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The political crisis sidelines peoples problems

by Rinku Khumukcham
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The tussle for power amongst the BJP MLAs of Manipur is increasingly threatening to slow down the already trudging pace of progress in the state. The tussle which the central leaders don’t seem to take interest is now over 30 plus days and the simmering enmity is now putting halt to almost all works which are supposed to be taken up by the government in consultation with the MLAs of various assembly constituencies – as farmers are in urgent need of government support.
Hardening the situation is the blame game between Khurai Assembly Constituency MLA L. Sishindro and CAF and PD Minister Karam Shyam. Who is right or who is wrong is known by every officials of the CAF and PD including the concern Minister himself. It is natural that the Chief Minister N. Biren Singh might have all knowledge of what has been going on between the two representatives of the people. Perhaps the Chief Minister could have called the two and could have easily shorted out as both the MLA and the Minister are under him. However, due to the ongoing blame political crisis ignited by the BJP dissident MLAs, the Chief seems helpless and is remaining silent.    
Well, while the gripe of the MLAs are understandable, their future prospects and political advancements depends on the present move, without giving a second though that the stubbornness of the dissidents may invite president rule in the state.
What is at stake is not just the position and the power, but the accompanying financial benefits and responsibilities which have sadly come to be viewed more as personal sanctions to be used as per their whims and fancies. The plethora of problems staring the State Government in the eye is on the brink of being sidelined, while the assembly session which is scheduled to begin in a couple of days is in danger of being disrupted. It goes without saying that the assembly session, which is held to discuss and deliberate on the development activities being carried out in the state, to draw up future course of action and also to review works and progress of the government will have to bear the brunt of the misunderstanding, and subsequently the state stands to suffer. Notwithstanding the politicking that goes on behind closed doors, from the point of view of a common man, there is a perceptible sense of the Chief Minister starting to lose his grip on the control as manifested in the haphazard activities being drawn up which has been evoking responses contrary to expectations. There has not been a proper and strict allocation of responsibilities, nor have there been the necessary steps of admonishing concerned ministers who have failed to deliver on the tasks assigned to them.
The protracted issues of non performing departments failing to furnish utilization certificates for projects for which huge amounts have been sanctioned have continued to plague the state, and yet there still lacks any visible signs of efforts to rectify the issues. The process of periodically evaluating the performance of the ministers and officials should be made a part of the governance process. Building up a transparent system of governance is the only way to go, and for that to happen, those in power should take the initiative and lead by example. We should shed the divisive mentality and embrace inclusive progress. The people have the right and the prerogative to understand the workings of the government. Keeping a psychological and physical boundary between the ruler and the ruled can work for only so long. The real power of these rulers lies with the people, and to try and sideline the issues that are troubling the public is bound to backfire, sooner or later.   

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Tom July 15, 2019 - 2:15 pm

Why not blame the “dissident” MLAs for the failed monsoon as well? Why blame the poor MLAs for everything that went wrong with the present state government? The economic crisis in the state is not the creation of MLAs, the non functional institutions/departments are not related to MLAs, the feud between Minister Shyam and MLA Susindro is not “dissident” MLAs fault and what else the poor MLAs could do when they are stripped of all responsibilities?

Instead of instilling a fear factor in the name of Presidents’ Rule, one must find out the reasons for policy and administrative paralysis in the state. Just give a thought on present PDS feud and go to the bottom of it, you will be rewarded with appreciation from all around. Good luck!


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