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Items filtered by date: Saturday, 15 September 2018 - Imphal Times

Cleaning the indigenous spirit- Rituals held at the Imphal River Catchment area

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Imphal, Sept 15,

Preachers and followers of the Manipuri’s Indigenous Sanamahi Religions along with volunteers of Manipur Proletariat Peoples’ Democratic Union (MPPDU), Socialist Students’ Union of Manipur (SSUM), Proletarian Feminist Movement (PoFM) and the Socialist Women Association (SWA) today performed rituals to clean Imphal River at the catchment area of the River at Koubru area.
“The one time secret River of the people have been polluted with outsiders influence and as we felt the cleaning of the River as the need of the hour SSUM with like minded civil bodies after pleading and taking advice from the religious preachers performed this ritual,”, Genral Secretary of SSUM told media persons at the site.
The ritual performance of cleaning the river is perhaps the first time and the four organization is organization on advice with political necessities.

“Since the last many years our Secret river has been dump with culture and traditions which had invaded the region. Allowing the pollution of our culture may have been accepted by our forefather without knowing that they are wrong”, Bushan said adding that, “We cannot blame our forefather for what we are, it is ‘we’ that has to start cleaning our culture”.
“Alien culture blown from various parts has been slowly eroding or culture and we organised this ritual for cleaning of the Imphal River as a part of the month long observance of Lamyanba Hijam Irobot “, Bushan said.
Bidhu Khuman, a preacher of the Sanamahi religion and  also one of the main architect of University of Sanamahi Culture beside being 3 times member of the  Sanamahi Temple Board said that the ritual being performed today is perhaps the first of its kind. He said that the motive behind such a ritual is to bring unity to all the people of the region.
“To unite ourselves first thing we need is to clean our body”, Bidhu Khuman said.
He further added that as per indigenous religion we believe Koubru as the head and the streams are the part and keeping the river clean will keep our body clean.

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 CM stresses to review sports performance of the state

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Imphal, Sept. 15,

Chief Minister N. Biren Singh said that we need to review and assess the existing sporting spirit of every sports discipline to improve the performance of the players and to enhance the medal tally in future tournaments. This was stated by him at the felicitation of the medal winners, participants and team officials of the XXI Commonwealth Games, 2018 and 18th Asian Games, 2018 held at Hotel Classic Grande, Imphal today.
Speaking on the occasion, Chief Minister said that the assessment would ascertain the reasons for not getting the enough medal tallies that we expected. Chief Minister also stated that we need to find out why other states are dominating in various sports disciplines and getting more medals. We need to digest on the ways to improve the sports quality and keep the sports spirit alive in the State, he added. Coaches, Trainers and officials of the YAS Department need to set out short term and long terms plans to make the sports quality better in the State.

Chief Minister mentioned that the President of India Ramnath Kovind, recognising the potentials and talents in the field of sports, announced Manipur as ‘Sports Capital of India’. World today is appreciating and acknowledging Manipur because of its sports potential and capability. Recognising the talents of the youths of the State in sports, Chief Minister stated that the Government of India has set up the country’s first National Sports University in the State.
Chief Minister mentioned that it is glad to hear that Manipur Cricket team would be participating in the upcoming Ranji Trophy.  He stated that various firms outside the State and country are willing to nurture future football players from the State by establishing grassroots football schools in various blocks of the State. The Tata Trust is opening 15 grassroots schools in the State, he added.
Mentioning about providing government jobs to sportspersons, Chief Minister said that the State government has been providing suitable jobs to various sportspersons and would continue to provide jobs to them.
Minister for Youth Affairs and Sports Shri Letpao Haokip said that it is indeed a proud moment for all of us that despite of our small population, our sports players have been bringing laurels to this country in various International tournaments and Championships. The Youth Affairs and Sports have been providing regular training and coaching camps to groom the upcoming youths of the State, he added.
During the function, Chief Minister distributed the cash incentives to the medal winners, team officials and participants of the XXI Commonwealth Games and 18th Asian Games, 2018. Cash incentives of Rs. 8 lakhs and Rs. 2 lakhs each were given to 10 bronze medal winners and 48 participants respectively of the XXI Commonwealth games and 18th Asian Games, 2018.

