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Items filtered by date: Tuesday, 09 April 2019 - Imphal Times

This election is a fight for life and death- I. Hemochandra

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Imphal April 9,

Defying on the agenda of CAB highlighted on the Manifesto of BJP where they intend to pass it if they come to power, Spokesperson of Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) I. Hemochandra said that the 17th Lok Sabha election is a crucial election which will be a fight for the life and death of the indigenous people.

Speaking to media persons in a press meet held at Congress Bhawan Hemochandra said that the future of the people of Manipur is at stake due of the recently published manifesto of BJP on how they pushed the agendas of wiping out the indigenous minorities.

Hitting hard on a BJP spokesperson at which they stated that CAB will not affect the state, Hemochandra said that such statement is a blatant lie and an insult to the people of the state.

He said that even though the BJP claimed to put the nation first they tried to demolish the indigenous minorities by sending illegal immigrants sidelining various protest and agitations by the people of the North East.

He further appealed the people to let aside all the developmental works and the schemes which were manifested in the manifesto for all political parties and to focus primarily on the issue of CAB where BJP put it in their Manifesto to implement it.

Hemochandra questioned the existence of the people of North East if CAB is implemented and added that BJP only gives lip service when they said that they will protect the indigenous people by adding a clause.

He said that the Congress Party stands firmed and puts in black and white regarding CAB that they will stand firm and removed the contentious CAB. He further said that by putting as an agenda in the manifesto of the BJP where North East burned because of it simply adds fuels to the burning fire. He added that the attitude of BJP neglecting the minorities is a very dangerous trend.

Regarding AFSPA Hemochandra said that they have made their stand clear as the Congress has put on its manifesto to review it.

Reacting to the blame on congress party by BJP spokesperson over the passing of AFSPA Hemochandra questioned the BJP on why the present NDA government led by Modi which has been ruling for the past 4 years and Biren which governed the state completing its two years did not removed or repealed it.

 Hemochandra said that the very BJP supported AFSPA and it is clear from the statement of Defense Minister where she said that removing AFSPA will demoralized the armies.

He said that on common issues like CAB and AFSPA there should not be any difference between the state party and the central leaders.

He finally appealed the people to vote wisely as the upcoming election is a crucial one which will decide the future of the people and further questioned the position of Manipur if BJP comes into power.

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Take down the videos of Utlou incident from Youtube – SSUM

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Imphal, April, 9,

Socialist Student’s Union of Manipur (SSUM) today appealed to take down videos of Utlou incident which has been uploaded at various social networking platform like Whatsapp, Facebook, YouTube etc., as the videos have defamed the women of Manipur.

The unfortunate incident happened on the 2nd day of Yaoshang Festival 

“The videos circulated in social media by some people immediately after the incident show clothes of women being torn, women being beaten up. And the videos are being made without the consent of these women. They were filmed in a horrible situation. After that a lot of people downloaded the videos and edited them and shared in their YouTube channels to increase their viewers and subscriptions. It might increase the subscriptions and viewership of the channels but it does not do any good for Manipur. It is going to create more problems for women of Manipur”, the SSUM statement said.

The statement added that the action of some people which have uploaded and circulated far and wide malign the image of the people. What is worrying is that since these videos depicts immoral behavior of   the women of Manipur, the fear of rape, molestation and attack on modesty of women from Manipur studying and living outside Manipur will increase. Socialist Students’ Union of Manipur pleads the people of Manipur to understand this situation.

On the other hand, since the government has not done anything about these videos and as it remains silent on the sharing of these videos, SSUM is left with no choice but to appealed people for protection of the modesty of women community of the state. SSUM also urges the people to stop sharing of these videos on whatsapp and other social media immediately.

“Most importantly, the owners of the YOUTUBE channels who have shared the video should take down the videos pertaining to the incident showing women being beaten and clothes being torn immediately”, the SSUM appealed.

