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Imphal, Sept 12

With news about some candidates starting campaigning for State Assembly General Election at some assembly constituencies of Hill districts, political analyst now speculates that dissident MLAs who are presently camping at New Delhi would have change their strategy of removing N. Biren Singh from the post of Chief Minister and are lobbying the central leadership for dissolution of the 17th Manipur Legislative Assembly.

Source said that Chief Minister N. Biren Singh, still have the blessing of Home Minister Amit Shah and some BJP high profile leaders, however, as the dissident BJP MLAs continue their demand the central leaders now starts rolling their head as sidelining the voice of dissident BJP MLAs may sabotage the strategy to strengthen the BJP in the state of Manipur. The source also added that the central leaderships of the BJP are in dilemma in making a decision to choose a BJP MLA who could replace N. Biren Singh. Moreover, N. Biren Singh still has 30 MLAs to his side even though those MLAs includes defector MLAs from other political party. N. Biren will have the number unless the Speaker of the Manipur Legislative Assembly interferes.  The Central leadership being aware of the political situation of Manipur is likely to wait until September 20 and it is likely that the State Assembly may be put under animated suspension by imposing President Rule.

“It is possible that the centre may put the state assembly under animated suspension as this is the right time”, a political observer told Imphal Times saying that two unsettled issues that might burn the state is still pending.

Terming the Prime Minister Narendra Modi as one of the most committed Prime Minister of India, the political observer who did not want to disclose his identity for security reason said that a solution to the vex problem of NSCN-IM and also introduction of the Contentious Bill ‘CAB’ will be best when the state is under President Rule.

“Who knows the dissident MLAs are provoked by some architecture of high profile BJP leaders to fulfill their causes”, the Political observer said.

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Imphal, Sept. 12

In a surprising incident four accused persons who were released on bail on 5th of July 2019 by the CJM Churachandpur were still in jail till date, a source with the Imphal Times said. 

Five insurgents two UNLF and 3 PREPAK were arrested by Assam Rifles from Singhat Border Area on 2nd June 2019, and were later handed over to Singhat police station. The said arrested persons were sent to police custody for 13 days.

After the completion of the custodial remand, the accused were brought before the Chief Judicial Magistrate First Class, Churachandpur in charge Letkho Kipgen and thus further remanded into the judicial custody by the said court.

Out of the five arrested persons, four were handled by the Legal Aid Counsel (LAC).

The standing LAC applied for the bail on July 2, 2019 and the bail was heard on 5 July 2019. 

Further the four accused were granted bail by furnishing a PR bond of Rs 60,000 each with a surety of the same amount and the surety was furnished by the two LAC standing counsel representing two accused each by a counsel. 

The required bonds were accepted by the court on July 5, 2019 thereby released with a directive to appear the court on July 19, 2019.

But still the four accused which were granted bail are behind bars till now though released on bail. 

According to reliable source another two counsel met the said judge and requested him to issue the release order but the judge refused by saying whether the two counsels have filed ‘Vakalatnama’.

And further asked to meet the said LAC who are the standing counsel of the four accused. 

The said judge directed the two counsels to bring the families of the accused, the source added.

The source stressed that on further enquiry by the said two counsel, came to know from one of the staff of the said court that they were not released for not paying the amount demanded by the two LAC and added that there is a need to meet the said standing counsel.

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By - Rabi Takhellambam

Thoubal, Sept.12

Even as the internet is a blessing for the modern world, it is not so for newspaper hawkers. Reason – most people get newspapers before the hawkers brought them to their doors. After all people don’t have to pay the bill in reading newspaper on cell phone or computer which have internet connection. Almost people today can access internet with a simple smartphone which is affordable by even a person who live on hand to mouth and the newspaper are available through various social networking site as well as apparatus designed for news portal.

Newspaper subscribers has tremendously reduced in the last couple of months particularly in rural areas, Tomba a hawker in Tairenpokpi in Thoubal district told this journalist.

“Earlier I use to have nearly 200 subscribers now the number has reduced to almost half”, Tomba said adding that he is worried that by next year he might loss more subscribers.

“I think I better change my job as I have a family to feed”, he added.

