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When Will the Government Truly Listen?

PM’s indifference to Manipur’s crisis needs a mass response

by Editorial Team
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When Will the Government Truly Listen?

In a fiery and impassioned speech, Manipur MP Bimol Akoijam brought the dire crisis in Manipur to the forefront, urging a genuine search for solutions and a comprehensive discussion on the root causes of the violence. However, his call for action was met with a stark silence from Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who, during his speech in the Rajya Sabha, only briefly touched on the Manipur crisis for around six minutes without addressing any of the critical issues raised by Akoijam. This deliberate evasion suggests that the Prime Minister and those in power are not truly listening to the cries for help from Manipur.
Prime Minister Modi’s assertion that normalcy has returned to Manipur is misleading at best. While schools and colleges may have reopened, the reality on the ground is starkly different. Many youths who should be attending these institutions are either in relief camps or defending their villages. This displacement has disrupted their education and daily lives, fostering a generation filled with frustration and hatred. The agricultural sector, too, is in disarray, with farmers unable to access their fields during the crucial sowing season, exacerbating the economic and food security crisis in the region. This so-called “normalcy” is a facade, masking the deep-seated issues that continue to plague Manipur.
In times of such grave crisis, the silence of the President is equally disappointing. As a woman and a tribal woman, the President has a unique and powerful position to address the suffering of women in Manipur. Women from both tribal and non-tribal communities have been deeply affected by the violence, and it is incumbent upon the President to speak out and advocate for their protection and empowerment. Her silence on this matter is a missed opportunity to provide a voice to those who are often marginalized and overlooked in times of crisis.
This situation underscores the vital role of the opposition as representatives of the people. However, their voices are being drowned out and ignored in the corridors of power. MP Bimol Akoijam’s speech is a testament to the frustration and desperation felt by many in the opposition who are fighting to be heard. The Prime Minister’s failure to address the real issues in Manipur during his speech highlights a disturbing indifference to the suffering of the people. It implies that the voices of the opposition are not being heard, and consequently, the voices of the people they represent are also being silenced.
The gravity of the situation in Manipur calls for immediate and decisive action. The time for silence is over. It is time for action, for solidarity, and for a concerted effort to bring lasting peace and justice to Manipur. All political parties must come together and campaign outside the parliamentary halls since their voices are not being heard within. A mass campaign involving all political parties is not just necessary; it is urgent. The people of Manipur cannot afford to wait any longer for their leaders to act.
The crisis in Manipur is a glaring example of the disconnect between the government and the people it is supposed to serve. Prime Minister Modi’s failure to address the real issues in Manipur during his speech, coupled with the silence of the President, highlights a disturbing indifference to the suffering of the people. The assertion that normalcy has returned to Manipur is a facade, ignoring the harsh realities faced by the people on the ground. It is time for all political parties to come together and launch a mass campaign to demand justice and lasting peace for Manipur. The future of an entire generation depends on it.
Manipur’s cry for help cannot be ignored any longer. It is imperative that the voices of the people are heard and acted upon. The Prime Minister and those in power must listen, and if they do not, it is up to the people and their representatives to ensure that the cries for justice and peace are not silenced. The time for action is now.

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