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The 4 Most Popular Card and Dice Games in India

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Since time immemorial, cards have been a part of the Indian tradition and heritage. Almost every region in India have their own game of cards they have either invented or adopted to make their own. While the origins of cards games in India is a debatable notion, it’s widely believed that they became prevalent during the Mughal rule in the country.

Card games, in medieval India, were usually confined to the royal class in the country. But with time, card games became popular among the masses in India. Today, there are millions of players in India who enjoy trying their hands at land-based and online classic card games. In this article, we take a look at some of the most popular card games in India. Continue reading!

Teen Patti

Teen Patti is an Indian variant of the famous Poker game. The name Teen Patti in English means “Three Card Brag”, which is similar to the premise of the popular Western card game. Featuring simple rules and easy gameplay, the game of Teen Patti brings communal enjoyment for its players.

As a player, your aim in Teen Patti is to have the best three-card hand and to maximize the pot before the showdown. What makes Teen Patti unique among other card games is the fact that it allows you to play blind or seen. In other words, you can choose to know the value of your cards facing down or the other way around.

Being a popular card game, it’s no surprise that Teen Patti is available at many online gambling platforms in India. The opportunity to play Teen Patti offers convenience and several other benefits for both novice players and high rollers.

Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar is another popular card game that has been a part of social life in India for centuries now. Also referred to as Katti or Mankatha, the game of Andar Bahar is believed to have its origins in the city of Bangalore in Southern India. From there, the Andar Bahar game, even online, spread its way all across India.

The name ‘Andar Bahar’ refers to the sides where players can place their wagers on. Andar is the left side for the player and right side for the dealer, whereas Bahar is the left side for the dealer and right side for the player. The main aim of the game is to guess on which side, Andar or Bahar, will a card matching the value of the joker card show up.

Andar Bahar has been played at land-based gambling venues ever since they started to happen in India. And with the gamification of Indian card games, Andar Bahar can now be played online for both free and real money.

Jhandi Munda 

Jhandi Munda is a fun, engaging, and rewarding dice betting game that is enjoyed by millions of players in India. Having its roots in the Indian state Arunachal Pradesh, the game of Jhandi Munda first appeared on the scene in the 18th century. Since then, it has garnered immense popularity in almost every part of the country. 

As with many other traditional Indian games, Jhandi Munda comes with simple and easy-to-understand rules. The game is played with six, six-sided dice. The dice feature six different symbols on each of the sides, including a heart, a spade, a diamond, a club, a face, and a flag. The main aim of the game is to bet on which symbol will appear face up most often. 

Jhandi Munda is a game that evolved to entertain and possibly offer some monetary rewards. The entertainment value and the social factor are what have kept Jhandi Munda so popular for decades. Today, Jhandi Munda can be played on the streets, in land-based casinos in Arunachal Pradesh, and at international online casino sites. 


Rummy is an exciting card game that is popular all across the globe, and Indian is no exception to that. The game of Rummy has a rich history, and it is believed to have evolved from the Mexican game Conquian and the 18th-century Chinese games that shared the same premise.

While the game of Rummy has several versions, its variant called Indian Rummy is most popular in India, especially in the South-west part of the country. The popularity of Rummy can be attributed to the fact that it comes with easy-to-understand rules and features simple gameplay. 

In India, Rummy is often played at homes, clubs, and land-based casinos. Yet recently, more and more players are flocking to online gaming platforms. This is because online platforms offer 24/7 games and have community elements where players can chat, share tips and learn how to play.

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