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Items filtered by date: Wednesday, 09 August 2017 - Imphal Times

Kukis held rally in support of Indo-Kuki Pol. Talks, urges Govts. to expedite Talks

Kangpokpi, Aug.9:The Kukis from across Manipur congregate this morning at Kangpokpi DHQs and held rally in support of the Indo- Kuki Political Talks prior to the scheduled third round of Tripartite Talks today at the National Capital involving the UPF-KNO, representing the Kukis and Government of India and Government of Manipur. The support rally was jointly organized by various Kuki civil society organizations spearheaded by Kuki Women Union to exhibit their sincere endorsement and support towards the UPF and KNO who represented the 23 cognate tribes of the Kukis in the Indo-Kuki Political Talks. The rallyist mostly men and women in good numbers gathered at Brig. Thomas Ground, Kangpokpi DHQs at around 7:30 am in the morning and after a minutes speeches and deliberation marched towards Kangpokpi Bazar via the Trans Asian Highway No.1. They hold several giant banner and pamphlets written words of support and demand like, “We Support Indo-Kuki Political talks”, “We endorse UPF & KNO”, “Expedite Indo- Kuki Political Talks”, Statehood, the long cherished dream of the Kukis”, “Kuki National Assembly’s memorandum to the PM, 1964- Statehood for the Kukis, Haipi Declaration of the Kukis, 2015- Statehood for the Kukis, UPF&KNO today-Statehood for the Kukis”, “Why not Statehood for the Kukis”, etc. Traffic flow along the Trans Asian Highway No.1 was disrupted for few minutes during the support rally and a simple ceremony held at the traffic point of the District HQs main market. Addressing the congregated, Seikhomang Khongsai, President, Kuki Inpi Kangpokpi District enthused the general public saying that the third round of Tripartite Indo-Kuki Political Talks to discussed the long cherished demand of the Kukis will be held shortly today in few hours at the National Capital, for which we gathered here to pray for the success of the talks. Kuki Women Union leader, Hahat Touthang wpeaking on the occasion said that that the long cherished dream of the Kukis, that is, Statehood will be realized soon. “We hope and pray that the third round of the Indo-Kuki Political Talks between the UPF-KNO and the Governments involving the Centre and State Government today at the national Capital, New Delhi will expedite the formation of a separate state for the Kukis, which is our political aspiration”, she asserted. Lamminlun Singsit, General Secretary, Kuki Inpi Kangpokpi District conveyed the Kuki people sincere gratitude to the Narendra Modiji Government for appointing an Interlocutor for the Indo-Kuki Political Talks. Earlier, the second round of talks held on October 19, 2016, the KNO and UPF had submitted a case statement for a separate state which was dedicated to the forbears of the Kukis, who according to the two conglomerate of the Kuki UGs, KNO and UPF, braved the British imperialists in the Kuki Rising, 1917-1919 for love of people and country; victims of ‘Kuki genocide’ from 1992-1997 and leaders, officials and cadres of KNO & UPF, who gave their lives to preserve the people and territorial integrity of the Kukis. Similar support rally was also reportedly held at various places across Kuki dominated areas of Manipur .

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Minister Radheshyam inspects Chandel College and District Hospital

Imphal, August 9: Education Minister Th. Radheshyam said the Education department works as a team of teachers and students and works for the betterment of the society. “We have certain shortages in the department, but we should work together to utilised the available resources in the best ways”. The Minister made this statement during a visit to Chandel District to inspect the prevailing conditions of the governmental institutions of education, health and infrastructure on Tuesday. During the visit Th. Radheshyam met teachers and student of the Union College, Lambung, Chandel. He said good leaders or the best managers are those who make the most of the available limited resources. It is important and the need of hour that as whole we proceed towards qualitative approach rather than looking for quantity. Regarding shortcomings of teachers in the college, the Education Minister said he will try to send the required teachers at the earliest. He added there is a recruitment procedure underway to fill up the vacant post of teachers in colleges. He said that, there is a need to conduct a rational survey to find out the subjects/stream having high demand of job employment and which subject would benefit the student most and even in pursuing higher education. Such subject or streams need to be strengthened, he added. The market is all about demand and supply. Everyone has limited time to be able to achieve their goals in life. So, the teachers should mentor and guide the students along the right path. For this the teachers should teach the students how to make the right choice, he said. He assured all possible help to the school college authority in improving the condition of the college. He said however, demands should be made on a need base and with a holistic approach. He also made a visit to Maha Union Higher Secondary School, Chandel. Later, during a visit to the District Hospital Chandel, the Minister assured all help to upgrade the 50- beded hospital to a 100-beded hospital. The Minister was also accompanied by PDA chairman Shri T Robindro Singh, district administration officials including DC Krishna Kumar among others. Meanwhile, in the morning on his way to Chandel, the Minister attended a Eureka Day cum Felicitation Function at Eureka Academy, Thounaoujam. During the function, High School Leaving Certificate Examination position holders of the school were feted.