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BJP and Congress to form coalition Municipal body at Thoubal

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Imphal April 9,

Congress Councilors and BJP Councilors of the Thoubal Municipal Council (TMC) today agreed to form a new Municipal Body cutting across party line to make functional of the Council.
Differences of political party and subsequent quest for power between the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson of the TMC which was formed in February 2016 has failed to take up any developmental works  in the Thoubal Municipal area, said Puyam Jiteshwar, Councillor of TMC Ward no.3, while talking to media.
He said that of the 18 councilors of Thoubal Municipal Council (TMC), eleven councilor lead by the Chairperson are Congress team and 7 are BJP team led by the Vice Chairman.
Puyam Jiteshwar, said that in view of the present crisis, 7 councilor of the team Chairman and 6 from the Vice Chairman team comes out and agreed to form a Municipal body by going together so that pending developmental works of the Municipal area could be taken up.  
BJP’s councillor of TMC Ward No9 Waikhom Ibochauba said that he left the previous body and joined the new coalition with aims to take up developmental works to the area under the Council which was hindered due to division between the Congress and BJP.
Ibochauba also blamed the Chairperson , Th. Shyamo alleging him of thinking only for himself taking advantage of the enmity between the Congress and the BJP.
“He had paralyzed all developmental works that the council should have taken up”, Iboucha added.
The crisis in the TMC was due to the court case between the Chairperson and the Vice Chairperson on personnel matter, and all the 16 councilors are being force the blame of the people.
He appealed the Chairperson and the Vice chairperson to resign from their respective post for the sake of the people.

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MANPAC strongly oppose BJP’s manifesto regarding CAB

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Imphal April 9,

Reacting on the Manifesto of BJP for the 17th Lok Sabha Election where they committed to pass the contentious CAB for the sake of the religious minority communities, Convenor of MANPAC Yumnamcha

Dilipkumar in a press statement said that inclusion of CAB in the manifesto is an insult and a challenged to the rights indigenous people. He said that they strongly opposed it and the whole people of the North East stands with them.

He further questioned to make it clear the base year and the communities of the North east excluding Assam regarding the manifesto of Congress (I) which they put forward that they will include all the

citizens of India in the NRC. He added that the base year for the NRC of Manipur should be 1951 according to the census.

He further appealed to all the people to stand against the Contentious CAB 2016 and the resolutions taken by the MANPAC along with the people.

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1st phase of LS poll campaign close today

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Imphal, April 9,

Poll campaign for the first phase LS poll ends today. All together eight candidates are in the fray in the Outer Manipur Parliamentary Constituency where the polling will take place on April 11 (1st Phase).
Voting will take place in 91 parliamentary constituencies out of 543 across the country.
Voting will take place for all the parliamentary constituencies in Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Uttarakhand, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim, Lakshadweep, Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Telangana on Wednesday.
The other states going to polls in the first phase include - Assam, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jammu and Kashmir, Maharashtra, Manipur, Odisha, Tripura, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal. In these states, votes will be cast for some of the constituencies in the first phase of general elections.
Today is the last day for filing of nominations for the fourth phase of Lok Sabha elections. 71 constituencies in nine states, will go to polls in this phase on the 29th of this month.

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EVM/VVPAT commissioning for Bishnupur district begins

Bishnupur, April 9,

The commissioning process of EVMs and VVPAT machines for the ensuing parliamentary polls on April 18 for the district began today at Mini Secretariat complex, Bishnupur amidst tight security and in the presence of representatives of various political parties and agents of contesting candidates.
A team of officials, led by Deputy Commissioner Pawan Yadav have been engaged for the commissioning process which is being done constituency-wise, in the presence of the concerned constituency AROs.

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The great escape

To the utter disbelief and consternation of many in the state, arguably the highest level of ‘Captive politics’ if one may use the term- was witnessed being practiced by the Biren-led ruling state government during the Rally held at Hapta Kangjeibung Day before yesterday. The scene unfolding during the late afternoon inside the compound where Prime Minister Narendra Modi was canvassing for his second term can only be described as controlled chaos to put it mildly. While it is a certainty that the state machinery and its think-tanks would have constructed their best possible explanation, no amount of justification or diversionary tactics will ever be able to cut ice with the public. The picture of a large number of ‘supporters’, mostly women clambering to come out of the compound through the gate which was kept shut from outside and manned by the security forces on the outside visibly trying to prevent those from inside from making an exit tells its own story. That a few of these women risked their lives by climbing the high iron gates in order to escape the fenced compound bears testimony to a grand scheme gone awry.
Given that politics is a game of numbers, it is not theatrical gestures or megalomanic oration that will retain the trust of the public. Politics of religion, hatred or coercion will only work so long. Fear has its limit and one who is pushed with the back against the wall will have no other option but to use the fear to come forward fighting with everything one has. This fact applies to a collective group or region as well and it would do well for those in power to recognize and remind themselves of this at all times. It is no secret that there are various jokes doing the rounds in the state regarding the alacrity with which the present Chief Minister reacts to any criticism to his personal self or his functioning. To a true leader of the people, such criticisms should be taken as an indicator of the perception of the public towards the temperament of the leader and not a personal affront. While money still opens many doors when it comes to influencing voting decisions, the palpable shift in social behavior and outlook of many a common man towards a more transparent, stable and tolerant party with a leader who walks the talk should be noted and given due importance.   
The biggest concern emerging with the various reports of the hidden motives and undeclared agenda behind the plethora of schemes and programs launched with more than the necessary fanfare and publicity ostensibly to benefit the common man and bring about social and economic benefits is the continuing relevancy of the present ruling party in affecting the desired changes increasingly needed by the common man without considerations for favours or faith- a vital point especially in the state as well as the North Eastern part of the country where respect and regard for another faith and belief is relatively high and more tolerant.
Bottomline is- instead of importing and implementing coercive and often vindictive means of making the public toe the line, a more liberal, participative and transparent governance will enable any political party to win the heart and hand of the common people. If the present state government believes it is up to the challenge, it should reign in and take strict measures to ensure insurgent groups like KNA who are reportedly threatening a number of villages with violence and unwanted consequences if the BJP candidate for the outer parliamentary constitution receives less than 90 percent of votes does not meddle in a free and fair election, to start with. Else the people of Manipur and the rest of the NorthEast region as a whole might very well adopt the stand of the people of Mizoram.

