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Items filtered by date: Friday, 25 August 2017 - Imphal Times

Bar Council of India to weed-out fake lawyers

Imphal, August 25;   The Bar Council of India (BCI), under the Bar Council of India Certificate and Place of Practice (Verification) Rules (2015), is all set to weed out fake lawyers and imposters form practicing law.
In a press conference held at Manipur High Court Complex, today, A Jagjit Singh, Chairman Executive Committee Bar Council of Manipur (BCM) said that the BCM under the guidance and instructions of the BCI has already started the verification processes of the lawyers enrolled under the Role of State Bar Council to root out the imposters form practicing law. He further said that 75 percent of the verification process has been completed so far.
It may be mentioned that there have been a number of writ petitions filed requesting immediate elections of the State Bar Council as the term has expired long back. The Bar Council of India however is pressing for the need of verification of the candidates to eliminate fake lawyers in order to bring improvement in the Bar and to get deserving practicing advocate for the respective Bar Council.  

“The duplicate or fake lawyers participating in the profession has tarnished the image and dignity of the noble profession”, said Jagjit. He further addressed the need of wide publicity through local dailies in the interest of all the lawyers of the state for successful implementation of BCI Certificate and Place of Practice (Verification) Rules, 2015.
In connection to the verification rules 2015, the Supreme Court in its order dated 23-08-17 have directed the verification process be expedited and another 15 days time be given to the concerned advocates for doing correction of their respective forms. After the verification the state bar councils are required to publish the final Electoral roll by including the names and particulars of the advocates whose degrees attached with the application forms have been verified by the concerned University authority. Persons whose degrees on verification if found false of fake by the University authority shall not be included in the Electoral Rolls. State Bar Councils are advised to conclude all procedures of verifications by 31st of  December 2017.

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Corruption Still a menace to our society

The scourge of corruption has been one almost everybody in the state has had the unfortunate opportunity to experience it. This all pervading social malaise has been acknowledged, reported and discussed, but till now precious little has been done to ease its frightening grip on the society. And for the intrepid few who dare tread the dangerous path to unveiling the mask of the corruptors, the conclusion has almost always been the same- engineered confusion and institutional indecision leading such laudable efforts to be an exercise in futility. That the practice of corruption has been deeply institutionalized in the system would be stating the obvious and a fact made redundant by its ubiquitous nature.
The setting up of anti-corruption cell by the new N. Biren Singh regime has served some purpose but not all.  The scourge is increasingly becoming a crippling experience for the state, especially at the backdrop of the increasingly volatile social atmosphere.

As serious and insidious as the problem is proving to be, there has never been any worthwhile or concerted effort to remedy it. While the number of individuals openly condemning the many reports and instances of corruption has been on the rise, thanks in no small measure to social medias and other interactive platforms, institutional reforms or efforts has been sorely lacking. There is a plausible explanation for the same- that corruption is being bred and nurtured within the very system that generates power and authority. Corruption results from a structure that can be manipulated. The two might be regarded as the two sides of the same coin, given the fact that where power resides, there is bound to be corruption, for at the heart of the matter lie the irrefutable truth that corruption is a result of inequalities, of imbalances in power and authority and the insatiable urge of men to collect wealth and riches not warranted by the power and authority vested in them by the society. In other words, corruption means the practice of obtaining power, influence, or other personal gains through illegitimate means, often at others’ expense. While the situation looks gloomy, there also remains the fact that corruption is a practice as old as civilization itself, and that despite the years, there are still institutions and systems which have managed to fend off or reduce the menace to a great extent. Taking a leaf out of such government institutions and systems, we need to build on the principles and procedures which will elevate the problem to a manageable level, because truth be told, eradicating corruption completely would be an impossible ideal and wishful thinking. A more pragmatic approach would be to build a sub-system of checks and balances into the system to counter the present practices and the procedures that enables such practices to continue and flourish.

Beside the Anti –corruption Cell, another approach would be to raise awareness of the various devices made available for individuals to check the menace at the personal or individual level- the PIL (Public Interest Litigation) and RTI (Right to Information), along with a proactive and earnest print and electronic media, could prove very effective in stemming the tide and keeping things in check for now.

