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Waiting for “Sorry”

by Rinku Khumukcham
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Your Govt. is not afraid to say sorry if wrong, Mr. CM have said it many times, say “sorry” now people will be with you

Manipur High Court intervention to the 135 days long impasse at Manipur University is perhaps the only left over alternatives to settle the issue even as it seems more like an emergency rule. May be the verdict of the court for appointment of an Administrator for time being to normalize the situation goes beyond the Manipur University Act 2005, but sometimes, we need sacrifice if it really is to serve the cause of the people. After all laws are made for human being, if it fails to comfort the people by delivering justice there is nothing wrong in ignoring the matter, AG Gardiner wrote in an essay. As far as the motive is for the welfare of the people particularly the students in higher studies in Manipur and as long as the ruling of the court was not influence by any ruling government and had objective to maintain its autonomy, there is nothing wrong in the appointment of an administrator to settle the issue. It depends on the integrity of the newly appointed Jarnail Singh, the retired IAS officer, who has year long experience to the administration of Manipur.   
May be the court verdict reflects some sign of humiliation to the faculty of the Manipur University, but as long as the newly appointed Administrator by the court acted for the cause of the University and handed over the administration to the most qualified faculty member as in-charge until a new VC is appointed , then there is nothing wrong in assuming that half the issues of the Manipur University has been settled.
If the newly appointed Administrator is committed to settle the issue than it will not take even a week to convene Court meeting, Executive Council Meeting , Academic Council meeting and so on. The ongoing 2 member enquiry committee may also take only a week to complete the investigation about the series of allegations about financial and administrative irregularity on VC Prof. AP Pandey. Once the enquiry is completed the matter is almost finished as the people still believes the law of the land.
Now, after suspension of the Pro VC prof. Yugindro, it is now the police that have to act. It is known to the public that Prof. Yugindro had confessed to the first lady of the state he had lodged false compliant to the Manipur Police which resulted the midnight crack down at Manipur University. Chief Minister N Biren Singh had stated that the police acted as according to the FIR taken up by the police base on the complaint by Prof. Yugindro. If the FIR was base on the false report then why the police still is not taking up any action against Prof. Yugindro.
Moreover, who could have been the most trustworthy witness then the first lady – Her Excellency the governor of Manipur, for the police to take up action against Prof. Yugindro.
And another puzzling matter is about the 6 faculty members and the students who were detained base on the false report by Prof. Yugindro. They are still detained in judicial custody and there is not a single word from any of the sides running and maintaining the law and order situation of the state.
It is not only about those arrested base on the report of Prof. Yugindro who needs to be release unconditionally but also the two students arrested by police in yesterday’s uprising inside Manipur University complex.
135 days the Manipur University was totally crippled. May be the longest agitation is the first of its kind in the history of Indian University. On being examine on why taking such a long time, it is now open secrete that the interference of some highly influential political personalities make the government in dilemma in making a collective decision even as the government have limitation over the Manipur University. Its open secrete, but fear not , the court has given a direction, the head of the state is with the people, half the people of the state still support you and the remaining half which you felt like your enemy will surely become your best ever supporter if you act now without worrying about the chair you are enjoying now. “To be or not to be”, is not what your mind should be occupied but it is “Yes, I am the son of this soil and it’s my duty to save my citizen and students”, should be what you should convert into action.
After all, Mr. Chief Minister you had said time and again that your government is not fear of saying “I am sorry when you are proven wrong”, many times in public platform. This is the only chance you have now to prove that you are man of word.
Say “sorry”, and you will regain the name that this newspaper had once quoted – “The People’s Chief Minister”.

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