Newspaper hawkers are the most important component of print media industry particularly in the state of Manipur. They brave cold winter season, summer heats and the rainy days and distribute the newspaper to subscribers and that too by buying on cash payment from the newspaper houses. One time the hawkers are so important that media houses were left with no choice but to stop publication if they announced holiday for themselves. Print media use to stop publication during Yaoshang festival for five days (the longest Holiday of newspaper) as hawkers refuse to distribute during the festival.

When asked what make them think of losing their job when print media are advancing more with the advent of the internet, Tomba’s simple answer – “It is the App call ‘Telegram’ in the Whatsapp”. Almost all newspaper are available in the Telegram App and that at the time newspaper was dropped to their doors some simply said that they had read it.

“May be hawkers in Imphal area won’t have that much problem that we in the rural area are facing as they can distribute it earlier, however as for us we received the newspaper for distribution in late evening”, Tomba said.  

Tomba is an educated person and he knows the benefit of internet. He don’t have any problem with media houses opening web portal but what affect his work is the uploading of full page e-newspaper in PDF format which can be shared in social networking site.

Tomba said that if newspaper houses can put a restriction to the uploading of newspaper even by taking photo at early hours then somehow the hawkers could be saved.

There are many ways that web portal can generate revenue, but the revenue that they generate from web portal can’t be compared with the income they generate from hard copy print newspaper. Before both the hawkers and media houses lost their way of earning it is time that the media houses owners frame strict regulations not to allow people to share their newspaper through social networking site using any means.  

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The ongoing Naga peace talk brings many new dimensions in the political scenario of North East India in general and Manipur in particular. The long process of Naga peace negotiation shows its ups and downs, commission and omission as reflected in various media. All the reports may not be correct, but one thing is certain that Naga negotiators are fighting their last battle with a commitment and determination. They sometimes say Sovereignty will not be compromised, for which they coin certain political phrases like shared sovereignty. Sometimes they demand a Naga Flag and a separate constitution to become a new Kashmir in North East India. The Government of India does not deny their demands in black and white. One art of negotiation on the part of the Naga is keeping Shillong Accord aside, not even mentioned in the series of talks. The present talk is not continuation of the Shillong Accord which is assumed in the talk as a non-existent document in the eyes of both the Government of India and NSCN (IM). At the initial phase, some Nagaland leaders pointed cautioned that what better negotiation would the non-Nagaland leaders in the Final agreement would made. The goals and efforts of the then NNC is now overshadowed by the political gimmicks of new Naga groups. Naga cause is more diluted as it expanded more and more areas from Naga Hills to Chandel District to eastern parts of Arunachal Pradesh where there were a number of ethnic groups who had not had any interaction in history, but had a commonality only in the contemporary myths. However, the Naga negotiators fight its last battle for a Naga Flag, a symbol of unified Naga, whatsoever it is far away from present day reality.
Manipur had a long history of her flag. The evolution of Manipuri flag passes different phases of history and ideology. The historically evolved Manipur, in N Biren’s word, oneness of Manipur is reflected in different shapes, designs and colors of the flag of Manipur. The historical debate over the Flag is still going on. Which flag was used on the day of Independence? Which one was the real symbol of Manipur’s escape from colonial yoke? Every year, two flags were used by two camps in celebrating the Independence of Manipur, a nation state in post-colonial world. Manipur wants to show the world that though tiny in area, its political life is so complex and its existence did not come only in the colonial period. It was one of the ancient kingdoms in Western South East Asia (Wesea) or Indo-Burma Region. It has a deep cultural root in time and space. Our flags over time shows us that the State is home of ever evolving civilization, not a land mass where primitives tribes live. We are the mature people who ruled the State and are capable of participation in the world political system. We have flags and flags.
In the Naga negotiation, Flag is one of the main issues. Constitution is another. For Manipur, on the day of her merger with India, her hard earned constitution was lost in the interest of Indian Republic. Manipur could not regain two-third of her landmass which was kept outside puppet king during Indirect Rule of British colonialism even in the post-colonial period. Hill-valley divide is still visible in India’s Manipur. Naga is fighting for a separate Constitution in the long drawn negotiation with India.
The best irony of History is that different tribes under the banner of Naga are visualizing a Nation: a great leap in history from Naked Naga of colonial imagination to a newest Nation in the world, defying all the historical laws. On the other hand, a section of the society demands that the Meitei who lead the peoples in this corner of world for centuries should be listed among the STs of India. Though we have a long literary history, they think we are primitive. Though we have a complex history of arts and culture, they consider we are happy to be called a tribe. Though we are politically mature with independent flags, they opine we are fit for classifying us as men having primitive traits. Though our religion has a state office and officials, Sidaba Mapu is considered to be God of a primitive people. Though we shine in India’s medical science, science, space technology, mathematics, fashion designs, computer science, literature, games and sports, dance and music, etc. they claim that we are weaker than average Indians. Though we could evolve our own Manipuri Vaishnavism, they say that we are well behind in the philosophical knowledge. In short, is the demand for ST status consensus in the State as well as among the Meitei?