Minor girl rescued from rapist; locals vandalise the residence of the rape accused

Imphal, Aug 25: In yet another shocking incident a 39 years old man tried to rape a 14 years old minor girl inside her own house but rescued in time, after the minor girl shouted for help. The incident happened somewhere in Thoubal district at around noon today.
The rapist Naorem Mani, son of N. Nimai of Keirembikhok Mayai Leikai of Thoubal district under Thoubal Police station escaped from the spot and his whereabouts is not known. Irate locals of the area after hearing the news thronged to the residence of the rapist and he was not available in his the angry locals pour their anger by vandalising the house belongs to him.
Later a public meeting was held at Kairembikhok Mayai Leikai Community Hall and resolved to ostracise Naorem Mani  from the locality. The locals also warn dire consequences to anybody who provide shelter to the rapist. Thoubal police also registered a case regarding the matter and the police are hunting the absconding rapist.

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Tribal students disappointed with MU entrance result

Imphal, Aug 24: Tribal Students are not happy with the recent result declared for intake of PG students in the various department of the Manipur University.
In a press meet held today at Manipur Press Club representatives of Manipur University tribal Students’ Union (MUTSU) and All Tribal Students’ Union Manipur (ATSUM) said that proper guidelines directed by the Court for reservation of Tribal Students at the Universities has not been followed. President of MUTSU Guigaipou while speaking to media persons said that instead of 31% reservation as directed by the court as well as by the UGC the University had provided much less seats to the tribal students. “In Chemistry department of the total 45 seat only 9 are selected from among the tribal students when it should be 13”, he said. And added that the same is being done at all the department . The entrance test was held on August 21 and the result was declared on Aug 23.

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Jayentakumar promises Rs. 1.5 lakhs for Lai Haraoba in Tripura

Imphal, Aug 25: “State government will provide Rs 1.5 lakh every year for lai haraoba celebration of Ibudhou Puthiba in Tripura” said Arts and Culture Minister, L Jayentakumar.
Speaking to the media persons at his office chamber at Old Secretariat, Jayentakumar said that state government will sanction Rs 1.5 lakh for lai haraoba celebration of Ibudhou Puthiba in Tripura.
Jayentakumar also said after his visit to Tripura after becoming Manipur Arts and Culture Minister to attend the Tripura Socio Cultural Meet, Manipur and Tripura had close relation since both were princely state. Jayentakumar further said that to build and have our own guest house in the near future at Ibudhou Puthiba Shrine in Tripura, will consult Chief Minister of Manipur and a statute of Major Chongtham Miya who played a major role in Khongjom War will be install at the place where he breath his last breath , he added.
Jayentakumar expressed happiness on finding the photographs of the princesses of Manipur and various items used by them at Tripura Museum.

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AG frames time for completion of dues for pensionery benefits and provident fund

Imphal, Aug 25: Accountant General (A&E) Manipur, Imphal has framed time limit for clearance of dues for pensionery benefits and provident fund within 2 months from the date of receipt of the cases completed.
In a press statement issued by Pankaj Verma, IAAS, Dy, Accountant General (A&E), it is stated that unless there are deficiencies in the documents furnished, almost all cases are being authorise within the set time frame. The statement appealed not to contact any staffs for settlement of any cases at any point of time. It also said that the AG office will not entertain any kind of correspondence either in oral or written, formal or informal to expedite issue of related orders. Pensioners or employees are also requested to contact the Dy. AG at 0385-2442340 or mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if in case staff of the office demands any bribe of cash or kinds to settle case. A PRO cell is also open on Monday and Thursday every week except falling on a holiday for submission of any grievance or complaints, the statement added.
It further said that documents to be submitted along with Pension Case and GPF final case are listed in the official website agmpr.cag.gov.in. All government departments heads are also directed to forward proposal complete in all respect at least six months in advance prior to the date of retirement  of the employee as per MCS pension rule 61(4) to serve the pensionery benefits in time.

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Consumers’ Club, Manipur celebrated its 26th Foundation Day

Imphal, Aug 25: Consumers’ Club, Manipur celebrated its 26th foundation day today at Lamyanba Shanglen at Palace Compound, Imphal East.
Speaking as the chief guest on the occasion, Yumnam Khemchand, Speaker of Manipur Legislative Assembly appeals to the Consumers’ Club, Manipur to work in the interest of the consumers.
Consumers’ club which was once very active has become weak and it needs to be strengthened, he added. Khemchand also said that it is very unfortunate to see the qualification images of the candidates who have won the election as rich and well fortune. Without taking care the public who has cast their votes to elect him/her in the election and after wining turning back on their own for their self responsibility is very unfortunate, he added.
T Phulchand Sharma President of Consumers’ Club, Manipur took part in the 26th foundation day celebration.
One day workshop on consumer awareness was also held as part of the foundation day.

