government, Rajkumar Tarunjit, Editor of ‘Marup’, a Meeteilon newspaper in Tripura, said in an interview with our reporter.

He expressed the desire for the Manipur government to have a discussion with Tripura government and deal with the hardship of Meeteis and the close relationship between Manipur and Tripura.

Adding further, he said that since 1798 during Maharaj Bhagyachandra’s reign, Tripura’s history also has an important part wherein the kings married 14 Meetei women. After merging with the Indian Union in 1949, both Tripura and Manipur got statehood and went through various changes.

The Tripura of that time had around 150 Meitei villages, but there are less than 100 now, he further expressed, and Mekhli Para, founded in 1798, which was first inhabited by Meiteis, do not have any Meetei inhabitants now. It was first settled by king’s servants from Manipur and Bamons. Bhagyachandra married off his daughter to the king of Tripura and the first Raas Leela performed in Tripura had Maharani Hariswari leading the Gopis, he added.

The tradition is still celebrated by the Meeteis of Tripura till date.

He continued that Marup was first published on May 8, 1969, by R.K. Kamaljit in order to preserve Meeteilon, our culture, tradition, and news about Meeteis since no other newspaper had ever published any news about the Manipuris in Tripura.

He said that the Meeteis of Tripura have been trying to preserve Manipuri culture and they have been trying to build a Culture Centre, but failed to do so. Even the leaders from Manipur not visiting Tripura and encouraging others add up to the issues because the Meiteis of Tripura also cannot take up the job full time because they also live scattered.

He expressed his concern that though the Meiteis in Tripura are preserving the culture and language, this will also slowly disappear. He expressed the need to put words into action, and for that that they had written a letter to the former Manipur government to build a Tripura Manipur Bhavan, but all in vain till now. He added that the Manipur Bhavan is not for Tripura, it is for the Manipuri Meiteis visiting Tripura from Manipur.

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Sunday, 18 August 2019 17:25


By- Dr. Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Independent Scholar

When you instill fake you lie to self;
When you lie to self you neglect a lot;
When you neglect you lie too much to others;
When you see others you turn away unseen;
When you see things you speak about it a lot;
When you speak you know not anything;
When you try to know you are far left behind;
When you left behind you try to cut others down;
When you try cutting others you become a monster;
When you’re a monster you’re small being;
When you’re small you become an evil one;
When you‘re an evil one you attempt killing others;
When you try killing you’re action a secret;
When actions secret you’re dreams a nightmare;
When nightmares a ghost, you’re killing yourself;
When you’re killed you no longer exist.

When you think you all good,
You become a nuisance in the group;
When you act all smarter,
You’re action are second hand garbage;
When you start idiotic moves,
You become a comedian in the group;
When you talk a little louder,
You’re voice becomes so artificial;
When you start laughing looking at,
You’re moment becomes your habits;
When you bite others at the back,
Your ability’s all dull jealous attitudes;
When you show two sides of you,
You become a replica looser;
When you draw yourself larger false,
You’re dropping down self into pieces;
When you’re speaking hating others,
You’re showing off your other side with care;
When you’re silent for a cause,
You’re action is too sharper than words.

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Imphal, Aug 18,

North-East Forum for International Solidarity (NEFIS) activists along with students from different parts of the North-East as well as other parts of the country had organized a Candle Light March at Arts Faculty of Delhi University condemning the attitude of the Manipur police administration in the case of death of a minor girl, Babysana in Imphal last month.
A statement from the Forum said that the police has so far been unable to crack the case and has therefore served to cause anger among the people regarding its insensitive and apathetic attitude. Instead, the police is deploying delay tactics to let the public outcry subside. It has even tried to divert public attention by using force on the protestors who were demanding justice for the victim, a few days back.
The statement further said that NEFIS believes the present incident as a result of the way in which private schools have been provided leeway to operate. These private schools in the absence of government regulations have been following unprincipled practices. The government has also abdicated its role in educating the masses through making government schools better and curbing privatization of education, it added.
NEFIS demanded to arrest the culprits immediately and award strict punishment. It also demanded to ban privatization of education in the state and to implement policy for providing quality compulsory government education from KG to PG.
Through the Candle Light March, NEFIS reiterates its determination to continue its struggle in the present case, till justice is provided to the victim.

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Dr. Kapil Jain,

New Delhi Most of us must have experienced the back pain once and some of us must be having it for long time hampering our day to day life. Backbone-related illnesses are mainly caused due to bad posture that affects the spinal cord, leading to back pain that can be debilitating.

But with current lifestyle changes — where we sit at a desk for long hours at a time — it can lead to several posture related spinal ailments.

Back pain may occur in lower back, middle back, and upper back. Pain at any age should not be considered as part of life when option to ease the pain is available. Most common cause of back pain is mechanical low back pain and sciatica. In  Mechanical back pain person experiences pain in thigh, buttocks & lower back while in Sciatica, pain radiates down to one or both legs rather than restricting itself to just one particular area

Approximately upto 95% of patient with low back pain do not require any special diagnosis test during the first month of symptoms. There are few red flag signs which suggest serious underlying conditions and person should consult Neurosurgeon for the same. If a person in the age extremities (less than 20 years or more than 50 years of age) experiences pain in the back, or if the pain doesn’t subside with rest, unexplained weight loss, urinary or bowel problems, requires evaluation on urgent basis.