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Chief Minister N. Biren Singh appealed to the people of Manipur to act like the public of Bihar state where they fine a policeman for not wearing helmet while riding his motor bike is a clear indication of realizing the need for empowering of citizens to make sure that laws are being respected by all irrespective of their position. Yes, the recently passed Motor Vehicle Act, 2018 which has been declared to enforce across the country may have received some criticism, but the idea of Chief Minister N. Biren Singh to make all citizen participate in making the law – a success is perhaps an important turning point of his government. Not only the newly enacted Motor Vehicle Act but also all laws of the country need to be properly implemented and for that empowering the citizens and making them a part to the enforcement of any legislation is the need of the hour. The quantum of awareness level among the public about the various laws of the state is the only key to run good governance. Motive of the Chief Minister needs to be applauded but what is more important is to design a modus operandi of how to make sure that those public who participate in the making of the law implied to all citizens including law enforcers are also protected. This is being stated as people fear not the law but the enforcers who can play the law. So when it is the law enforcers that the public fear how could one think of punishing a law enforcers that violated the law.
This write up is not criticism to what Chief Minister had announced yesterday, but an attempt to draw his attention of working out a plan if he is committed to what he had stated. Since N. Biren Singh became the Chief Minister of Manipur he had announced so many good things for the welfare and for eradication of poverty and to wipe out corruption. He had introduced the CMHT to make sure that all poor received equal treatment with those of rich people at hospitals. He had announced housing loan for those who cannot bear to build a house of their own. One of the most appreciated works that the Chief Minister N. Biren Singh had initiated was the opening of the “Anti Corruption Cell”. Yesterday’s announcement for citizen’s participation to make sure that the Motor Vehicle Act 2019 is properly implemented is also a laudable effort. But then people are skeptical as such announcement turns out to get applause only. This is being speculated as almost most initiative taken up by the Chief Minister turns out to be just an initiative or announcement to make the people happy which was never turn into action effectively.
Well, with the emergence of the dissident BJP MLAs including some who are holding important portfolio in the Biren Singh led government, people now understand – why the good initiative of the government taken up under the Chief Minister N. Biren Singh fails to work many a time. The answer is simple – No Ministers or BJP MLAs who are supposed to support the good work never cooperate him.  Imphal Times did not speculate it , but the rebellion by BJP MLAs and some Ministers to replace him in mid-term is a clear circumstantial evidence.
Even today some BJP MLAs are working whole heartedly to pull down N. Biren Singh from the post of Chief Minister and this also indicated that the good work of Chief Minister may be sabotaged by his team just to defame him.
The citizen of the state knows but in politics only the powerless become the victim and people will never wanted them to become victim.
Point wanted to bring here is the if the Chief Minister is committed to make sure that people are empowered to protect the law then there should be a grievance cell directly supervise be the chief minister himself and that the identity of the complainant against the VIPs, VVIPs and the law enforcers for kept secret.