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The Story Of 40 Pineapple Suckers; 70th Year of Pineapple Cultivation (1947 - 2017)

By Gin Gangte
Circa 1947. It was the month of February / March just a little away before India won her freedom when Pu Songpu Gangte planted 40 pineapple suckers at Khousabung in Churachandpur District of Manipur. The 40 pineapple suckers that have been planted 70 years ago have forever changed the history and desitny of Khousabung DCC area, revolutionizing pineapple cultivation as a livelihood alternative in Manipur.
It is said that Agriculture, or for that matter, Horticulture has been one of the oldest profession, as old as human civilization. So does the cultivation of pineapple has been in practise much before the birth of India’s Independence, signifying that India’s Independence was born with the spirit of “dignity of labour” of its citizens.
Pineapple, a tropical fruit famous for its “thorny crown” has been first cultivated in Brazil. Pineapple was first called “anana”, a word derived from the Tupi-Guarani word “nanas” in South America, which literally means “excellent” fruit. Despite the fact that ananas had long been grown and eaten in South America, the explorer Christopher Columbus was still credited for the discovery of the fruit in 1493. He found it on the Island of Guadeloupe, which is now a French overseas territory in the Southern Caribbean.
Pineapple cultivation was introduced to India by Portuguese in 1548 AD.
The ‘First Blood’ Cultivators:
When Pu Songpu Gangte planted 40 pineapple suckers at Khousabung in 1947, it was soon followed by others as a profession, and the process of pineapple cultivation gradually spread to new areas, one after the other. Among those early cultivators were Pu Khamzathang Gangte, the late Chief of Bunglawn, Pu (L) Kamsoi Gangte, Pu (L) Nielgo Gangte, and others. They took to pineapple cultivation in a massive scale and the pineapple cultivation has spread it wings by becoming as an alternative livelihood profession. May their souls rest in peace!
My father once told me that pineapple suckers were collected from Lakhipur in Assam. He said that he himself have collected pineapple suckers from Lakhipur and transported it by flight. They were the first one who planted the Giant Kew variety of Pineapple in Manipur, even though the Queen variety were found in Thoubal area of the state. What is unique in their approach was that, the “first blood” cultivators have chosen pineapple cultivation as a livelihood alternative, which stands the test of time, for the last 70 years.   
The Manipur Experience:
Locally known as “Lengthei” in Gangte dialect, which means “the King of all Fruits”, pineapple has been cultivated in almost all the 16 districts of Manipur. This is clear from the fact that “Pineapple Festivals” are being celebrated in some part of the state or other, from time to time, apart from the “State Level” celebration. According to a survey conducted by the Manipur Pineapple Festival Committee, Manipur in August 2008, Churachandpur District is the largest producer of pineapple in the state, thanks to the large scale productions of pineapple within the jurisdiction of  Khousabung District Council Constituency. There are about 400 pineapple farmers in Khousabung DCC alone with an area of over 1000 acres of land being under cultivation. As one takes to Khousabung DCC Headquarters, a lively sprawling pineapple farms, with all scenic beauty of the hills would mesmerize the visitors. A cynosure of all eyes, indeed!
The Giant Kew variety of pineapple, with all nutritious contents, has been known by many as one of the best pineapple in the world.
Comes August, the Giant Kew variety booms to its zenith turning the month of August as the “Season of Joy” for the pineapple farmers. While the size of the Giant Kew variety has shown appreciable looks, the average weight of one pineapple is about 3 kg. The harvest season of pineapple is a high point of the year for the pineapple lovers and farmers of the state.
Seventy years down the line, yet all is not well and there are mounting problems being faced by the farmers’ community. To begin with, transportation is always a headache for the farmers as there are hardly good and motorable roads within the pheriphery of the sprawling pineapple farms. In the absence of modern transportation, the farmers have to transport the harvested pineapple by traditional means, carrying the pineapple basket (palbawm) on their back. Secondly, marketing is another problem being faced by the farmers. With no semblamce of large scale fruit processing industry hindsight in the sate, pineapple have to be sold in open market only for human comsumption, which limits the selling capacity and the price of pineapple are being compromised, much to the agony of the farmers.
The Queen variety of pineapple, which are harvested in the month of June is predominantly found in Thoubal and Imphal East. The Khousabung Experience:
Even as Khousabung DCC area is the largest producer of pineapple in Manipur, the area has been unfortunately one of the most “neglected” area in terms of development and governance for nearly half a century. Although Khousabung has given the state a pride of place in the field of pineapple cultivation, on the other hand, the government is yet to deliver its due to the people. Decades of apathy and lackadaisical approach of the succesive governments all these years have resulted in Khousabung DCC as the most “backward” area in the whole of Manipur.  
