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Of PM and our CM

Oratory Skill and convincing personality is not everything people expects
Excellent oratory skill with convincing personality is perhaps the most important requisite quality of a public leader. But the other important qualities that people expect are sincerity, simplicity, accountability and dedication in rendering his or her service for the people, who elected them to lead the society. Well India now has a leader – Prime Minister Narendra Modi is one among the best among all public leaders. His oratory skills and convincing personality has made his position gone up day after another. Yet when it comes to his sincerity and commitment, there are many which needs to be questioned. The essence of patriotism that runs to the veins of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, sometimes made his administration mono-centric, which makes people feel that – Has he forgotten that India is a nation of diverse community?
The preamble of the Indian constitution which proclaims the solemn resolution of the people of India to constitute India into a ‘Sovereign socialist secular democratic republic’, sometimes appeared to be at stake with the Prime Minister taking up no action against some of his parivaar leaders who had deliberated anti-secular speech in public platform.  On the other hand, Narendra Modi’s serious concerns about outdated legislations which were framed by British colonial rulers to suppress the people of the country. September 28, 2014- Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while delivering speech at Madison Square Garden, New York, US, had stated that his government will scrape all outdated laws framed by British colonial rulers. Controversial Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, 1958, an ordinance used by British rulers – a very controversial act, which also divide the citizens of the country into two types – one, which can be shoot at sight on mere suspicion and the other, who enjoy full freedom guaranteed under the constitution of India. It is at this point that sometime the sincerity of the Prime minister need to be questioned. A word of a leader should not be for mere applause from the public and it should not be with dubious meaning which can be interpreted. How come Prime Minister Narendra Modi still fails to express a single word on this outdated act, at which a lady had even undergone 16 years of fast-unto-death protest for repeal of the act. If the Prime Minister and his government think that AFSPA is a legislation still required for the country, then why is this act only for some selective region despite the fact that this act can be utilized at other places which have similar problems?   
Back here in our little state called Manipur, Chief Minister N.Biren Singh too is not that less than when it comes to the skill of delivering speech and convincing the people. The first thing, which the people of the state need to appreciate N. Biren Singh, is his government’s commitment under the motto “Go to Hill”.  What is worrisome is the number of package he announced during his visit to the hill districts of the state. As of now no package announced are implemented.
Second thing which people from across the state appreciate is his seriousness to deal with the menace of corruption. Well and good, the intention is clear. Setting up of Special Investigation Team led by 5 IAS officers to investigate irregularities to the appointment of staffs in 15 government departments and opening up of Anti-Corruption Cell shows Chief Minister N. Biren Singh’s intention on the issue of corruption. But it is almost 10 months now; no action expected by the people is seen taking up. Everybody knows what had happened and keeping quite on the matter is nothing but a matter on the sincerity and accountability of his government.

On January 7, this year, N. Biren Singh,while delivering his speech had stated a beautiful quotes. And the same words was posted at social networking site- facebook. The post read - “ Meeoibana sibada karisu pude.. Eina siba dasu karisu puroi, lemhouriba punsi sida esagi kanaba haiba pumnamak thadoktuna meeyamgi mateng pangani”.  Which literary means – human being takes nothing when he dies , I will also carry nothing when I die, rest of my life will be dedicated for the people of the state without making anything for my own.
Everybody appreciates these few words but which carries thousand meaning .
During June uprising in 2001, no-journalist walking under him will be able to forget, how N.Biren Singh took the peoples’ issue more important than his family. Then, Chief Minister N. Biren Singh was the editor of ‘Naharogi Thoudang”. A telephone call about his son and daughter missing from school and home when Manipur was in flame did not disturb him from performing his duty forgetting the worries of his family. Finally a staff understanding his problem went in search of his two children and brought them back somewhere from Paona Keithel, where people were agitating.
Points bringing here is to remind N. Biren Singh about his dedication to his work as an editor. Now He is in the top post in the state. Nobody can say whether he still possess the spirit or not.
The oratory skill and the convincing personality is perhaps his inborn gift. But the promises and his assurance to clean the society are still yet to be seen. Even as you are not taking anything when you left for heavenly abode, let the people remember you and let Manipur pray you as one of the greatest leader of the state for the good deed you do for the people of the state.    

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  • Kiyamba
    Kiyamba Wednesday, 10 January 2018 23:27 Comment Link

    We do appreciate on how much our government had done but not on promises. Truely speaking I do appreciate the construction of roads or atleast mending of our roads. Helping those who need help badly during people's day. Rewarding of extra ordinary personality in sports or in other fields which have been seen with our own eyes. Only blaming things will not bring any positive outcome. Negativity only will ruin yourself not us.thanks

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