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Hope thwarted

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The land of jewels Switzerland of the East powerhouse of Indian sports are these epitaphs of a glorious past or an allusion to wishful dreams conjured up to feed the collective ego of a society with an inherent false sense of superiority? Jewels to become what they are need to be mined which entails taking risks and bearing difficulties and overcoming odds as also the vital task of polishing and giving it the finishing touch that makes all the difference. And we can no doubt transform our State into something as spectacular and breathtakingly beautiful scenic place as Switzerland perhaps better, taking into account the abundantly endowed natural beauty and strategic locations! And for the powerhouse of sports tag is it being used to refer to the numerous prodigious sportspersons who had to leave the comforts and familiarity of their homeland, to be polished and refined elsewhere before their efforts bore them fame and recognition before they are suddenly remembered and feted as sons and daughters of the soil? From where did we inherit these self-made illusions of greatness and grandeur? Is it a genetic defect a freak of nature that has become an intrinsic part of the social mindset? Or is it the result of the repeated assurances and highlights of the achievements of our society as professed by the leaders who are leading our society never mind the destination, if ever they had one in mind.
It goes without saying that any effort, to bring it to it’s desired conclusion needs vision backed by willpower and patience. But most of all, sustained attention and work towards the goal of the effort is what makes the whole process a success. Nothing could exemplify this better than the present situation we are engulfed in. Over performing mission and private schools in the state being dragged down the mire of politics and favoritism instead of learning from them; concerned citizens and social organizations being hounded out for trying to implement the Inner Line permit System the very system for which the Government has expressed it’s necessity for; absence of a functioning state nodal agency for protecting the rights of women and child; failure to protect and secure the national highways from the open extortions and other heinous atrocities being committed with blatant impunity; a negligent, ineffective and shabbily managed public transport system; an Act (AFSPA) that only spawns more extortionists, drug cartels and insurgents; an obscure Public Distribution System that does not have any share for the poor and underprivileged. Should we add the bit about the frequent economic blockades, stinking water being provided to the naïve public? What about the failure to set up a Passport service centre even when the Tulihal Airport will be operating international flights shortly?
An earnest and concerted effort from everybody concerned could reduce a large part of the deterrents holding back development. A methodically analysed and planned approach could have prevented much of the problems from ever coming up. Inured as we are to these hurdles, a visibly earnest and sustained effort by the Government and everyone concerned should bring a sense of relief to the public and pave the way for inclusive development.      

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