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Items filtered by date: Wednesday, 30 December 2015 - Imphal Times - A Daily Eveninger

Prof. Felix scrolls on Human Rights issues of Manipur

The 5TH Naorem Sanajaoba Memorial Lecture was delivered by Prof. Felix Padel, Anthropologist and social activist who is currently the Visiting Professor at the Centre for North East Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi on December 30, 2015 at the Court Room, Manipur University. Prof. Felix is also the Great Great Grandson of Charles Darwin. He spoke on the topic entitled, “Human Rights and Self-Determination as Prerequisites for Real Development”. Prof. W. Viswanath, Registrar, Manipur University, Shri Suvojit Bagchi, Chief of Bureau, The Hindu, Kolkota and Prof. N. Rajmuhan, President, Ojha Sanajaoba Memorial Trust, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest, Guest of Honour and President, respectively. As the presidium members were taking the dais, Prof. Felix belted out Bob Dylan’s “Blowing in the Wind”, which created an ambience of revolutionary fervor in the otherwise lukewarm Court Room of the Manipur University.
The atmosphere of intellectual introspection and self-questioning even before the delivery of the Lecture was further heightened by the inaugural song performed “Tapta”, the prominent voice of protest and an accomplished musician of Manipur who dedicated the song “Khongthang” (The Final Step) to late Ojha Sanajaoba as introduction to the Memorial Lecture.
Prof. Felix Padel delivering the Memorial Lecture, “Human Rights and Self-Determination as Prerequisites for Real Development” submitted that he never had the opportunity of meeting Late Prof. Naorem Sanajaoba but he knows that the Late Professor was an active upholder of human rights, as well as an academician (a most significant combination) who drew frequent comparisons between the situation in Manipur and in other regions in the world where people are struggling for democracy and greater autonomy in the face of harsh repression. He further added that the foundation of knowledge is subjectivity in the sense that it all begins from knowing oneself and the situation in which one is thrown into, which together constitutes consciousness. Prof. Sanajaoba’s academic pursuits as well as his undeniable role as an activist focused on imparting consciousness to the people of Manipur in the contemporary international context.

Prof. Felix stated that fundamental to the challenges facing people in Manipur, and in so many other similar places, is the question of “what is real development”. He stressed that in the name of development, one witnesses promotion of mega dams, extractive industry and infrastructure projects that certainly attract huge sums of money as investment but do not necessarily raise most of the local people’s standard of living. What happens at the end is the ‘Investment-Forced Displacement’ wherein people are displaced and the funding agencies monopolise their natural resources in the name of development.
Prof. Felix observed that Manipur has a long history of abuses by security forces. He cited the recent case at the Supreme Court where the Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi opined that ‘Killings are part of the sovereign function discharged by the Union of India through the army’ thereby rejecting the Justice Santosh Hegde report, inquiring into the 1,528 extra-judicial killings during 2000-2012 and its finding that numerous people had been killed in false encounters
Suvojit Bagchi, the Guest of Honour, as an extension to the Lecture, observed that journalists need to be respected, only then they can perform their duties in a democratic manner. Unless one strengthens the press and provide security, there cannot be democracy so to speak of.

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The year finally exit

Finally! a year that had witnessed a plethora of unique and amazing, and numerous not so pleasant surprises is coming to an inevitable end. People the world over, as is in the State are eagerly anticipating the sunset to wait out the fag end of the day and start the revelry and celebrate the successful closure of a period in one’s life, but perhaps more for the sheer luck of surviving yet another precious year in this unpredictable and volatile society of ours. Whatever the reason, it would be an understatement to state that people everywhere is hoping in their hearts of better things to come, and wishing dear and near ones for good fortune and a better future has come to signify a great deal lot than just the thought, for it actually tells without actually mentioning the fact that we all still care and thought of the welfare of others, and that the spirit of festivity and celebration enthused all to warm up to beautiful and positive thoughts, save for a very few souls who are either beyond earthly desires or beyond redemption. This is the time when hope spring forth and reinvigorate our lives. It gives us a renewed vigour and desire to better ourselves. This is the gist of our future. We have a lot to wish and hope for, and indeed it is this hope that has and will sustain us in our life. Yet hope without the pursuit will only relegate it to a daydream, a waste of time. We have seen and experienced instances of excess, of violation and unwarranted aggression. Violence and fear has been driving factor that has made us scurry for safety and become cynical of the promises made by those who are at the helm of affairs, the very people who were entrusted to provide safety and progress for the people who chose them. The people of Manipur may feel cheated and betrayed, as they should, but hope is eternal, and as long as we have it in our hearts and work to realize it, nothing can stop us from achieving the things we hoped for. We need to be proactive and not wait for the tall promises to be delivered. It is now time to make things happen, and for that we have to get involved, make ourselves heard and be counted. It has been our collective endeavor here at Imphaltimes to provide the facts, real and undistorted, for the people to draw up an informed decision and opinion. There has been many challenges on the way, and we also know that there will be bigger ones which might slow us down, but we will not stop, nor will we bog down or bow to pressure because that would be betraying our own beliefs and hopes. As Albert Einstein famously suggested: Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning. Perhaps, Franklin D. Roosevelt sums up the feelings of every one of us when he said “We have always held to the hope, the belief, the conviction that there is a better life, a better world, beyond the horizon”. Wishing everyone a happy and better future from Imphaltimes.