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Mob lynching decried; condemnation pours; protest staged; demands actions against all those responsible

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Imphal, Sept 15,

September 13, mob lynching incident of Tharoijam at which an MBA student was mercilessly lynched by a hostile mob alleging him as vehicle lifter has spark protest and condemnation across the state.
Protest demanding justice for the victim was staged at Kairang, Khomidok and Khabeisoi area. A public meeting was also held today at Lilong keithel organised by the JAC formed against the mob Lynching.
What is more interesting is the uproar of womenfolk at Tharoijam area demanding released of those arrested in connection with the lynching incident even though it is understood that the person whom they lynch without mercy was alleged of lifting a vehicle worth around 70 thousand rupees.
The deceased Md Farooque Khan @ Foorkan is an MBA professional who is running his own business under an entrepreneurship giving lots of contributions to the society who is expected to play a pivotal role in bringing drastic social, economical, moral changes to the Muslim community in particular and the state of Manipur in general. The JAC formed against the killing stated that the police personnel from Patsoi Police station did not tried to stop the violent people who were hitting the decease even as they reached the spot.
“The police personnel were waiting for the screaming to breathe his last in an open field of Tharoijam”, the JAC said.
The JAC also submitted a memorandum to the chief Minister of Manipur demanding Termination of the police personnels who were present on the spot and did not intervene the same neglecting the human values and penalization of the same personnels under appropriate ruling.
Other demand put up by the JAC area immediate arrest of the culprits involved in the said mob lynching and blaming the victim of being a two-wheeler lifter; formulation of certain policies by the Government of Manipur for the safety of the people of minority community like Meitei Pangal who have been frequently mob lynched and blamed for thefts now and then so that a status-quo among the communities of the state may be maintained and handing over the case to the CBI.
The JAC further said that if the government fails to compliance with the demand of the JAC then it will launch intense agitation with the supports of all the CSO’s across the state.
Anti drug Joint Committee Kairang, Khumidok and Khabeisoi also condemn the lynching of the youth. A statement of the committee said that if the deceased is felt guilty then he should be handed over to the police so that the law of the land will take its own course.

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Another mob judgment upsets Rights body

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Imphal, Sept 15,

Youth’s Forum for Protection of Human Rights (YFPH) expressed disappointment to the practices of mob judgement  by the local Club and Meira Paibi of Khabam Lamkhai, Imphal East by ostracizing a particular household headed by women.
“Taking the advantage of no male members in the household, the local club and Meira Paibi of Khabam Lamkhai ostracized the particular household by locking the door and not allowing a single members of the household to enter the house”, a statement said.
“The most interesting area is that the local club and the Meira Paibi resolved to ostracize the entire members of the household by not realizing the fact that they are taking the law of the land into their hands. The resolution to ostracize the family members was signed by the chair holders of the local club and Meira Paibi” the statement of the YFPH said.
The Rights body also decried local leaders if the area including  ward Members, Pradhan, Adhyaksha, MLA and for paying no heed to resolve the matter before it goes out of the hand till date.
YFPH  recalled the statement of Chief Minister N Biren delivered on the 23rd May, 2017 at which he condemned the the increasing number of cases of mob justice.   N. Biren Singh had stated, “If we continue to allow mob justice to happen, the rule of law has no meaning in the state. A collective effort is needed so that we can curb this evil practice of mob juctice.”
The Chief Minister said this during the launching of the Case Information System (CIS) national core version 1.0.
However, no swift actions could be seen taken up with regard to this particular case of ostracising women of Khabam Lamkhai, Imphal East from the locality by the local club and Meira Paibi which falls under the jurisdiction of Heingang Police Station.
 The YFPH however appreciated the Manipur Human Rights Commission for giving prompt response with regard to the matter.
The YFPH also expressed condemnation to the the killing of Md Farooque Ahmad (26) s/o Alhaj Nasib Ali of Lilong Haoreibi Mayai Leikai by a mob at Tharoijam.  
YFPH plead the High Court of Manipur to take up sue motto to monitor all forms of Mob Justice in Manipur.
It also urged the Director General of Police to direct the concern PS to arrest those violating the law by taking the law into their hands and to provide protection to those women in need of protection at the earliest.
YFPHR is also writing a special letter to the National Commission for Women and Ministry of Women and Child Development, New Delhi with regard to the matter of Khabam Lamkhai Lekai, Imphal East, KH Phajaton, President of the Rights body.

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‘Focusing on economic independence the need of hour’

Imphal, Sept. 15,
Education Minister Thokchom Radheshyam said that economic independence is the need of hour to become a self reliant State. Emphasizing on the need to have economic independence, he pointed out that it is important for liberation and preservation of the indigenous products.
The Minister was speaking as the Chief Guest at the inaugural function of The 11th Annual Academic Session of the Manipur Historical Society organized by the Dhanamanjuri University, G. P. Women’s College, Imphal. He stressed that the research in field of economic history of Manipur is a crucial area to work, like researching on other relevant topics of history.  Radheshyam urged the Manipur Historical Society to promote the young students to pursue the research on the economic history and motivate to work for uplifting economic activities of Manipur. He said that by becoming part of world economy Manipur will become an economically independent state. Taking example of Swadeshi movement, he said that to attain economic independence the use of indigenous products should be encouraged. Stressing on the importance maintaining records, he said that it will help in using for future reference and could be pass down upon the generations to come.
Discussing and analyzing history, he said, is to enable to move forward by choosing the positive things that could better the present and future. In Manipur historical proof, waterways have been one of the main features for transportation and connectivity of the state. However, the water bodies, once a waterway, are now filled up resulting to the failure to maintain proper drainage. History should be to retrospect on how the past glory could be utilized for better future and improving the present, he added.
Highlighting on the two day academic session, General Secretary, Manipur Historical Society, H. Sudhir said the session will have five sessions with 35 papers to be presented by research scholars and one lecture. He said that the session will help in providing a platform for the research scholars .