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Thursday, 12 September 2019 17:27

The fall of ‘Man’

By- Dr.Aniruddha Babar
Department of Political Science,
Tetso College
Dimapur, Nagaland

 Albert Einstein
This world of ours which is a result of Billions of years of evolutionary process is burning with violence. Human beings have gone insane with their meaningless thirst for power and a desire to rule. History of mankind is a history of growth, progress, development, scientific inventions and also the record of war mongers, thirst of blood and mindless wars that witnessed people dying for nothing. Man has been around in ‘present form’ for around at least 20,000 years on Earth. Generations of Man have gone through series of experiments and experiences but they learn nothing out of it. Man has successfully changed material surroundings but the basic nature of mankind remained unchanged. Before the dawn of Human Civilization, Earth was ruled by the great Dinosaurs, due to stroke of fate they disappeared from the face of planet, however, they left us an evaluable ‘inheritance’ and that is this beautiful planet ‘Earth’- full of Mother Nature’s blessings, natural wealth and abundant potential to nourish delicate species like ‘MAN’. What inheritance will be left by us for the ‘new world’ that would arrive when the last man would successfully take his last breath in the last coffin he placed in the last grave he dug out for himself?
What differentiates Mankind from the other species of animals? Man has been bestowed upon ability to ‘reason’ and a blessing of ‘consciousness of higher level’; with such godly gifts Man was given an authority to be a fatherly figure of Earth. Man was given the custody of Earth and every animal on it. The creator must have thought that he created the best species on Earth-an epitome of his experiments. But what now has become of Man who supposed to be the father, king, Caretaker, Guardian of the Earth? Protector now has become Destroyer.
There is no species on Earth that glorifies Wars and Killings; except mankind. There is no species on Earth which indulges in Rape, Murders, Lies, Manipulations, Cheating, Theft; except mankind. Ours is an only species which set itself on an agenda of rampant destruction of planet Earth. We are the ones who derive pleasure in ruling the weak and helpless. We are the ones who spend life in activities which has no constructive contribution to the protection of ecosystem of which we are part of. We are the ones who, in an insane desire to rule the planet contaminated Sky, Land and Water. We are the ones who teach about human evolution in school, and we are the ones who has become great barrier in it. We are the ones who dream ‘progress’ and ‘development’ with ever-readiness to pay the cost of the destruction of our own ‘home’ which we have not constructed but was gifted to us by the almighty.
Human Race has become like a curse for this beautiful ‘insignificant’ Blue Dot located somewhere in the vast expanse of timeless Universe. The activities of human race can be compared with that of a ‘prodigal’ son who is eldest in the family that go on destroying what was created by his parents and elders due to his mindless, reckless behaviour. As an immediate outcome of the globalization; world has become like a village, however, humanity did not become like one family. In the name of international diplomacy, strategic interests, political inevitability, security concerns, terrorism, atomic threats; artificial boundaries were drawn which further ghettoised the Man. In the name of Peace the events of nonsensical actions and mindless show off of Arms are happening. Organizations like UNO remained an ‘imagination’ of mankind. International organizations are failing to bridge the gaps between ‘hearts, minds and souls’. World population is dying of hunger, malnutrition, wars and laboratory invented viruses as well as bacterias. Man is getting busier in discovering new ways to keep the world insecure to secure individual petty interests which are meaningless, useless and absolutely insignificant before the timeless existence of this universe.
Manmade institutions-political, social, cultural, economic so on and so forth proved to be utter failure. Concepts like Caste, Race, Tribe, Clan, State, Nation created unnecessary ‘binaries’ in the world. The moment child is born he is introduced to the ‘group’ he or she is supposed to remain part of till his or her last breath and anything, everything, anyone, everyone outside the group is an ‘outsider’-a first teaching from family. The first lesson that we teach to our child is a LESSON OF DISCRIMINATION which plant an idea of ‘us’ and ‘them’ in his delicate and pure mind. A child who grows up with the notion of ‘us’ and ‘them’ can never be able to love the humanity unconditionally, cannot feel the pain of others, cannot think of others as own hence can never be able to be a part of universal consciousness. Our invention of social, political, cultural tags and labels actually killed the natural relationship that man is supposed to have with the other.
