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Government’s Assault on Journalism in Manipur:

Delayed DIPR Results, Absence of Courses, and Journalists’ Arrests

by Editorial Team
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Government’s Assault on Journalism in Manipur:

The protracted violence plaguing Manipur for several months has laid bare the government’s prolonged incompetence, spanning over nine months. This unrest has inflicted severe damage upon countless livelihoods, plunging the economy into an unprecedented crisis. Amidst such turmoil, the role of journalists in shaping public opinion and disseminating crucial information becomes indispensable. However, aspiring journalists and media personnel in the state find themselves neglected and marginalized by the very government entrusted with their well-being.
The government’s blatant disregard for the aspirations of budding journalists is starkly evident in its failure to address job opportunities within the media sector. Despite swiftly announcing recruitment results for various government departments in recent months, the government has conspicuously delayed the release of results for numerous positions within the Directorate of Information and Public Relations (DIPR), despite the completion of the recruitment process in December 2021.
This oversight not only underscores the government’s disregard for the aspirations of aspiring journalists but also jeopardizes the dreams of countless media students who had set their sights on secure government employment. The failure to prioritize the recruitment process within the DIPR serves as a poignant reminder of the government’s indifference towards fostering a conducive environment for media professionals to thrive. DIPR Minister Dr. Sapam Ranjan has remained conspicuously silent on the topic of improving journalism in Manipur, failing to address concerns regarding recruitment results or any other initiatives to bolster the profession.
The prevailing situation paints a grim picture of the future of journalism in Manipur, where the very foundations of the profession appear to be under threat. Reports indicate a glaring shortage of reporters within the Department of Information and Public Relations (DIPR), forcing District Information Officers to assume multiple roles typically reserved for trained journalists. Consequently, the DIPR finds itself constrained, unable to fulfill its mandate beyond mundane tasks such as printing yearly diaries and calendars.
Compounding the issue is the non-functionality of the State Institute of Journalism under the DIPR, further hindering the development of skilled professionals in the field. The lack of inclusion of journalism and media courses in state government colleges, aside from a few vocational and short-term programs, reflects a systemic neglect of the discipline within the education system.
Furthermore, instances of assaults on journalists and the arbitrary arrest of editors have raised serious concerns among intellectuals, who view such actions as direct infringements on freedom of speech. In a society where the free flow of information is essential for progress, these incidents not only undermine journalistic integrity but also erode the fundamental principles of democracy.
A thriving society relies on a robust and professional media landscape to disseminate accurate and timely information, hold power accountable, and foster informed public discourse. However, the current state of affairs in Manipur highlights a dire need for governmental intervention aimed at revitalizing the journalistic ecosystem and nurturing the aspirations of budding journalists.
To truly serve the interests of its citizens, the Manipur government must prioritize the development of journalism as a profession, ensuring adequate resources, training opportunities, and institutional support. Only through concerted efforts to safeguard press freedom, promote journalistic ethics, and enhance media literacy can Manipur aspire to realize its full potential as a vibrant and democratic society.

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