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Society as a reflection of the government

Today, the state as a whole cutting across ethnic lines and communities have evidently inched itself towards the tipping point of intolerance and have given in to impulsive irrational outbursts. Demonstrations and agitations which were basically meant to be campaigns to arouse public concern about an issue, or more appropriately issues in the context of the state, has evolved into a warning call for an impending social unrest and chaos. Every declaration of protests is invariably followed with the added proviso of ‘intensive’, ‘extreme’ steps and ‘activities’ beyond the sanctions of the constitution of the country, and carried out with gusto. What is more disturbing is that the phenomenon is nothing new to the social and political scenario of the state and has been a salient part of the social landscape for a while now.
While agitations and unrests are part and parcel of the social process of addressing an issue or concern and are still considered an effective and necessary tool to attract attention of the government and thereby initiating the process to redress the issue, the process becomes a prelude to the destructions and disturbances which invariably follows. The rising instances of intolerance and mob mentality are an unmistakable manifestation of the eroding law and order situation in the state. The judiciary, hampered by lack of required manpower and interventions from those in power and position has been reduced to a perfunctory service. The state and central security forces are being viewed with suspicion and often with disdain, often considered a necessary nuisance rather than the protectors of the people and the country as envisaged. The resultant breakdown in the system is the disturbing social scenario we are witnessing today. The increasing tendency of the society to take the law into their own hands and deliver instant and impulsive ‘justice’ speaks volume of the trust and respect the society rests on the judicial system as well as the law and order mechanism of the state. Much has been discussed, debated and deliberated on the rising trend of mob justice and failure of the state machinery to deliver effective and efficient justice, and yet the concerns and issues on the matter is being received with a lackadaisical attitude bordering on contempt. This very attitude evidently emboldens some reactive persons in the society to indulge in their sadistic whims in the name of social justice, and as such disturbing trends go unchecked, they have now become a social trend sanctioned by a few vociferous elements in the absolute absence of legal restraints and preventive actions by the law enforcers.
A substantial part if not the total of the social unrests and disturbances can be prevented if the law and order mechanism is made proactive and efficient. The first step for the present state government is to admit the reality and acknowledge the lacunae, if it really and truly desires to bring about the elusive change for the better. Honest self-evaluation, introspection, pragmatism and a proactive approach towards administration and governance should replace the denial and reactive attitude of the present government. Above all, the state government should relearn accepting and shouldering responsibility of the social situations.

Pledging Ceremony Held in RIMS, Imphal

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Imphal, Sept. 15,
As a part of nationwide campaign, the Director of Regional Institute of Medical Sciences, Imphal Prof. A. Santa Singh launched Swachhta Hi Sewa Campaign in RIMS, Imphal today i.e., 15th Sept., 2018.  He also administered the “Sawchhta Hi Sewa” pledge to all members present in the pledging ceremony which was held in-front of A-Block, RIMS Imphal. The Swachhta Hi Sewa campaign will continue till 2nd Oct, 2018.
During the pledging ceremony, Prof. Ch Arunkumar Singh, Medical Superintendent, Principals, of College of Nursing & Dental College, Head of Depts. Faculty members, Nursing Officials, Officials, Staff, Employees of CRED and Manipur Society Services attended the program.    

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Assam Rifles Observes World First Aid Day

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Imphal, Sept. 15,
Keithelmanbi Battalion of 9 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of HQ IGAR (South) observed World First Aid Day on 14thSeptember. All the Company Operating Bases at various schools and villages promoted the importance of first aid training in preventing injuries and saving lives. The event was organised to mainly focus on educating the effective ways of managing crisis situations. A total of 23 villagers of Andro village, students of Assam Rifles Public School Keithelmanbi, Hills Rainbow Academy, Royal Mission School Canchipur attended the event where they were taught about the basics of first aid. The nursing assistant of the battalion demonstrated the method of giving correct CPR and conducted mock drill about various emergency situations. The local villagers and school management thanked the Assam Rifles for its effort in promoting awareness about basic first aid which can helpful in times of need.
Meanwhile, Units under command of 9 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of HQ IGAR (South) saved lives of three snake bite victims on 14th September.Keithelmanbi Battalion and Tulihal Battalion saved lives of Mr Dhanbahadur, Mr S Iboton and HiyamSuranjoy from different villages namely Kangkopki, NambolPhoijeng and KwaikeithelKonjeng. All individuals were bitten by poisonous snakes and were immediately rushed to the unit hospitals. The patients were readily attended by the medical teams under the Regimental Medical Officers. The timely action by the medical teams not only saved precious humans lives but also reinforced good faith among the locals.

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