Political barriers should not deprive humanity from becoming one. The notion of Peace should never depend on its ‘political correctness’. People kill and die in the name of nation & religion, missiles and rockets have clouded the sky, sound of the bullet overpowered the music of birds, the fragrance of flowers disappeared in the smell of gun powder. Poverty and helplessness killing the spirit of struggle in people. Spiritual darkness has spread everywhere. Man has been busy in digging the grave for humanity. This is factual reality of this world. In 21st century human civilization has not only lost its civic but human nature as well.
Darkness always carries an inherent possibility of ‘light’. In this world which is full of pain and suffering, there must still be handful of people who are trying to bring this broken jigsaw puzzle of humanity into a correct order. Such people have always made their presence felt throughout the history. People who are devotees of peace and truth are the necessary counterforce to the world of ignorance. Those people have become instrumental in taking humanity ahead on the path of its destination. We need those people. This world need more healers, peacekeepers, thinkers, philosophers, wise engineers, free-minded doctors, wise-compassionate rulers and enlightened mass. How far can we afford to live a life of a lie? How long can we live a life of selfishness? When are we going to understand our individual as well as collective responsibility to the planet and this universe?
Let us first understand what it means to be a human being. People are living and dying for their selfish interests, imaginary ideals, ideas and perspectives, but nobody think of living and dying for others like Jesus Christ who lived and laid down his life for humanity with a heart full of compassion and love. If we want to change this dark face of the world, let us start from home. Let us not teach the notions of ‘us’ and ‘them’ to our children. The lessons on universal love, peace and understanding must be imparted in schools, colleges and universities. Children must be taught about their responsibilities to the humanity and planet at large. We must see that the coming generations are inspired by the colours of flowers than the Barrel of the Gun.
After the grand victory at Kalinga War, Emperor Asoka went into severe depression and shock of his life when he witnessed the mindless killings, rivers of blood and suffering. His experience at War made him realize the futility of violence. Asoka also understood that the real victory lies in winning over our ‘wild, brutal nature’ our ‘inner-self’ our ‘satanic-self’ than winning the empires and states with the might of Sword. After Great War, Asoka embraced Buddhism. Kalinga incident helped Asoka discovered the ‘kingdom of God’ that resides within; which further guided him throughout his life and he never ever use Sword or fight any other battle till his death. However, history teaches us, without Sword, Asoka still managed to expand his empire, but this time it is Love and Compassion that helped him won the people not the Military or Sword.
The time has come to recognize our human nature by diluting all the social, political, cultural, geographic barriers that separate us from each other. Let us embrace this planet in our arms. The words like Friend and Enemy is a result of an encyclopaedia of socio-political binaries that has been dividing mankind since ages. The unjust rulers, war mongers, powerful people one day will realize just like Emperor Asoka, their victories too are as futile and as meaningless as their own ignorant life. Let us remind ourselves that the God is Love. Whoever lives in Love lives in God and God in them. Let us not be judgmental. Let us Love those who are thrown deeper in the pit for whom the bottom looks like up. Let us go beyond the ideas of ‘us’ and ‘them’, ‘friend’ and ‘enemy’. Let us respect, love, care and cry for each other as human beings- let this be the story of mankind.
At the end, WE all are captives of a civilizational system that more or less compels us to go on destroying the ‘EACHOTHER’ in order to live. We are captive-and we have made a captive of the world itself however, many of us those who are willing to free themselves of captivity are unable to do so because they cannot see the bars of the cages, as they are blinded by the conflict of their ego-intelligence-values-desires-beliefs-worldviews and imaginations. That’s what’s at stake.

