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Real Vs Virtual world

by Rinku Khumukcham
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By: HeisnamLakeshwar Singh
Head (Academic & Admin), JCRE Global College, Babupara, Imphal

“On a day Sachin hit his 100th century, Pranab slammed it in, too. He’s saved you Rs 4,500 crore in direct taxes, but taken away 10 times that through indirect taxes, making the Rs 41,440 crore mop-up the largest ever. Excise duty is up across the board, and almost all services – including eating out, mobile bills and AC rail travel (Mamata, take note) – will now cost more”
– THE TIMES OF INDIA, date – march 17, 2012

Today’s newspaper is half occupied by Sachin’s 100 and half by
Pranab’s budget. I am not writing neither about Sachin’s
accomplishment nor Pranab’s budget, here I am writing about virtual world. After referring to newspaper I went and open internet – some news website, facebook and gmail. I found Sachin and Pranabis not only in newspaper but also in virtual world, they are everywhere and occupied large section of news website, twitter and facebook etc.
Yes it is hot news and it is ought to be. But there is something difference and extra thing you can see in the virtual world that you cannot find in the real world. Because of this, some people come up with the view saying after few years the print media may extinct from our life and it will be killed by the virtual world. ohhh! I didn’t mention what is that extra things I got in virtual world today. I went to website, the same news was updated in the website too, but there is a comment section. That comment section makes the page more attractive to me. I could see the comments and views of the people, though some comments are stupid and some are very informative. Because of this virtual world, the sharing of news is added with sharing of views; in some cases views are more interesting and informative than the news itself. And also in some cases when news is wrong, the commenters give the true information. It seems the world is getting more transparent.
Facebook / social sites are also an interesting place of virtual world; it is like a place for gossiping. But it is beyond gossiping, it is the place where idea and information is shared. There are few groups in Facebook where you can see the serious people with serious idea and ideology. You can find few people who keep on sharing the positive message, also people who keep on criticizing the systems and government, different people with different idea and different activity. The interesting thing we can get after thinking is the reason why people do share their ideas and philosophy in facebook. They share information, that is because they want to influence others behaviour (exception cases are there).
Information leads to knowledge and knowledge is the power. How? Oh! I cannot explain you, but believe me knowledge is the power. Our lack of knowledge and information give chances to other to exploit us. Can we consider knowledge as tangible? If we look on the characteristics of knowledge it is intangible because we cannot touch it, see it and feel it. But if we look on its ability and capability we could say it is more of tangible because it brings changes. Every changes takes place is directly or indirectly related to knowledge and information.
Since virtual world is run by knowledge and information never underestimate it, never underestimate the power of facebook and other social sites. Don’t just criticize facebook just because many do fun here. Because knowledge is power and it is shared better in virtual world. But don’t allow it to affect your real life too. Balance it and be a good manager of virtual and real world.
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