Chassad Battalion Saves Lives In Kamjong, Distributes Sports Kit

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Imphal April,9,

Chassad Battalion of 10 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR(South) saved the life of accident victims on Yesterday.
April 2019, a vehicle carrying 11 persons of Maokot village skidded off the road and fell into a ditch near Nampan Lok bridge below Chattrik Khunao, close to Indo Myanmar border. The deadly accident claimed the life of one lady on the spot while many others were seriously injured. Medical team of Chassad Battalion immediately got the injured to Unit Hospital with the help of villagers and treated the injured including small children.
Critical patients were further evacuated to Imphal. The quick response by Assam Rifles saved the lives of injured, many of whom were very serious.
In order to consolidate the peace initiative in Sajik valley and in sync with the central Government initiative of Khelo India, Sajik Battalion of 28 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR(South) distributed sports kit  to ten villages of Chakpikarong Sub district of Chandel District  including Aishi, Aigejang, Kathung, Phoikon, P Salem, S Mualnuam and Sajik Tampak  K Bethel, T Jangnum and Bongpijang Village.  
The Sajik Battalion, in its effort to promote sports in the area provided sports kit under Assam Rifles Civic Action Programme as a gesture to motivate the youth. The efforts taken by the Battalion for organizing  the above event and the assistance being provided for furthering sports culture in the area was deeply appreciated by all the villages.

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Assam rifles organises health care campaign to mark ‘World Health Day’

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Imphal April,9,

26 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR(South) has been at the forefront in providing a helping hand to the local villagers. On 07 April 2019, to commemorate ‘World Health Day’, lectures were organized at various locations of Chandel, Moreh, Moltuk and Tengnoupal to involve a larger audience even in remove locations along the border villages. All the Medical Officers of under command units delivered a lecture in local language and in Hindi and elucidated the causes of old age diseases and lifestyle disease like obesity, diabetes, hypertension, heart and kidney problems. Preventive measures to maintain good health especially in grown-ups were suggested.  Participants were asked to maintain a healthy day to day life style along with routine exercise/yoga and good food habits to cope up with the old age and lifestyle related diseases. The attendees were greatly benefitted by the information pertaining to health  on the occasion of ‘World Health Day’.

A total of 547 men, 375 women, and 221 children benefitted from this initiative. The continuous and relentless efforts of the Sector towards the welfare of the locals have been greatly appreciated by them and has greatly improved the level of interaction between the Security Force and villagers.

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Manipur’s Social Welfare & Co-op. Minister Mulls ‘Modi’s Dramatic Comeback’ is Definite

