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Issues of the Professionals, entrepreneurs need to be addressed

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Issues of the Professionals, entrepreneurs need to be addressed

The crisis in Manipur has persisted for nearly ten months, with little sign of resolution despite two assembly sessions being held, the latest of which concluded yesterday. The ongoing violence, characterized by gunfights involving automatic weapons, continues unabated, leaving hundreds of internally displaced people in despair, bereft of hope for survival. Not confined to remote areas, the crisis has also begun to affect working-class individuals residing in the Imphal valley, compounding the social and economic toll.
Professionals, both within government and private sectors, are grappling with intolerable mental anguish stemming from the relentless turmoil. Various groups, including underground factions and those born from the crisis itself, have subjected these individuals to significant psychological torment. Consequently, many professionals are contemplating leaving the state in search of respite from the pervasive unrest.
Meanwhile, the situation on the ground is exacerbated by the prevalence of street solicitations masquerading as aid for the crisis, which has discouraged people from venturing outside their homes. Despite the glaring challenges faced by the populace, the Chief Minister of Manipur has expressed a sense of helplessness, admitting the government’s inability to address the extreme hardships endured by the people.
The cumulative impact of prolonged violence, displacement, economic strain, and psychological trauma underscores the urgent need for decisive action and effective governance to alleviate the suffering of Manipur’s populace.
The recent adjournment of the 5th session of the 12th Manipur Legislative Assembly marks yet another missed opportunity to address the ongoing crisis plaguing the state. The session, lasting a mere 11 minutes, underscored the inability of assembly members to devise concrete solutions to the escalating tensions. Instead, it appears to have further entrenched the position of the 10 MLAs advocating for separate administration from Manipur.
Throughout the five-day sitting of the assembly session, which concluded yesterday, the plight of professionals and working-class individuals was conspicuously absent from the agenda. Despite facing severe hardships, including extortion and intimidation by various groups under the guise of the crisis, their concerns were overlooked.
The protracted duration of the crisis, spanning nearly 10 months, has inflicted significant economic strain on small-time businessmen, many of whom have been compelled to shutter their enterprises due to relentless monetary demands. Professionals across sectors are grappling with unbearable levels of mental torment, exacerbated by the absence of substantive action from authorities.
Of particular concern is the potential for a mass exodus of these vital professionals, which could leave the state without essential services, including medical care and infrastructure development. The situation evokes parallels with Ayn Rand’s novel ‘Atlas Shrugged,’ wherein a society faces collapse due to the departure of its key contributors.
The prevailing circumstances underscore the urgent need for proactive measures to address the root causes of the crisis and safeguard the livelihoods of Manipur’s populace. Failure to do so risks exacerbating social and economic instability, with far-reaching consequences for the state’s future.
The current situation in Manipur demands urgent and decisive action from the government. Failure to address the underlying issues could lead to irreparable damage to the state’s socio-economic fabric, with lasting repercussions for future generations. The responsibility lies squarely with the leadership of the government to prioritize the resolution of the crisis and prevent further deterioration.
Without immediate intervention, Manipur risks spiraling into a state of perpetual decline, leaving future generations to bear the consequences of inaction. Those in positions of authority must recognize the gravity of the situation and take proactive steps to mitigate the crisis’s impact on the state’s long-term prospects.
The government’s failure to act decisively will undoubtedly invite criticism from future generations, who will hold accountable those who were entrusted with the responsibility of governance during this critical period. It is imperative that the government demonstrates a genuine commitment to addressing the root causes of the crisis and restoring stability to Manipur, thereby securing a brighter future for all its inhabitants.

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