Keep Your Thinking Wide

By: Harkirat Kaur
When a human being does great deeds in this world, his thinking is satiated and tolerated, that such and such a person possesses very good thinking. In the same way, even if one wakes up and shows the thirteenth tax, his thinking is disregarded. So in a nutshell we can say that human thinking plays a special role in uplifting human personality.
Every human being has a different way of thinking, many are positive thinkers, some are negative thinkers and some carry both sides together. It is because of human thinking that one sees roses on a rose plant, new blossoming buds but one sees thorns on a plant, not paying attention to new blossoming buds. When withered, it will go to the dry leaves that have fallen on the ground. So to say that all kinds of human beings are in need of their own thinking.
We create human characters in our mind according to our thinking. It often happens that the range of thinking of most people is very small, due to which they see and think of everything under the influence of negative aspects and narrow thinking.
We see a lot of people who start speculating about the character of the people according to the scope of their thinking. When a girl sees a boy talking in a public place, most of the people start thinking about their relationship, although they may be siblings, they may be good friends. In the same way in normal life there are many such things to be seen in relationships at home. But the reason behind all these incidents is the realm of thinking.
In fact, due to the small scope of thinking, the weakest meanings of everything are extracted. By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive. The bigger our thinking, the more open and positive thoughts will adorn our personality. The better we look at everything, the better things we will see everywhere.
I claim that by adopting such thinking we start to feel better around us or wherever we are, which of course reduces our grievances, the seeds of hatred, the sparks of jealousy. Because we will see good qualities in every human being. I believe that for a good personality and a happy life, it is very important for us to think big. The bigger our thinking, the bigger our achievements will be.

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