Kaybie Chongloi
Imphal April 09,

The lone woman Minister of the Bharatiya Janata Party in Manipur Government, Nemcha Kipgen, who is also the local MLA of Kangpokpi Assembly Constituency considered the comeback of Prime Minister Narendra Modi a ‘clear-cut’ after the Lok Sabha Election in the centre and urges the people of Kangpokpi District to keep on with the Bharatiya Janata Party.
The Social Welfare and Cooperation Minister, Nemcha Kipgen was address the mammoth crowd during a one day BJP political conference at M. Thomas Ground at Kangpokpi DHQs today attended by hundreds of people across the district.
“Whatever the BJP Govt. talks about development and changes, it has the capability to translate into action”, the Minister said adding that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will definitely shine again in the 17th Lok Sabha Election 2019 to serve the people of this country and urges the people of Kangpokpi to stay with the Modi Government by supporting the BJP candidate of Outer Manipur PC in the Lok Sabha Election.
Outer Manipur Parliamentary Constituencies will go to poll on April 11 with eight candidates from BJP, INC, NEIDP, NCP, NPP, JD (U), NPF and Independent candidate on the fray. The BJP sponsored candidate in Outer Manipur PC is Houlim Shhokhopao Mate alias Benjamin (36), s/o of (L) Jamkhokai Mate of Tengnoupal village in Tengnoupal District under 42-Tengnoupal (ST) AC.
Minister Nemcha Kipgen further said that the commitment and concerned of Prime Minister Narendra Modi towards the poor people in the country is so deep and widely acknowledged that he has been described as “The Best of friend of the poor people” by the Indians.
She also said that BJP had converted development promises into reality in the hill districts of the state within two years of power which the Congress Govt. failed to do so in the past many years while adding that during Congress Government in the state there was continuous bandh, blockade, strike, and other various agitations which stagnant hugely development both in the hills and valley but now after BJP Govt. came into power all such stumbling block of developmental activities are subsiding markedly in the state.
She pointed out that BJP Govt. in the state established Nute Kailhang (Ima Keithel) at Kangpokpi DHQs to address the grievances of the Nute (Mother’s of Kpi) and provide one of the finest roads along Imphal-Dimapur road in the history of NH-2 apart from various other development works for Kangpokpi district which are in the pipeline.
The Minister also maintained that unity and cordial relationship between hills and valley has been re-established now by the BJP Govt. and equal development has also been spotted now in the hills and valley under BJP Govt while the people of Manipur will definitely witness drastic changes within short years.
She accused the Congress party of attempting to mislead the innocent people during the juncture of poll by indulging in false allegation, propaganda and sweet talks and said that but the sincere efforts and commitment of the Modi Government towards the nation and its people speak louder among the people who are all self eyewitnesses of the BJP sincerity and true commitment.
Nemcha also said that Congress party is now thinning out gradually day by day and many prominent leaders of Congress have already joined the BJP while adding that in Manipur, BJP will secure both seats from Inner PC and Outer PC and prove its commitment to the people in a realistic manner which the people never witness with the Congress MPs in the past.
“As is always God for those who don’t have anybody, BJP is always there for the poor and deprive people who could not afford house, education, water to drink, toilet, etc.”, claimed Education Minister Th. Radheshyam, who also attended the political conference at Kangpokpi while adding that BJP took birth for the poor and deprive people to look after their needs.
The Minister also acknowledged the contribution of Gorkha people in Kangpokpi district towards the progress and development of the state during the political conference at Kangpokpi DHQs while appealing the people of Kangpokpi to support the young dynamic and simple BJP Outer Manipur PC Candidate Benjamin Mate to serve the people and the society.
Outer Manipur BJP candidate Houlim Shokhopao Mate alias Benjamin while addressing the gathering said that it is my objective to eradicate poverty and bring equal development for all which is also the principle of the BJP and urges the people not to sink with the dirty politics of the rival political parties and its false propaganda.
He said that as is India a secular democratic country where there is no restriction to any religions Bharatiya Janata party is also a secular democratic party and there is no restriction on any religions while appealing the people not to believe the false allegation of BJP as anti-Christian and minorities.
Linda Newmai, BJP National Executive Member i/c ST Morcha, Manipur while campaigning for the Outer Manipur PC BJP candidate Benjamin Mate shouted slogans, “Phir Ek Bar Modi Sarkar”, “BJP Zindabad”, “Narendra Modi Zindabad”, and “Benjamin Mate Zindabad” along with the gathering.
Apart from all Mandals office bearers, BJP workers and civil society organizations within Kangpokpi District, the BJP Political Conference was also attended by ADC Sadar Hills Chairman, Haokholal Hangshing, who is also the Chairman of Campaign Committee Kangpokpi District; Thangjakam Misao, Vice Chairman, ADC Sadar Hills; Executive Members and Members of ADC Sadar Hills; Thangjamang Kipgen, President BJP Sadar Hills; Lunthang Haokip, Member ADC Sadar Hills who is also the Vice Chairman of Campaign Committee Kangpokpi District and Tonglen Khongsai, President ST Morcha Sadar Hills who is also the Secretary of Campaign Committee, Kangpokpi District.

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