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Thursday, 12 September 2019 17:26

ATRPFM demands reasons on frequent transfer

IT News
Imphal, Sept. 12

All Tribal Rights’ Protection Forum Manipur (ATRPFM) through this press statement would like to appeal the  Minister (TA&Hills) to summon both the dispute parties of Directorate of Tribal Affairs and Hills, i.e. N. Kaikho Mao and L. Rajendro Singh regarding allotment of HoO and DDO works and solve the issue without any further delay. If the concerned Minister fails to do the needful, the issue may go individualize between the two officers which is not constructive at all. There are rules for allotment of works of HoO and DDO of which we have already submitted to the concerned authorities with related documents and there is interse-seniority list. Allotment of works shall be in accordance with those rules and notifications.
It may be mentioned that Mr. L. Rajendro Singh is 9 years junior to Mr. N. Kaikho Mao and the former has long way to go in his career. But Mr. N. Kaikho Mao has only few years to continue in service. Time will come for junior officers to hold the works of HoO and DDO. Thus, senior officer(s) should be given work allotment as deserved. Mr. L. Rajendro Singh will definitely become HoO and DDO within few years but it’s not right to bypass a senior in advance when senior is still there.
It is therefore, Hon’ble Minister shall summon both the officers and settle the matter amicably and in accordance with rules. ATRPFM will wait till 14th September, 2019, thereafter, if the concerned Minister could not settle the matter amicably, we would act against the Minister concerned and the State Government along with like-minded organisations. This shall not construe as communal but sanctity of seniority has to be maintained, otherwise society would be full of chaos.
All tribal civil organisations are also requested to look into the matter and take steps to correct the wrong. TA & Hills is the one and only Department for tribal welfare and we could not remain mute spectator when rules are violated and infringed upon by some self-interest people and the State Government dominated by a dominant community.

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IT News
Imphal Sept. 12

Based on specific information regarding presence of NSCN (IM) cadre, troops of Indian Army along with police representative launched an operation in general area Namsa on 09 Sep 2019 and recovered large quantities of arms and ammunition.
On specific search of the house of SS Lt Akho of NSCN(IM) in the area, troops recovered two AK 47s, one HK and one Semi Automatic rifle, six magazines, four grenades of Under Barrel Grenade Launcher, one Improvised Explosive Device with Remote Control, assorted ammunition (191 rounds of 5.56 mm and 478 rounds of 7.62 mm), two radio sets with one spare bty, Rs 2,18,000/- in cash, extortion slips and other warlike stores.
Inspite of the peace talks with Government of India, NSCN(IM) has continued to resort to forced extortion and illegal activities which are in gross violation of Ceasefire Ground Rules, thereby violating the peace and tranquility in the region.
The recovered items have been handed over to Tizit Police Station at Namsa for further investigation.

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IT News
Rohtak, Sept. 12

Manipur’s Ambeshori Devi (57kg) and Haryana’s Tamanna (48kg) entered the semi-finals to confirm medals as the North-East and Haryana dominated the proceedings at the 3rd Junior Women’s National Boxing Championships here on Wednesday.
Both Tamanna and Ambeshori Devi had won medals at the Black Forest Cup in June and they continued their fine form in the domestic circuit as well. Ambeshori was thoroughly dominant in her quarter-final bout againt Mizoram’s Naom Chingsannuami en route to her 5-0 win and Tamanna too prevailed over Delhi’s Anjali by an identical scoreline.
Also progressing into the last-four stage from Haryana were Tannu (52kg), Kirti (57kg) and Khushi (63kg). While Kirti and Khushi blanked Andhra Pradesh’s Peddada Kavya and Punjab’s Vishakha respectively 5-0, Tannu advanced by dint of getting an RSC verdict in Round 1 over Goa’s Neha Kadam.
The North-East also shone on Day 4 of this prestigious junior tournament. Joining Ambeshori in the semis were her Manipuri state mates, Tingmala Doungel (48kg) and Shagolsem Bijeta Chanu (52kg).
Mizoram also found a place in the winners’ column through Ruthi Lalhmingthai (52kg) and Rudy Lalgmingmuani (63kg). Both had to work hard to earn their respective victories. While Lalhmingthai staved off a stiff challenge from Tamil Nadu’s Deepa S for a 3-2 win, Lalgmingmuani also had to dig deep to secure a gritty 3-2 win over Manipur’s Tingmelhing Chongloi.
Chandigarh also entered the medal bracket through Harnoor Kaur, an RSC in Round 1 winner over Andhra Pradesh’s Kolukula Krishna Veni.
The six-day tournament, which will pick out the best of India’s rising female pugilists, has a total of 233 boxers participating from 27 states across 13 weight categories. The semi-finals are scheduled on Thursday followed by the grand finale on Friday.

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