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Toying with the ultimate paradox

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“What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?”- the classic paradox also referred to as the ultimate showdown has been deliberated and pondered upon by many thinkers, and although widely considered flawed and self-contradictory, the possibility of a real-life situation of this paradox is getting tantalizingly close in the state. The paralogical stand of the UNC of continuing with the indefinite economic blockade which is in reality has turned out to be a boon in disguise for the people of Manipur in more ways than one could count on their fingers has strengthened the already unshakeable resolve taken up by various CSOs and groups of defending the territorial integrity of the state at whatever the cost it may take. And while the psychological and communal chasm continues to widen, those at the helm of affairs, whether in the capital of the nation or the centre of the state have aggravated the vitiated communal atmosphere by turning the increasingly threatening situation into an opportunity to start a blame game for paltry political mileage at the backdrop of the ensuing state assembly election. The outcome of this simmering tension can be anything but pleasant, and unless parties on the opposing ends learn to comprehend and compliment the plurality of our society, the threat of the very undesirable aftermath will always remain a very real and distinct possibility. And despite the earnest efforts of a number of groups and individuals to find a way forward to solving the protracted issue of resorting to disruptive activities such as blockades, bandhs and shutdowns which affects the common people rather than the officials and representatives of the people towards whom these activities are being targeted at, there does not seem to be a practical and pragmatic solution in sight for the time being or in the foreseeable future for that matter. The state government’s reluctant efforts to bring in the rapidly dwindling essential supplies and commodities using state and central security forces cannot be and should not be adopted as a measure of choice. But while they are at it, there should not be any doubt on the minds of the transporters about any disruptive elements sabotaging the efforts or causing any physical harm to them. The state authorities should be able to provide the psychological and personal assurance and assistance required for the task. More than anything, what the state sorely needs is an administration that is stringent yet fair, one that caters to the needs and aspirations of the people in the best possible manner. The state requires a government that can implement and impose its resolutions and decisions throughout every nook and corner of the state. What the people of the state can do without is a bunch of blabbering dimwits who cannot see beyond the return on their ‘investments’ made during election time. The emergent need in the state however, is for the people to turn away from the enticements being doled out by the candidates in exchange for the patronage and vote. We need to start seeing our universal suffrage as the most potent tool to shape our future and the destiny of our future generation. We should stop taking our democratic power for granted or put up our rights for sale to the highest bidder.

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