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Darkening shadows of doubt

The dust that was kicked up during the general election held at the beginning of the current year has finally settled and the euphoria generated by the change of guard has given way to more sobering experiences. The picture emerging now is one which is slowly yet surely starting to resemble the very system which the people of the state have shown their disdain for in no uncertain terms, even though the final result of the polls failed to reflect the depth of loathing for then ruling party who have come to symbolize the worst of cronyism, corruption and nepotism practiced with an audacity which can only be developed after three consecutive terms in power. While due credit must be given to the present Birenled BJP government in the state for going out of its way to bridge the massive communication gap deliberately initiated by the previous government for reasons best known to themselves, numerous loopholes and inexplicable anomalies that belies the promises and assurances as well as the evidently proactive efforts of the state government to undo or realign the priorities of the government have started to surface. Case in point : reports of an absentee IFoS officer being given permission by the state government for joining and posting. The attitude of the officer who reportedly visits the state only to pass and draw salary once every month for the last six-odd years points to a deeper rot that is infecting the system and the brazen display of irresponsibility which is being overlooked for reasons not known to the public. That the issue has been discussed during the state assembly session in 2016 clearly indicates the degree of seriousness, and yet despite the assurance of the then CM Ibobi of investigating into the matter, the same person who has been shirking his duty for more than six and half years have reportedly been allowed the joining and posting a few days back by the new Biren-led state government. Has the seemingly upright and decisive state government been arm-twisted and made to tread the line drawn by powerful forces at the centre? Has the state government succumbed to the insistence of its parent party from the national capital thereby relinquishing the right to govern the state according to its ideologies and experiences as well as the expressed aspirations of the public who have come to see the new government as a symbol of positive change and a force to turn their dreams into reality? Is the state bureaucracy still running the show despite claims of the state government to the contrary? Does the state government not feel the responsibility to clear the air for the public and pursue the matter to its logical conclusion so that the increasing malaise of the general public is put to rest. The very issue has come to represent the challenges that the government have blatantly overlooked and failed to address in spite of its glaring anomalies. The public still awaits the response from the government. Hope the Biren-led government can come up with a more convincing and acceptable one.

International Day of the World’s Indigenous People observed

Imphal, August 9: As part of the International Day of the World’s Indigenous People observance, Joint Committee on Inner Line Permit System (JCILPS) today organised International Day of the World’s Indigenous People at Keishampat Lairembi Community Hall. Taking part in the observance, Leaders of JCILPS, members of various civil society organisations and representatives of human rights organisations spoke on the occasion. Speakers on the occasion maintain that the non indigenous people coming from the other states have cause discomfort to the indigenous people of the state. It is time to carry out a movement rather than claiming that we are the indigenous people and have been the residence of the state and place since time immemorial, the speakers maintain. Many students and public also took part in the occasion. The International Day of the World’s Indigenous People is observed every year on August 9 in order to promote and protect the right of the worlds indigenous population. The event also recognises the achievement and contribution made by the indigenous people to improve world issues. In December 1994, General Assembly of United Nation first pronounced the International Day of the World’s Indigenous People.

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One day awareness program on combating crime against women

Imphal, August 9: Manipur State Commission for Women and Modern College Women Cell Porompat jointly organise one day awareness program on combating crime against women in the state at the Auditorium of Modern College, Porompat, Imphal East, today. The awareness program is held under the theme, Combating Violence, Violence against Women for college students. Speaking at the occasion, Dr K Sobita, Chairperson of Manipur State Commission for Women said that the cooperation of men is needed to stop crime and violence against women in the society. Any kind of crime committed against women cannot be tackle without the support and cooperation of men, she added. Sobita also said that the aim and theme of the commission, “protect society while we are protecting our women pride” can be incited and arise by such awareness letting them bring out their hidden spirit to protect women. Legal experts, college students also took part in the awareness program. The awareness program is held as a step towards stopping and tackling any kind of crimes against women.