Manipuri girl raped, 3 Africans arrested

In a shocking incident one Manipuri college going girl has been allegedly raped by three African Niggers (foreigners) at a party in New Delhi on Tuesday night.
Police said the victim was invited by 2 Manipuri ladies (one a Meitei from Imphal East and another Nepali from Kanglatombi) for party, who had known the accused foreigners from before. After getting drunk, the three niggers assaulted the college girl and also throw water at her.
It was shocking that the two ladies tried to save the three foreigners but somehow, police including special police officials from North East Police Unit of Delhi Police chase, searched the whole night and arrested them and sent them to jail. The two Manipuri lady who had trapped the college girl are identified as one Shila (age about 31) from Imphal East and Priya [email protected] Bhanu from Kanglatombi working in Spas. They are married and have children back home in Manipur. Till now the three foreigners from Africa and two women have been arrested for raping of the college girl.
The whole night DPNER representatives including lady DPNER was with the victim and assisted her.
DPNER cautions NE people especially females not to accept party invitations even from own north east people. 

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MLA N Biren moots traditional laws to safeguard Indigenous people

MLA N Biren today mooted traditional laws as the only means to safeguard the indigenous people of the state. Speaking during the calendar release function of Indigenous Peoples’ Association of Kangleipak (IPAK), MLA Biren said that traditional laws which was once followed by our ancestors to prohibit outsiders from settling in the locality without prior permissions as well as local restrictions against the use of illicit intoxicants need to be imposed in each communities of the state to safeguard the indigenous people. He further said that even though some of the MLA does want to do something good for the state they are helpless as numbers count in democratic form of government.
“One MLA can do nothing in the government if other MLAs don’t support”, lamented the MLA. MLA Ng. Bijoy who graced the function as Chief Guest also stressed on the need for a legislation like land bank policy for the valley region of the state. He said if land at Hill area cannot be sold to valley people and on the other hand if the valley areas are free for any buyer then the government need to adopt a policy like land banking policy. Elaborating on how it will work the MLA said that for each buying of land at valley by hill people government should acquire similar area in hills and allowed valley people to settle at the place.
On the issue of the Inner line permit system, Bijoy said that not every Manipuri seems to have understood about the need for ILPS in the state. He appealed the intellectuals of the state to study if such laws are the needs of the hour or not.

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JAC against the killing of T. Premandanda storm at Lamlai PS

JAC formed against the brutal killing of Tensubam Premananda (Taton) today stormed Lamlai police station demanding arrest of the culprits involved in the killing. Over 500 local people of Takhel area blocked the Imphal-Urkhul road for almost 3 hours in front of Lamlai police station at around 12:55 pm demanding the immediate arrest of the culprits involved in the killing while demanding release of the five person arrested by the police in connection with the killing as they are innocent. The JAC also warned serious consequences if the dead body is forcibly cremated.
Later, the SDPO of Lamlai Police put the situation under controlled after talking with the representatives of the JAC. The five person arrested by police in connection with the killing are identified as  Keisam Ningthouren (26), L Ibungo (28) , Tensubam Bobi (25), Phairoijam Naba (36) and Y Anil Kumar (24) of Takhel Village.

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UKLF greets people on New year

Armed group United Kuki Liberation Front (UKLF) today greets the people of the state on occasion of New Year 2016. In a press statement, signed by Secretary of Information and Publicity, MP Haokip, the outfit wished the people - a happy, prosperous, united and peaceful nation.
“Time has come to celebrate the dawn of a New Year and we are delighted to wish our people something exciting and love. A brand New Year our forefathers have never seen which we feel blessed to experience it” said the statement. On the other hand the statement said that the General Assembly of the organisation held on  December 29, 2015 under the Chairmanship of SS Haokip has reshuffled the Cabinet portfolios for administrative effectiveness and betterment of the organisation.
According to the released Joshua Thadou  has been assigned as General Secretary(in-charge), NC Baite as Secretary Finance and Daniel Thadou as Secretary Home.

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Compensation demanded for electrocuted deceased

JAC formed against the electrocution of a person identified as Toijam Bashanta Meitei at Yairipok Khoirom Mathak leikai today demanded adequate compensation from the concern government authority. In a press meet held at Manipur Press Club today afternoon the convenor of the JAC Toijam Mahendra Singh said that the deceased Toijam Bashanta Meitei (40) son of late T Ibohal Meitei of Yairipok Khoirom Mathak Leilei was electrocuted on December 29 at around 2:10 pm after the bamboo he cut touch the high power 132 kv line which passes at the area. The top of the bamboo was only 3-4 feet away from the power lines and a case has been registered at the Yairipok police station, he added. 

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Eatable items banned at Sadu Chiru Waterfall area

Sadu Chiru Village Authority has banned carrying of eatable items at Sadu Chiru Waterfall area beyond the public parking area. In a press statement the General Secretary of the Village Authority stated that the measures to ban eatable items is being taken up to prevent the increasing volume of pollution in and around the waterfall area. The statement further said that gambling activities and other action that disturbed the visitors will also be fined besides taking up appropriate action as according to the law of the land.

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Seized liquors destroyed by Excise

The Manipur Excise Department destroyed liquor seized between April to December 2015  in the presence of media persons at the department premises at Lamphel at around 1.30 pm today. According to official source the seized liquor includes 23,175 litres of country made liquor and 375 bottles of foreign liquors. Speaking to the media persons Asst. commissioner of Manipur Excise Department Keisam Joykumar said that the department collected Revenue of Rs 15 lakh 62 thousand seven hundred from local liquor and Rs 6 crore 63 lakh 9 thousand 3 hundred ninety eight as excise duty tax from Army and Para military. The revenue collected by the department has been deposited to the state government. He further said that due to lack of personnel of the excise department, it can’t function properly.

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