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Every moments counts, don’t waste it, learn it from me; “A simple letter to the youngster”

by Rinku Khumukcham
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If suppose, human life span is 100 years, then I will have just another 50 years to live if no unnatural thing happens. But then, I have to take rest, sleep and sometimes may lay down in bed due to any kind of illness.
Some people are exceptional – they sleep just for 4 to 6 hours, some sleep not less than 8 hours. As for me I can’t control waking up early and have to sleep 8 hours daily. Imagine if I have no health problem and live for 100 years by the grace of the almighty – I may live life actively for the said year.
But then, one year is equal to 365 days (common calendar) and 365 days is equal to 8760 hours. Total hours in 50 years is 4,38,000 hours, i.e. 600 months.
After eighty years, most human becomes weak and unable to do things that they desire. That means for those entering 50 years of age, their capacity to work is left with just around 30 years.
And while working taking rest is mandatory, in my case I sleep 8 hours in 24 hours. Spend 4 hours doing nothing and spent at least 2 hours enjoying with friends. That means, in 24 hours of a day, I work just 10 hours base on the condition of my health in a day (that too if minus the breakfast, lunch, and morning activities it would be just not more than 6 hours).
Considering my working days as 10 hours a day, if so, my working hour per month is just 300 hours (around 13 days). In one year we work just 155 days (with the exception of some people).
As for me, I have already reached half the century of life and if the almighty wishes I might live for 50 years, but as even the almighty can’t break nature’s law, time left with me is just around 30 years to work (10,950 days). In practice, it is just 155 days in one year so I may be able to work 4,360 days (just around 12 years) or more.
My dear youths, the future of tomorrow, during the first part of my fifty years, I have wasted many precious moments; Moments that I could have brought happiness to you today. Being grown up in a middle-class family, where both my father and mother were both government employees and me being the only son, I had never thought that there were people around the world who valued every paisa and to be more precise every moment, which I often threw at unnecessary materialistic purposes and wasted without a cause. With Mamma, Baba and Grandma always ready to say yes to every of my demand, I had never felt that children of my age would be different from me when we replace or parents.
For the past 50 years, I have wasted so much time and money, which I had even forgotten to make some savings for both of my daughters, leave aside my wife and family. They were both gifted; they are my angels and sometimes seeing them with smiling face make me forget everything.
I know one day you will have to get married. People say, Manipur – the state we live in has no issue of dowry system. I do believe that we the Manipuris – the Meitei, Tangkhul, Kuki, Anal, Maring Chothe etc. don’t believe in the dowry system. Today, a girl of poor parents, who can’t afford luxurious gifts opted to stay home. In a place where people appreciated for not having the issue of dowry, Meitei spent over 20 lakhs at minimum, Tangkhul, spent even more and other ethnic community follows.
I am writing this because, at 50, I failed to save anything for your future. I am writing this because I might not be able to spend for your marriage as most people do. I am writing this because I have just few years left to live and during this few years I, don’t think I will be able to earn for happiness of both you..
This writing on the other hand is not to discourage you. I just want both of you to learn from the mistakes that I had committed. Today you have grown up. Don’t act a fool like your father. Every minute is important; every second of your hard work will make you happy. I know how much you love your mother and me. We don’t want anything from you. We will only be happy if become successful.
Today as you have grown up, I think you might like to know a lot about our family. The happy time as well as the painful time. You may have no times to read as you are occupied with other activities. But make sure to spare sometimes so that you both understand your family. Because all I have is this little experience and hope that may be treasures to you.

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