Manipur’s identity and its political ingenuity

Manipur’s identity and its political ingenuity

/ Guest Column / Monday, 11 November 2019 17:32


The political trend in concealing the actualities that relate to decision making conduct of the government lead to lack of transparency and in effect curtails the right of the so called governed (public)to equal participation in the decision making processes of the Government. Such conduct of the Government goes against the principle and the basic feature of the constitution of India more specifically the preamble of the constitution of India which voices the power of the Government to have been derived from the people of India.  
By implication as said above, the clear sounding premises could be founded which indicates that the democratic form of governance in the socalled largest democratic country of the worldhas been a mere non functional political ideology having no spirit and letter.  
This assumption may or could likely be propounded taking the cue of the present political turmoil in the State of Manipur whereupon the Government of India in concern with the present ongoing unrest arising out of the secret frame work agreement inked between its instrumentality, the interlocutor and the NSCN-IM is not only unfortunate but a violation of the basic principles of Democracy on the ground that the ground  the major stakeholders of the State of Manipur have been debarred from participation in the talk or agreement and neither have they been heard of regarding the far reaching effect in case of territorial disintegration of the State when the interlocutor on behalf of the Government of India gives in to the high stake demands of the NSCN-IM.
On the contrary of dealing with intricate political issue, the Government of India has shown highhanded attitude by imposition of military power upon the Government of Manipur and its people which may fall out with negative repercussions. The catch word for theGovernment of India should be “No imbibe attitude” from the Britishers by not forgetting that India or Bharat also went through various forms atrocities committed by the Britishers during the colonial era and should not be imitating the same and practicing same upon the people of Manipur under the shadow of the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, 1958 and its hidden dictatorial form of ruling the nation.
With regard to the prevailing crisis, the Government of India should with the wiser card to open up the agreement and make it public. The Government of India has still failed to divulge the contents of the said Naga Accord despite various official communications and demands from the people including the Government of Manipur. In various instances Government of Manipur met with the Prime Minister of India, the Interlocutor of the Frame work Agreement, Home Minster, etc by campaigning at Delhi incurring huge expenses from the State exchequer ultimately with no concrete response but rather hands out insult to the peoples’ representatives which in turn is the insult to the people of Manipur.
The Executive head of the State, the present Governor of Manipur stays safe by playing the “Judas role” and only wakes up when on occasions to inaugurate a functions by cutting a ribbon and on the other hand having complicit hands with the hidden agendas of the Government of India which is a far cry from actual shouldering of the “de jure” Political Agent of the Union of India. The Government of Manipur should have in a way lost the trust of the Executive Head of the State as the executive is more focused personal luxuries rather than akeen with the aspirations of the people.
The Government of Manipur is busy engaging directly with the Government of India in Delhi which is again a painful reality of suppression and social exclusion from the democratic form of Government in India of not being heard of the demand of the people.
The demeanor of turning blind eye and deaf ears to the political aspiration of the people would always have resulted withill effects and such insensitivity  also make worse the situation and the sufferers mostly the daily bread earners take pain in the end and the poorest section of the society become the brunt holders of such dilemma. The attitude of the Government of India on the prevailing crisis would farther ignitethe sentiments of the people of Manipur for which serious attention to deal with the situation is called for.
Lack of Transparency, Accountability from the end of Government of India cannot be ruled out and these doubts stand as starkly possible and the people of Manipur would always be in deficit of trust against the Central Government of India.
The Government of India must also view the deterioration academic atmosphere of thousands of students of the State and must also refrain from utilizing schools and colleges for military deployment in the name to curb or settle the Framework Agreement peacefully which is yet another forceful imposition.
The possible questionnaires posed are in relation to hundreds of women specially the daily bread earners like street vendorswho have been denied access to their livelihood on fear of possible showdown which might erupt anytime if any adverse interest is caused against the territorial integration of Manipur.
“Who should be responsible for such loss and who will compensate the loss? The Government of India must not deviate from its obligation of responsive Government and should stop floating thecomment of excuse such as “who told you to create unrest?” Rather it should come up with a holistic approach to solve the issue than to solve the same from the mid way using brute and force.
Militarizationshould not be used as a means to tackle an issue and if the opinion is of military solution, it becomes an old fashion of ruling the country or a nation. Government of India should not forget its   obligations to abide by the International Law and its commitments by virtue of being the largest democratic country in the World. The punch word remains “Stop Militarization! And respect Peoples’ Voice”.
The future of Manipur should be left in the hands of the Manipuris and for that matter the ethos and the principles set forth and propagated by the ancestral leaders need to be acknowledged and recognized by the Government of India.

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