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Narendra Modi – Enduringly Invincible

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By: M.R. Lalu
Rewarded with a wave of popularity, Prime Minister Modi’s invincibility has become a huge challenge for parties that have chosen to join the opposition camp. Modi’s address to both the houses in the parliament was loaded with extreme confidence. A great level of personal conviction and a dashing temperament, the Modi phenomenon has undoubtedly nullified the usual leadership definitions. Entirely, the politics of his side of the ruling group is dependent on the man who began the momentum with a slight disorientation a decade ago. Probably, that was justifiable in 2014. A new face with a flimsy experience of being in India’s powerful national capital had a huge challenge to face. For almost a decade now, Modi managed to wrap up the entire scenario to his side, taking strides of success far more powerful than usual, with the whole host of leaders in his camp struggling to keep pace with him. This was the mantra, probably, the Modi magic that people often term it as; a unique style, a signature of commitment to whatever he chose to keep his hands on. He never left things half baked. He ensured that the job in hand is accomplished to its maximum and strove hard to walk the extra mile. He remained unique, his gestures and words and actions were loaded with a different flavor of commitment.
On his first day in the parliament the newcomer with an indubitable wave of humility, lay down flat on his chest in reverence to the temple of democracy at its doorstep. Simple yet the gesture of veneration was redefining the image of the monumental building that was usually perceived as a centre of verbal spat and pandemonium of the irritating type. He brought his usual demeanor to the scenario but the country experienced something unusual and unprecedented and it was certain to catch attention. Convincingly, his vocabulary and the simplicity and style of his oratory caused a sudden churn. They conveyed values and action plans and addressed the pitfalls. His accent got easily recognized as his messages had the salt of the perils that the country’s poor had been through. He established a personal connection with the last man in the queue. His endeavors spoke for their authority and clarity. Holding values of the ancient he remained modern in its applicability. Unmatchable was his efficiency while he began to use Artificial Intelligence for his typical welfare projects. More prominent and effective was his style of communication using all social media platforms. His reputation, invincibility and reliable execution of welfare schemes gained him superstardom. Every time he approached and used social media with childlike curiosity while updating himself to its modern ways of sophistication. But his decision to reach out to the people through radio had a special acceptance. Man Ki Baat must be the largest recorded personal conversation by any elected leader to his countrymen in the whole world.
This flow of conversation from the very first month of his administration had kept the momentum of his real personal touch with people cutting across rural and urban landscapes. India witnessed a new method of populist politicking that was more person centered than the ideology he represented. Growing beyond the horizon of his ideology, the Modi cult has redefined the stature of politics in India and the party that he represents became a distant shadow. Distancing itself from the rise of this cult, a question frequently murmurs its concern. That, will the world’s largest democracy remain servile to this cult makeover and as his opponents blame, get easily crushed under its authoritarian feet at a time when its democratic essence is feared to be fading drastically? Has this cult managed to polarize India’s secular fabric, as its adversaries accuse it often, totally forcing it to disintegrate?  This question often emanates from the ravines of political discomfiture and social discordance. No narrative can be outrightly cancelled and there is definitely a sense of discontent.  What surprises and probably shakes Modi’s opponents of their confidence is his relentless, pragmatic and committed enthusiasm. It deals with and certainly flattens the aspirations of the other side and its savagery is reflected in its brutal enactment of justice. Defending the investigating agencies and their actions against the corrupt, Modi outrightly calls it his fight against the wrongdoers and ensures that it gains a hilarious acceptance.
Modi’s image as the deliverer of justice and his ubiquitous spiritual charisma hold complete power to drag the emotions of a huge segment of the population. Systematically addressing the demands of the cultural laments of the country, his makeover as a spiritual giant has been extremely real and his gesticulation and involvement in redefining and reviving the lost glory of India’s spiritual might has been receiving genuine accolades. A hat-trick comeback, undoubtedly an aspirational momentum at that with unparalleled conviction could be dreamed only when efforts to actualize such a victory were actually put in place. This audacity for winning an absolute majority deserves a thumping resonance of exuberance. This is obviously a challenge, a challenge in a real sense. But the Prime Minister’s body language in both the houses of the parliament had been firm though counter narratives were thrown intending to dismantle his views. Placing himself above his party and the government, Modi’s deliberately well-knit vocabulary had the power to shake his opposition’s intuitions. A jubilant Modi appeared to grab all narratives of victory for himself and pronounce them to the houses in his royal declaration. John Britas, a first timer to the Rajya Sabha from Kerala, a Communist veteran and journalist compares this audacity of Modi with an emperor’s royal decree. His perceived third term will be the outcome of his skillfully measured and unfailingly executed policies. He was uncompromising and convincingly reluctant to water down his policies and climb down on his promises. Intelligently anointing himself as the chowkidar of the country, he managed to dwell in the hearts of millions. Startled but convinced to the core, the country heard him speak from the ramparts of the Red Fort about basic cleanliness and menstrual hygiene. Women across the country found in him a savior, a brother who dared to address their trauma and victimization. Thousands of villages became open defecation free zones. Women in the country found their aspirations flutter and dance with increased social respect and security. Millions had experienced the status of having a toilet facility at homes and its health benefits. Walking a careful line of development, Modi ensured that his initiatives reach the doorstep of the last man at the bottom line.
A more accurate way to describe his sense of connecting with people comes through his three creative ways of communication. Starting from Mann Ki Baat to Chai Pe Charcha to the latest Modi selfie points, his mission continues to hold the electorate glued to its leader. The comedy of errors that we are forced to live in, is the erroneous way his opponents understand him. And that is the paradox. Pundits predict a consistent rise in Modi’s popularity and they fear his third term would put it at the pinnacle. The deep despair hanging over the INDIA block is obviously visible. Inconsistent leaders and their disheartening positions turned the INDIA camp a miserable conglomeration. Nitish Kumar’s exit and Mamata’s consistently rebellious shrieks have deepened its crisis and helped the Modi fiefdom expand.  Call him populist or the people’s leader, the wind is surely blowing the Modi way.
(The author is Freelance Journalist)

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