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Sunday, 11 August 2019 - Imphal Times

Ratan Tata Inaugurates Mumbai Knee Foot Ankle Clinic

Mumbai Aug 11,

Indian industrialist and Chairman Emeritus, Tata Group,  Ratan Tata inaugurated Mumbai Knee Foot Ankle Clinic (MKFAC) recently. The MKFAC is a pioneer in transforming the orthopaedic treatment and care by getting a full spectrum of services under one roof. 

Also present on the occasion were Mofatraj Munot, Chairman, Kalpataru Group, Ashish Shelar, MLA and cabinet minister Govt. of Maharashtra, Subhash Runwal, Chairman Runwal Group and Shailesh Lodha, prominent media personality as guest of honor.

Ratan Tata on his visit to the clinic noted it to be  a functional and well thought through facility. He said “This is the type of facility which is needed in India to provide clinical diagnosis and treatment in a friendly and non-scary environment”.

The clinic aims to provide holistic care through the entire treatment lifecycle. The multi-pronged approach begins with a consultation with specialist orthopaedic and podiatrist to reach a diagnosis. The clinic has in-house assessment mechanisms like foot scans, x-ray, and blood pathology.

The fleet of experts under the guidance of the specialist prepare an exhaustive pre and post-operative program. The clinic houses all evolving technology aids like state-of-art shockwave therapy machine, splints, insoles, special footwear, and a trained physiotherapist. The entire range of services is planned in collaboration with orthopaedic, orthotist, and prosthetist.

“Having worked in the leading hospitals of the city, I realised that patients have to run from pillar to post to get the complete treatment. We wish to provide a solution to this problem by using an interdisciplinary patient-centric approach, all under one roof”, said Dr. Pradeep Moonot.

The clinic specializes in treatment for all lower limbs problems including foot and ankle disorders, sports medicine injuries, ankle and knee arthroscopy and meniscal repair, diabetes foot, ligament reconstruction, corrective osteotomy, arthritis, and complex knee and foot-related traumas.

The clinic combines dual specialities in orthopaedics and neuro rehabilitation and management. Dr. Shilpa Moonot helms the neuro-rehab facility of the clinic. She is a specialist in the field with more than 12 years of experience across UK and India. Dr. Moonot has an extensive experience of over 18 years in clinical treatment and research in the field of orthopaedics in UK and India.

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CorCom and ULFA-I boycott Independence Day; call General Strike

