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Few minutes rains flooded roads in front of school- Isn’t this violations of the students’ right

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Only recently PHED Minister I Hemochandra in the state assembly had said that Manipur’s source of Drinking water is the rain. When the state is in need of water, nature showed its kindness that it sprinkle water last evening or perhaps wee hour today. Now the road which was constructed only some 2 years back with proper drainage by spending huge amount of fund is flooded. Incidentally the front road of Keishamthong Model school is worst affected. Students had to put out their shoes and walk to their school. The few rains also flooded many portion of the road at many area of the newly constructed road. It is known to everyone that road stretch between Wahengbam leikai till Heirangoithong has been widen by evicting various houses. But as those in the government seem little interest to make the developed infrastructure into a perfect one, the wide road no more is providing convenient to the people.
Crime against humanity deserves the worst form of punishment. Interest of different nations has different legal system to protect the interest of their country. The enforcement of certain laws – like capital punishment; Special powers act to armed forces may have strong and supportive argument as it is about the security of their respective nations. Gross violation of human rights at certain parts of the country and other part of the world may receive severe criticisms from many who are concerned for Human values. Arguments may continue for certain human causes permitting each sides to stand tight with their act. But what about the kind of problems that the students of these government schools are facing?
We can’t predict rains. So as the natures’ wrath. In January 4 , 2016 early morning a tremor had damage many assets of the government including the khwairamband Ima Keithel.  But the natures’ gift like rains can be well managed for human needs. It is fact and everyone knows that the state which have adequate rainfall annually now face acute shortage of water since the last couple of decades. Interestingly, during this period the state had also witnessed flood many times. In short the state suffer the ugly face of flood during rainy season while they had to bear drought in the remaining days . In view of the arising situation that we are facing right now, there is an urgent need to ponder on what went wrong?
Is it the people or is it the government who is responsible for the present crisis?
Deforestation that has been taking place illegally at different part of the state has been often blamed – both by government and the many social activists which is universally accepted by all. One thing we in the Imphal Times suggest is that we cannot completely blame to the people who are responsible for cutting the trees for their livelihood. It is the government which is responsible and why shouldn’t it be? It was all about their survival and mind it some people do not have any alternative for survival. In paper work government had passed many schemes to substitute the livelihood but it is an open secret that none of this schemes meant for the poor people had never been benefitted as the money meant by them had been pocketed by government authority who were assigned for implementation of the project.
Another matters, at which we in the IMPHAL TIMES is concerned is the poor understanding of the government department about the needs for storage of natural water underneath the earth. There seems to be complete lack of knowledge to the government authority about the need to let the earth absorbed any short of water. Clear example is the drain constructed under huge funding from the Jawaharlal Nehru Urban Renewal Mission (JNURM). The cubical shape drainage construction has no mechanism to let the drain water absorbed underneath the earth. This is not only the case at any government infrastructural development work there is no signed of the government authority showing concerned about the importance harvesting the rain water. Harvesting rain water does not meant that it should be stored in a tank or some man-made water storage tank. It is about harvesting inside the earth core which can be reused using other means.
The flooding of street in front Keishamthong Elangbam Leikai is a warning. Govt. need immediate attention and find a solution before they are being blamed for another man made flood which is expecting soon.

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