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The Deafening Silence of Prime Minister Modi on the Manipur Crisis exposed at the right platform

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The Deafening Silence of Prime Minister Modi on the Manipur Crisis exposed at the right platform

In a touching late-night parliamentary session, Dr. Angomcha Bimol Akoijam, the newly elected MP from Inner Manipur, delivered a powerful critique of the Union government’s inaction regarding the ongoing crisis in Manipur. Speaking during the motion of thanks in his maiden address, Dr. Akoijam lambasted Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his silence amidst escalating violence and suffering in the state. His impassioned speech highlighted the BJP’s ineffective policies and the absence of meaningful intervention to protect the people of Manipur.
Dr. Akoijam underscored the irony of discussing such a critical issue as midnight approached, emphasizing that in Manipur and the Northeast, the time is two hours ahead of Delhi. He poignantly remarked, “We have been dancing to the tune of Delhi,” echoing longstanding demands for a separate time zone for the Northeast to ensure dignity and well-being for its people. He also reminded the Parliament of Manipur’s contributions to national defense and glory.
The election of Prof. Bimol Akoijam as the MP from Inner Manipur is a testament to the deep-seated frustration and desire for change among the people of Manipur. Born out of the present crisis, his election symbolizes the urgent need for effective leadership and genuine concern for the state’s well-being.
The most striking question posed by Dr. Akoijam was whether the government’s silence signals to the people of the Northeast and Manipur that they don’t matter in the Indian scheme of things. He pointed out the severe crisis in Manipur, one of the most militarized areas in the country, where despite a heavy presence of armed forces, over 60,000 people have been rendered homeless, thousands of houses destroyed, and more than 200 lives lost.
“How were more than 60,000 people rendered homeless and thousands of houses destroyed despite the heavy deployment of armed forces? And yet our Prime Minister remains silent,” Dr. Akoijam questioned. He stressed that if there was any concern for the state, there would not have been silence in the House nor in the Presidential address.
Dr. Akoijam’s speech resonated deeply with the anguish and pain of those affected by the ethnic violence, urging the Union government to acknowledge and address the crisis. He criticized the central leaders’ silence as a continuation of colonial attitudes in a post-colonial era, reflecting a lack of genuine concern for the Northeast region, particularly Manipur. He emphasized, “The kind of priority given to Manipur is reminiscent of a colonial mindset in a post-colonial era.”
He pointed out the tragic irony that, 75 years after Independence, the history and plight of the Northeast are still being excluded from national discourse. “This is a classic exclusion,” he declared, lamenting the neglect and marginalization of the region.
Dr. Akoijam concluded his speech by expressing the suffering and anxiety of the people of Manipur. “If you hear anxiety, anguish, and pain in my voice, please go back and see those 60,000 people languishing in relief camps. Don’t talk about the Partition Remembrance until you’ve been there,” he implored. He vowed to remain vocal until the Prime Minister acknowledges Manipur’s importance to India and expresses genuine concern for its people. Only then, he asserted, will he accept the nationalist rhetoric.
The session adjourned immediately after Dr. Akoijam’s speech, leaving the Parliament to reflect on his powerful words and the stark reality of the crisis in Manipur. The silence of Prime Minister Modi on this critical issue is not just a political oversight; it is a betrayal of the trust and well-being of the people of Manipur. The election of Prof. Bimol Akoijam is a clarion call for the government to break its silence and take decisive action to address the crisis. The nation awaits a response that goes beyond rhetoric, one that demonstrates true leadership and compassion.

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