IT News
Imphal, Aug 11,

Co-ordination Committee (CorCom) and United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA-I) in a joint statement boycott of the Indian Independence Day to be celebrated on August 15 and called General strike on the day in the region. The general strike will start from 1:30 AM of August 15 to 6:30 PM of the same day.
“We, the Fraternal Revolutionary organisations/ Parties CorCom and ULFA-I extend revolutionary salute to all who had been resisting the colonial occupation by India of all the indigenous peoples of the WESEA Region. Each year we had been resisting the efforts made by the Colonial Government of India to tell the world that WESEA Region belongs to India. The celebration of the Indian Independence Day forcibly occupying the lands of the WESEA Region through the use of Indian occupation forces and the police that the indigenous peoples had been boycotting the Indian Independence Celebrations. This year also, we appeal to all the peoples of our region to BOYCOTT India’s Independence Day and observe General Strike on 15 August” , the joint statement of CorCom and ULFA-I said.
CorCom is a conglomerate of major rebel groups, waging war against the Government of India. The joint body comprises of UNLF, PLA, PREPAK and PREPAK Pro.
The joint statement said that for the peoples undertaking the struggle for Self-Determination the celebration of the Indian Independence Day on August 15 had no meaning.
“Just as India became Independent after more than 100 years of British Colonial Rule on the 15th August, the WESEA Region on the night of August 14 and early 15th August secured their freedom. Just as soon as the British left the region, the Colonialist hungry Indian Imperialists rapidly utilized force and treachery to integrate many regions who became free on August 15.Some of these regions were taken over through sheer military manoeuvres”, it said.
The statement further added that after forcibly integrating these regions, all the democratic institutions were abolished and the indigenous people were made to become dependent on India. All the indigenous customary laws for self-governance were torn into shreds and the Indian central will was enforced on these sons of the soil.
The statement also said, “By controlling the indigenous economies of the indigenous peoples the WESEA region has become a captive market. All the indigenous products of the region and their resources has been exploited and made dependent of Indian capital, and these colonised regions had been incapacitated to devise means for self-reliance. All these cunning measures to make the WESEA people completely  dependent on India under these new economic paradigms, the peoples had been made to feel that if Indian support is not there, the people cannot thrive on their own.All the precious economic resources had been looted by the Capitalist forces for their profit. In order toperpetuate this organised loot, more military personnel had been sent to suppress the people of these regions. At the same time they are also developing a Comprador class of indigenous bourgeoisie to enhance these activities”.
After taking over the virgin lands of WESEA, the Indian state had been sending in hordes and hordes of non-indigenous over populous communities to swarm over the fragile indigenous population. Efforts to destroy the racial purity of the indigenous populations through wilful miscegenation practices are also encouraged. The indigenous populations of Tripura had long been outstripped by migrants for long. Tripura’s indigenous populations had been reduced to 30% of the current populations even though they were a majority before, it added.
The statement said that such conditions are now all over Arunachal Pradesh,Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram and Nagaland undergoing the threat of non-indigenous excess populations swarming all over WESEA. After a long prevalence of a culture of dependence on India the WESEA is becoming forcibly a part of the Hindutva Empire. Resistance through mental and physical energy of the indigenous are suppressed brutally. The recent control politically by BJP of the entire Indian geography has enhanced the Hindunisation process rapidly. The Modi Government is bent on re-introducing the CAB-2016,thereby legitimizing the Hindu religious majoritization of WESEA.
 “To attempt to transform the indigenous cultures of WESEA through the imposition of Hindu ways of life,and the popularization of Hindi language and the population invasion of Hindi speaking Indians are still in process today. These are sinister over all policies to suppress the distinctive indigenous cultural identities of the sons of the soil. India is waging a major war of racial discrimination over the indigenous populations of WESEA. The RSS-BJP’s ideology of “one nation, one religion and one language” should be fought tooth and nail by the rising indigenous peoples. In order to undertake the nationalisation process all over the country’s comprehensive Hindunisation process through changes in education system is an atrocious authoritarian move to transform the mental autonomy of the young.
“The educational curriculum to rapidly usher into oblivion the history, geography, the culture, traditions of the indigenous peoples and to familiarise the Indianisation process is to destroy our identities. It has been more than seventy years that the process is on.
“The Right to life of the indigenous peoples had been denied for long. The draconian AFSPA is still there. All the new laws hurriedly passed in the Parliament are meant to strengthen the fascistic power hungry state of Modi India. The rebel groups now challenged to fight for freedom with all our strength and determination to let the global community know the rise of fascism in the garb of parliamentary majoritarianism.
“The Act East Policy is only a mask for India’s attempt to get a foothold in South East Asia. Forcible exploitation of native resources without their consent, transformation of the WESEA into a silent militarised fortress, the occupation of hills, plains and mountains with military camps, air force stations, missile launching sites and expansion of naval forces in Asia-Pacific Region, and complete transformation of the geography of WESEA Region with thousands and thousands of Indian occupation forces had changed the complexion of the Indian colonies in WESEA.
“The entire natural earth of WESEA had been re-constructed to suit the militaristic mind-set of the Indian rulers to severely subjugate the peoples of Western South East Asia (WESEA), which now is destroying native resources, destroying the ecological equilibrium of Mother Nature, and continuing the neo-colonial suppression of our indigenous peoples.
“Recent outrageous events about scrapping of Article 370 of the Indian constitution and bifurcation of Jamu and Kashmir without the consent of the people of the state show India’s arrogance and blatant disregard of democratic principles. Underhand dealings of shutting down the state machinery and house arrest of prominent leaders clearly portend the kind of dirty policies that would be applied to the people of the Northeast as well. Freedom from India’s colonial yoke is the only way to save ourselves from being swallowed by Hindustan.
“In order to fight for our cherished freedom of our lands and peoples for our distinctive identities and dignities, we the fraternal organisations – CorCom, ULFA-I along with the intense support of freedom lovers of the Indigenous communities,boycott the 73rd Independence Day Celebrations of India in the entire region with a General Strike starting from 1:30 AM of 15th August to 6:30 PM.However,essential services: flood relief works, medical, electricity, water supply, fire services, press, and religious ceremonies and practices shall remain outside the purview of the General Strike”, the joint statement said

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