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Turn it off and see what happens

by Rinku Khumukcham
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By Mikhail Puyam

Today’s era has been evolving very fast and in a very different way that, for over a few decades, with technologies shaping up the world there has been an exponential increase in the developments for making one’s life more serene and comfortable. These developments include extensive amount of devices that contribute to our survival in the modern world. Almost all of these devices are powered by electricity that, electricity has already become an essential part of a living by improving our lives and meeting our needs. And when compared to direct sources of energy such as wood or natural gas, electricity is an energy carrier whose main benefit is its multitude of uses. And we all know that it has been carrying out bulk of lighting in homes, offices, factories, industries, public buildings etc. and has been the mainstay in today’s times. We are all very well aware that access to electricity has an impact on individuals’ abilities that if the power goes off for some hours or if there is a sudden major power outage for a day long then; we all will be without the conveniences of electricity and there will be assured outrages amongst the people. We will have troubles in many of our lives comforts and essentials such as education, water, communication, cooking, heating, cooling etc.
Even there are many publications claiming that, access to energy or to electricity in particular is a basic necessity for human beings and can be termed as essentials of human rights. It can even be mentioned that right to electricity supply is an integral part of right to life under Article 21 of the constitution of India. But there are also many claims that defend the above claims and this debating of ‘for’ and ‘against’ scenario keep continuing. But here, this article wants to focus on the other areas that, in developing states like Manipur, the state government has made almost all the required infrastructures to cross the benchmark and has been trying hard to provide all the citizens access to electricity. Of course, all the credits go the people behind, the field Engineers and maintenance staffs of departments concerned for looking after in providing the power to the consumers. In the times of major power outages, all the pressures such as pressures from public, pressures from higher officials and pressures from work itself; are actually faced by these field Engineers and  maintenance staffs who are actually working at the ground level. They face indecent acts from people, sometimes abused by being offensive to such an extent that they suffer injuries due to the destructive rampage. And above all, when an emergency situation arises in the state such as the ongoing outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic case, these Engineers and staffs put their selves and duties first to provide 24/7 power supply, mainly to the health sector such as hospitals in order to cope with any emergency with comforts and as well as to the people to have a comfortable home stay during this lockdown imposed by the Government. And at this time when the peoples of the country are facing difficulties such as scarcity of basic necessities like foods, edible items, water etc. due to this lockdown, nobody has even thought about these staffs behind, who are stationed and locked down at their far-off respective power sub-stations and  trying to supply power to the state. Well, It has been learned that some of the staffs were helped by the nearby locals by providing them with food and edible items but there are still no proper addresses by any of the groups nor heard any grants or announcements made in this regard thus, making these people feel totally neglected.
Although this article doesn’t tend to criticize any groups or individuals, it looks forward to attract peoples’ attention as well as to give awareness amongst the citizens that if you regard electricity as an essential service and essentials of human rights then remember that, there are many people behind who are working hard in the frontline to make you realize that feeling. Therefore, It would be a huge moral support if the citizens also appreciate these peoples’ efforts and also if the deserving essential service acknowledgments are provided to them by the concerned as an appreciation.

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