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People first, Politics later; Can political visits bring solace to Manipur?

by Rinku Khumukcham
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By Mathew Rongmei
The news of a delegation of MPs from the INDIA bloc planning to visit Manipur on Saturday and Sunday, raises several questions about the timing, purpose, and potential consequences of their visit.
First and foremost, it is important to recognize that the situation in Manipur is sensitive and requires a delicate approach. The priority should be to restore peace and stability in the region, ensuring the safety and well-being of the affected communities. Any visit by political leaders must be carried out with utmost responsibility, sensitivity, and a genuine commitment to finding solutions.
Visiting strife-torn regions can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, such visits can raise awareness about the situation, generate empathy, and allow leaders to witness the ground realities firsthand. This can lead to better-informed decision-making and the allocation of resources to tackle the crisis. On the other hand, if not handled carefully, political visits can be perceived as politicizing the issue, leading to further divisions and potentially exacerbating the violence.
It is crucial for the MPs to approach this visit with a non-partisan mindset, focusing on the humanitarian aspect rather than using it as a platform for political gains. They should engage with all stakeholders, including victims, civil society groups, local leaders, and the state government, to understand the root causes of the conflicts and explore possible solutions.
It is worth noting that the central government, particularly the BJP-led administration, has faced criticism for its perceived inaction in dealing with the violence. The delegation’s visit can be an opportunity for the government to demonstrate its commitment to addressing the issue and reassure the people of Manipur that their concerns are being heard.
However, it is also vital to ensure that such visits do not turn into mere photo opportunities, where leaders make promises without concrete follow-up actions. The focus should be on long-term strategies that promote dialogue, reconciliation, and the involvement of local communities in finding lasting solutions.
Moreover, the timing of the visit should be carefully considered. If tensions are still high, the presence of political leaders might inadvertently escalate the situation or be perceived as insincere. The MPs should be mindful of the emotions and sensitivities of the affected communities and exercise restraint if the situation demands it.
The visit of the INDIA MPs to Manipur can be a constructive step if approached with genuine intentions to bring peace and resolution to the ongoing conflicts. Politicizing the issue or using it as a platform for political gains must be avoided at all costs. Instead, the focus should be on understanding the complexities of the situation, engaging with all stakeholders, and working towards a peaceful and inclusive resolution. The people of Manipur deserve a sincere and dedicated effort to end the violence and confusion, and it is the responsibility of the visiting MPs and the government to ensure that their actions contribute positively to this endeavor.

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