Notwitstanding the fact that the people of Khousabung area worked and toiled through thick and thin, braving the mercurial sun and rains. A true reflection of their grit and determination in upholding the spirit of “dignity of labour”, they have chosen the profession for the last 70 years, giving an “alternative” livelihood mission, pioneering a profession since India’s Independence.
Even as Khousabung area is the largest producer of pineapple in the state, giving Manipur a rightful place in the field of pineapple cultivation in India, howsoever, Khousabung is one of the most “backward” and “neglected” area till today by succesive Government, one after the other. It’s high time that the Government compensate “more than 50 years of apathy and negligence” by delivering “justice” to the people whom they have been “swear” to serve them.
Basically, there are three “Es” which can transform and take Khousabung and its surrounding areas to a giant new leap forward as under:
1. Administrative Empowerment: Khousabung and its surrounding areas may be able to see the light of development and taste the fruit of India’s freedom by “Empowering” them with necessary administrative macheneries. This can be achieved by creating Khousabung as a “special” zone and establishing Government’s administrative wing such as Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC) or atleast creation of Khousabung Sub - Division for speedy progress and holistic development. In such scenario, the Government representative, say the ADC or SDO can best deliver the Government’s agenda at the grassroots level, resulting in transforming the “backward” area to a “model” colony or region of Mother Manipur.
2. Infrastructural Empowerment: Khousabung area is still lacking in basic infrastructural amenities, though they have been the largest producer of pineapple in Manipur. Towards this end, the role of Government is imperative, with setting up of “Fruit Processing Centre” to yield added value of pineapple, leading to economic boom for the farmers and pushing up the state’s GDP higher-up, besides generating hundreds of employment avenues in toto.
3. Financial Empowerment: There is no basic financial institutions in Khousabung area till today. Although there are about 400 pineapple farmers who worked and toiled through day in and day out, however, they are denied financial saving sans financial institutions. The much talked of “Financial Inclusion” is still a wild dream for the farmers of Khousabung area as there is not a single banking sector in the area. Opening of financial institutions such as State Bank of India (SBI) may be given top priority.
The Final Call:
Seventieth year of Pineapple cultivation and a decade of grassroots movement, in the form and style of Manipur Pineapple Festival, howsoever, it is sad but true that there has been lacked of zeal and enthusiasm from the Government to promote horticulture crops and the farming community per se. In the midst of changing political dynamism, there is however a silver lining of hopes for the future. It is, therefore, interesting to note that the success of India’s Act East Policy, particularly in the case of Manipur  will solely rest with the success of horticulture crops and availability of indigenous products for outside exports. The clarion call is cystal clear: Act Now or Never. An administrative mechanism that links the Government and the people is the need of the hour.
(The writer is a journalist and Founding Honorary Secretary of Manipur Pineapple Festival Committee, Manipur. A Master’s in Political Science and a recipient of “Jewel of India” Award, he has been honoured with the degree of “Doctor of Humanity” (Honoris Causa). He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Facebook @ Gin Gangte / Twitter @ GinGangte)

IED blasts

Imphal, Aug 25: Twin IED blast has occurred today at around 2 pm. One of the blast occurred near Integrated Check Post (ICP) Moreh and the other at Haolenphai near Border Pillar no. 76. No report of any causality at the time of filling this report.

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Police seized over 1000 litres of local brew

Imphal, Aug 25: A team of Thoubal Police led by SI Minabanda Singh with women police under the supervision of Rishikesh Sharma, OC Thoubal Police Station yesterday seized atleast 1000 litres of DIC liquor from two women during a checking at Thoubal area.The two women namely Seleibam Bala Devi (38 yrs), w/o S Inaocha Singh of and Wangkheimayum Ranjana Devi (30 yrs), w/o W Ricky Singh of Khugatampak Zouveng, Churachandpur were found carrying a huge consignment of DIC liquor and were attested around 9:30 pm yesterday in Thoubal Khunou area. A total of 1000 litres of DIC liquor, packed in 40 jute bags were found concealed in a Tata Magic bearing registration no. MN 0W 5174 driven by one Thongam Inaocha of Thoubal Nongangkhong. The seized DIC liquor were being transported from Andro to Churachandpur. All the three persons and the Tata magic along with the illicit liquor has been handed over to Excise Deputy.

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