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Never mind, just cheer up

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The festive season brings with it the mandatory greetings and wishes from and to our dear and near ones, to let others know that their well-being is thought about. The feeling of hope and positivity increases with the anticipation of an approaching festival and revelry- and that perhaps answers the question as to why Manipur and its people always embrace festival and celebrations with such intensity. Not to be outdone, the heads of the state are greeting the people with much fervor and seemingly heartfelt sincerity. Never mind the unfinished activities and development works which started in and around Imphal with amazing alacrity- but then the fate of many such rushed jobs have been a foregone conclusion, and once again the representatives of the people does not disappoint. Cheer up, because the people can predict their moves and moods- an increasing effort in transparency? And never mind the increasing instances of armed security personnel and their responsible officers, with prodigal offspring of responsible and prominent politicians who are too busy looking after the welfare of the people to mind their issues, being caught with mammoth caches of narcotic substances. Maybe they are just trying to correct the negative balance of trade by exporting these immensely sought after items, one of the very few things they are really adept at, so cheer up, because we have security officers who also showed enterprising talents. And never mind the increasingly common cases of extortions and attacks on innocent persons and working professionals in the state by the self-styled guardians of the freedom and independence of the downtrodden people of the state. Maybe they knew secrets the simple public is not privy to. Or maybe we should not be questioning the moves of those who wield death in their hands and lofty ideals in their speech, all the while garnering supplies and contracts, not to mention the periodic obeisance in cash and kind for their mercy and leniency shown to us lesser mortals. Maybe they are trying to bring about a resurgence of the brave and fearless state where the meek and the humble does not find a place in the society. Cheer up, because we are going back to our roots at last, the fabled times when men and god intermingled and myths are a part of everyday life. Who cares about the development and the race for progress in other parts of the world? And never mind the rising crimes against women, children and the weaker sections of the society. Their woes and difficulties are part of life and life is never perfect. Cheer up, because maybe they will come out stronger and wiser from their ordeal. Let nature take its own course. Never mind the worsening public facilities and deteriorating basic amenities. Man had survived without purified drinking water and electricity centuries ago, and we now can really appreciate their endurance and perseverance. Cheer up, because we are being given a valuable practical lesson in appreciation. And if not for anything, cheer up, because we are being thought of in these times of happiness and celebration.

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