By-election; play a fair game, don’t sabotage peoples’ trust in the “War against Drug”

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With the resignation and the disqualification of thirteen MLAs in the 60 members of the 11th Manipur Legislative Assembly, the Election Commission of India is all set to conduct by-election to fill the vacant assembly seat. A bypoll to a vacant seat in the state assembly is generally held within six months from the date of the vacancy. However, according to legal experts, the poll panel can defer the elections in special circumstances like Covid-19 or any other reason. However, the political theater in the state of Manipur suggests an urgent need to fill the vacant post, as some political analysts suggest a stable and committed government to fight the present COVID-19 pandemic which is not happening at present. The drama in the political theatre of Manipur particularly in the government headed by Chief Minister N. Biren Singh seems to need an urgent strategy to strengthen his government to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, which he seems helpless due to lack of co-ordination and ego class among his ministry. The newcomer in the BJP, who has been destined to head the state after elected for the 11th Manipur Legislative Assembly would have felt that more BJP MLAs is the only option to take up government policy without disruption which will be only possible if the number of BJP seat increases. Perhaps that is the reason for the Chief Minister to make no objection to the conduct of by-election amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.
Saying so, it is questionable whether the Chief Minister is confident of increasing his party MLAs as there is a possibility of opponent candidate getting elected instead of his party’s candidate. If he lost in the by-election, what will be the fate of N. Biren Singh? Will he be able to continue to remain at the Chief Minister’s chair or will his position be in danger. A much-discussed issue among the political analysts.
Except in some few cases, ruling party always get an advantage in by-election, but unlike in the yester-era, when people only believe on what says and often drive by prominent individuals, voters in today’s high tech communication technology, it is doubtful that the same culture of winning assembly seat by money power and muscle power will win. Of the 100% voters only some 10% or say 20% are likely to be influenced by electioneering technique using money power and muscle power. Voters of today’s Manipur are well educated today with the mass media reaching out far and wide. And 80% to 90% now like their representative clean.
Political parties today need to choose candidates which have a clean image if they want their party wishes to run the state. A little mistake may jeopardize the 1000s good deeds of a government. Favourism through loyalty will be a foolish idea. If one remembers the story of a slave killing a mosquito using a sward that bites to his master, it is the right moment for the leaders of any political party to make the decision wisely. This is politics – but the time has changed. It should not be for survival and self. It should be for the people and acting as per the wishes of the people will not only be appreciated by each and every citizen but will be remembered by the future generation.
The long hardship struggled for a clean and drug-free society will be a mockery of the political party ruling the state makes one mistake that will ruin the whole good work. It is destiny, and sympathy should never exist in the game of politics. Remember – “Everything is fair in love and war”. We have seen the impossible happening in politics and let this happen again to save the commitment of the N. Biren Singh led the government to make the state a drug free state. Let the war on drugs be successful and let the people remember N. Biren Singh for his unselfish action against the war on drugs. There is still time.

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