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Diabetic Clinic at RIMS

Imphal, Aug 9: As a part of the hospital development and patient care services, Regional Institute of Medical Sciences Hospital, Imphal opened an additional Endocrine Clinic (Diabetic Clinic) Unit and the clinic will remain open every Saturday except holidays at the 1st floor of General OPD, RIMS Hospital from 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm under the Consultant Prof. Ng. Taruni Devi, Department of Medicine, RIMS, Imphal. Dr. S. Ranbir Singh, Department of Medicine, RIMS will be the Consultant of the Endocrine Clinic (Diabetic Clinic) Unit which open every Thursday from 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm.

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Drug worth Rs 3 lakhs seized

Imphal, August 9: Team of CDO/ Imphal East Unit under the supervision of Additional SP (Ops) Imphal East, W Kumarjit Singh, MPS and under the command of Inspector B Lunthang Vaiphei recover 25 gms of Heroin No. 4 worth about Rs 3 Lakhs today. Acting on a tip off, about the presence of drug smugglers at Nambol Kabowakching area, the CDO and police teams raided one house in presence of District Magistrate at Nambol Nambol Kabowakching. During the raid one drug dealer named, Takhellambam Shashikanta Singh @ Sashi @ Atomba (36 yrs), son of T Thambalngou was arrested at about 11:35 pm and seized one mobile phone. On further disclosure by Shashikanta, the team raided another house at Leimaram Waroiching and where one Ningthoujam Angangtomba Singh @ Tomba (52 yrs), son of (Late) N Nilachandra Singh was arrested at about 12:20 pm. One polythene bag containing 25 gms of white powder which was later confirm as Heroin No. 4 worth about Rs 3 Lakhs in the international market was seized from Angangtomba. Both the arrested drug dealers have been handed over to Nambol Police Station for further legal action.

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Blood Donation Camp

Imphal, Aug 9: Social Warriors Manipur is organising a Blood donation camp in collaboration with IHBT RIMS at Community Health Center Yairipok in connection with the Patriots’ day observation on August 13. This is the third time that the body has been organisation mega blood donation camp on Patriots’ day. Social Warrior Manipur is form by groups of like minded people and have been donating bloods to needy people. Besides, the body has been extending other humanitarian service like donating relief materials to the victims of flood and other natural calamities in the state.

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Combing operation conducted ahead of Independence Day celebration

Imphal, Aug 9: In the run up to the forthcoming Independence Day, Manipur police teams conducted cordon and search operation at various part of the state early today. Thoubal CDO including Women Police Constables under the supervision of SP Thoubal conducted cordon and search operation at Thoubal Kshetri Leikai from 4:00 am to 6:00 am where 176 men and 87 women were verified. Five men without valid ID proofs were pulled up and who were not from the locality have been handed over to Thoubal Police Station for further verification. Meanwhile, Imphal West police teams pulls up 23 persons including UG bailouts in a cordon and search operation conducted at Naoremthong early today. The operation which was supervised and led by Addl SP (Ops)/IW, N Madhunimai, Dy. SP (Ops)/IW, Thangkhochon Haokip, SDPO Lamphel, O Wangkhomba, OC CDO/IW, P Achouba, OC Lamphel PS, OC Lamsang PS, OC Patsoi PS, and other CDO teams started from 5 am and ended at 6:45 am. About 100 houses were searched and 150 people were verified where 23 people consisting of UG bail-outs and others without valid ID proofs were pulled up and handed over to Lamphel Police for further verification. On the other hand, cordon and search operation was also conducted at Kwasiphai from 4.30 am by a team of CDO/ Bishnupur led by Deputy SP Ops/CDO including teams of Bishnupur PS and Women Police. About 500 persons were verified including women folks. No person was detained or picked up in the operation.

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Cleanliness drive at RIMS

Imphal, Aug 9: Regional Institute of Medical Sciences, Imphal and NSS Unit of Nehru Yuva Kendra, Imphal West organized a massive cleanliness drive at the campus of the Regional Institute of Medical Sciences Hospital, Imphal as part of fortnight observance of Swachhta Pakhwada. Director of RIMS, Imphal Prof. H. Nabachandra Singh, Medical Superintendent Prof. Ch, Arun Kumar Singh, staff of RIMS, Imphal and volunteers of NSS Unit took part in the cleanliness drive.

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