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Shake the stupor off

by IT Web Admin
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The verdict is out loud and clear- antisocial elements, anarchists and criminals in this state are not deterred and least bothered by all the brouhaha and empty talks of punishing the guilty. The present justice delivery system is so abysmally inadequate and utterly inefficient that people does not even think twice about committing a crime. The continuing economic blockade strangling the people of the state in the name of protesting the alleged communal decisions of the state government reiterates the bitter fact yet once again. There had been enough debates and discussions. How many more prolonged blockades, abductions, vandalisms, rapes and sexual assaults should we bear witness to or be a victim of, before we wake from this stupor and finally act out our bit? No law in the world can prevent any crime if they are not made known to be implemented. Putting the fear of the law and respect for justice in the hearts of the people is the only way to instill a sense of awareness of the repercussions of our own actions. Justice should not only be done, but it should be made known and appeared to have been delivered. Time to consider the humane side of the law is past. A criminal should be sentenced on the evidences and no consideration whatsoever should be permitted, especially for those who played the judge, jury and the executioner. Criminals and lawbreakers don’t respect and regard anything a law abiding citizen holds sacred. The harshest of punishments should be imposed if we hope for any change in the rapidly deteriorating moral and social values in our present society. Exemplary actions taken up in time will curb and made potential criminals to reconsider the act they are about to commit. The consequences of any such unwanted and antisocial activity should be the most rigorous and unbearable penalty possible and allowed by law. Making new laws does not make any sense, as there is no dearth of it in our country and certainly in our state. Seeing that they are effectively applied is the key. The public should be more vigilant but should not resort to vigilantism. Harboring criminals and law breakers, even if they happen to be our near and dear ones, as reported so often, is only degrading the society which we ourselves are a part of- bringing us our own misery. Being true to ourselves and broadening our mentality to be able to see the larger picture will go a long way in bringing that much needed change which we are all crying out for. A mental revolution- one that radically changes the perceptions of a society and the relationships that should exist between its members should be the goal for every one of us. Crime begins in the mind. If we can keep one’s mind from thinking about doing things that hurts the society, then it would be much easy to control and even remove crime, but then it would be wishful thinking. Nothing is as easy or simple in life. The next best option, the one we should resort to is to make one shiver at the consequences one must face when caught for a crime. We are the society. We have the right to enforce the mechanisms that protects us. Let us stand up and deliver our part. Let us not wait for any sign of deliverance- horses don’t fly and hope doesn’t float anymore. But we can, and we should act.

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