It’s disappointing that most of us just accept the pain as a normal part of life instead of identifying and eliminating the root cause of the problem. Back or neck pain should not be neglected. Early treatment can solve the pain and the root cause of the problem within a short span of time providing complete recovery. Risk of surgeries can be avoided with early diagnosis and proper treatment helping a person lives a better life without back pain and spinal problems

With the consumption of a balanced diet accompanied with an active lifestyle and following safe practices while sitting, walking and bending, most of these spine-related problems can be prevented. Major goal of initial evaluation is to differentiate common spinal disorder to serious and urgent problems such as spinal infections, spinal tumours or cauda equine syndrome.

The outlook of lower back pain absolutely depends on its precise cause. As an example, acute strain injury requires minimal treatment, on the other hand disc prolapsed, lumbar canal stenos & spondylolisthesis etc requires surgery. Only around 5% of patient who had lower back pain require surgery. In today’s era of modern facilities surgery for the back is extremely safe with no major postoperative morbidity.

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Imphal, August 18,

Forest and Environment Minister Thounaojam Shyamkumar yesterday laid the foundation stone for the improvement of the Moirangpurel High School under the ‘School Fagathansi Mission’ at Moirangpurel, Andro A/C, Imphal East.

Speaking as the chief guest of the function, Minister Shyamkumar lauded the ‘School Fagathansi Mission’ initiated by the Hon’ble Chief Minister under the Education Department. Stating that the mission is a long term vision of Chief Minister, he said that without education overall development cannot be brought in the society and the State.

He further said that good education is necessary so that our students, who are the future pillars of the State, can compete with the students outside the State. He said the mission will definitely help in shaping the future and improving the children.

Stating that the Moirangpurel High School is fortunate to have been selected under the mission, he said the Andro A/C has six government high schools, three aided schools, Azad Secondary High School and nine private schools.

The Minister narrated how within the last decade, he along with locals with the blessings of the elders of the constituency worked for the improvement of government schools in Andro, seeking central funds. He opined that if the speed of the work is maintained for the development of school infrastructures, then there will be no need for school development in another 100 years in Andro A/C.

 Elangbam Sonia SDO, Keirao Bitra said she was astonished to see the infrastructure of the Moirangpurel High School. Stating that the students are fortunate to be studying in a school located at green environment, she said the school indeed deserves to be selected under the mission.

She also expressed her happiness to see the elders of the area and students in the crowd and urged the students to work hard with the blessings of the elders.

The function was also attended by Salam Shantakumar Singh, ZEO, Zone II, Ksh Johnson Singh Headmaster, Moirangpurel High School, M. Thoiba Singh, Social Worker, teachers and students of the Moirangpurel High School and elders of the area.

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Imphal,Aug 18,

Youth Affairs & Sports and Water Resources minister Letpao Haokip today launched the School Fagathansi Mission for Chandel district at the Maha Union Higher Secondary School at Japhou, Chandel.
Laying of the foundation stone for the improvement of the said school was the main highlight of the launching function. It can be mentioned that the school Fagathansi Mission is a newly launched Government of Manipur initiatives that aims to improve the condition of government schools.
60 (sixty) Government schools have been short listed from the 60 Assembly Constituencies of the State, and the mission was launched simultaneously in these 60’s schools today in order to upgrade them to a model schools.
Letpao Haokip graced the function as Chief Guest while, Deputy Commissioner, Chandel Shri Krishna Kumar, IAS and ZEO Chandel, Shri L. Nabakumar Singh, MES attended as guest of honours and Principal of Maha Union Higher Secondary School, Th. Iboyaima Singh as President of the function.
Speaking at the function, Letpao Haokip said that all children should be educated irrespective of which background they belong to, and should become ‘important’ members of the society. The School Fagathansi Mission, that is being launched today is taken up to provide affordable ‘quality’ education to our children. He also added that the  idea to launch such a programme was taken up after deliberate consideration  by the vital government cabinet.
The minister further said that being an important member does not necessarily means to become an IAS, MCS or doctor, engineer only but to become productive citizens of the society. Shri Letpao added each person have unique and special capabilities. The present government felt the sentiment of every parents who want to put their children in good schools, but cannot afford private schooling, that is why the government is very concerned for ensuring good quality education from affordable schools by taking up such initiations.
The minister also assured he will look into the matter of fulfilling various shortcomings of the Maha Union Higher Secondary School such as lack of staff quarters and other infrastructures.
Deputy Commissioner, Krishna Kumar also spoke about the need of quality education in these modern times, and expressed hope that this mission will bring about a drastic change towards the better in the education scenario of Chandel District.
Later, the dignitaries including the minister launched the Jal Shakti Abhiyan in the school and also planted tree saplings in the school campus as part of the function. All the dignitaries spoke about the need for valuing water  and conservation of water resources through different lowest techniques.
Mahesh Choudhury, IAS from Ministry of Jal Shakti Abhiyan highlighted the need of rain water harvesting to the  students and the staff.

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