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Elections, integrity and rhetoric

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Neighbours Manipur and Nagaland have not been on good terms from the times when Congress ruled both the states and at the Centre. Now that Congress is alone, which is to say BJP is in office at the Centre and NPF in Nagaland, with the latter two parties having made an alliance, the Ibobi-government of Manipur seems to have little say whenever Nagaland does something in the interest of Manipur, be it ‘forced’ resignation of MLAs after instigations by leaders from across the state’s border.
At the same time, a landlocked state like Manipur has been put at the mercy of Nagaland as the “only transportable road” to the outside world passes through the neighbouring state. Like an enemy state, at the behest of Naga leaders in Nagaland, hill residents of the state have been declaring the war-like strategy of economic blockade many a times and hold the Manipur people to ransom. Gradually, the state’s integrity seems to be eroding with nothing concrete done to stop it.
While Manipur had a clear cut boundary since time immemorial, Nagaland was carved out from Assam. Now, this age-old boundary of Manipur seems to be under attack time and again even during the 21st century, and people from Nagaland are spreading misleading information as if this 2000-year-old history of Manipur never existed. It seems like, if India has a thorn in the form of neibouring Pakistan; Manipur, a mini-India, has a Pakistan-like neighbour in Nagaland.
As the state elections get closer, the battle has now been partly focused on getting maximum of the 20 reserved seats of the hill districts to the Assembly so that those MLAs can speak up for “Southern Nagaland”. This term has been introduced to Manipur when some signboards were put up in Senapati district nearly two decades ago to describe the Naga-inhabited areas of Manipur as part of the present day Nagaland.
This time around, Nagaland CM T R Zeliang led the missive with an address to a huge gathering at the first ever conference of ‘Naga Village Authority of South Nagalim’ at the local ground of Tagaramphung in Senapati district on Wednesday.
Indeed, Zeliang has done what NSCN-IM leader Th Muivah could not. While Muivah was not allowed entry into the state, Zeliang was accorded the status of a state guest. The intention of Zeliang and other Naga leaders could be interpreted as against the interest of Manipur, the long-term strategy of the Nagas and that of Zeliang is indeed laudable.
In his own state, Zeliang has his own tribal problems.  The Central Nagaland Tribes Council (CNTC) in an earlier statement had said it never objected the Rongmeis being accorded the Indigenous Inhabitants of Nagaland state to those qualifying the norms of the Nagaland government notification dated the 28th of April 1977, No.AR-8/876. “However, the CNTC also makes the stand of the three tribes of CNTC clear to whomever concerned, that the recognition of Rongmeis with a tribal status of Nagaland state will be opposed and objected together with all the other Naga tribes of Nagaland till it is revoked. On the ongoing tussle involving the Rongmei recognition as an Indigenous Tribe of Nagaland, the CNTC takes this step in opposing the recognition of the mentioned tribe in the larger interest of the people of Nagaland and for the sake of our future generations.”
Despite problems like these, Zeliang has been able to display a view of ‘United Nagas’ at least in Manipur.
Manipur needs to learn a lot from a chief minister like Zeliang who could wield influence in neighbouring states. It is unthinkable of the Manipur chief minister going to Manipuri localities in neighbouring states and hold public meetings in the interest of Manipur, notwithstanding the fact that many problems exists in the state. Local and regional parties of Manipur are also unable to spread their wings beyond the boundary of the state, unlike the NPF, which is in office in Nagaland and targeting to get a double-digit figure in the upcoming Manipur Legislative Assembly elections.
In view of the above, it is high time that people of Manipur leave aside their differences for the better good of the state, at least for once and continue till stability comes to the state.

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1 comment

Ashmi Chihui December 19, 2016 - 6:39 am

Being ambigous lead to incorrect info and you never know what the outcome will be as one will not be confident about his/her own decision. Similarly, publishing an article as the above with assumption of one’s own is misleading and dangerous, this sort of articles and post is the reason for the many issues erupting within the state of Manipur thereby; we shouldn’t promote articles as this. Praises for the acheivement as mentioned on the article is much appreciable however one can understand that it is not being done so in good terms however to inflict wrong notions. The Nagaland Minister didn’t visit by force to inflict hatred among the people of Manipur. He was invited by his fellow Naga brethrens who consider every NAGA as one who unfortunately were placed seperately under the forced geographical boundaries of Manipur and Nagaland. As clearly mentioned by the editor, Nagaland was carved out of Assam ‘YES’ however he forgets that it was done so by excluding the home of the many Nagas which clearly depicts the divide and rule policy being played upon the Nagas. This being said is the reason why the Nagas are still puting up a fight against the Great Indian Nation and as a result of whih the On-Going Political dialogue. Manipur may have and indeed has a clear cut boundary however that excluded the Naga inhabited areas.

Territorail Integrity of Manipur?? What sort of territorial Integrity! When the Manipuris themselves know that the Naga inhabited areas doesn’t belong to them, it was never a part of them since time immemorial. They are the one’s trying to pound in the area of the Nagas which is why the unlawfull Bills against the interest of the Nagas. Every being human’s or animal’s alike will stand up upon his home being invaded no matter how great the invader may be, so it’s obvious that the Nagas will not tolerate their home being attacked. The present boundary of Manipur is not an age old boundary at all however it was only created just like Nagaland was scattering the Nagas around. However one forgets that this has not demotivated the Nagas instead given them more strength to stand up in Unity and raise agaist such a great nation wherein many has already fallen.

What one fails to understand to everyone’s utter disbelieve is why are the Manipuri’s or so called meiteis forcefully calimimg the Nagas in Manipur to being a part of them. The Nagas of Manipur themselves doesn’t agree nor wants to be any part of Manipur as they are not and were never. The better example to quote is the warm welcome of Nagaland Cheif Minister in the Naga stronghold, so the question is why is the Manipur CM (Ibobi) never welcome in the home of the Nagas even within the present boundary of Manipur. He is shooed away despite his attempts to forcefully enter and in turn his dirty politics of fake encounters’ and claims of being attacked. To bring light on it, the question is what has he or his Govt. done for the Nagas in Manipur at all apart from the rising corruption within the state and inflicting hatred. The Roads within the districts and Villages are constructed and repaired by the Naga’s themselves without the aid of the so called Manipur Govt. Maybe, had his Government looked into the welfare of the Nagas and had he given importance to the Nagas taking them as his own there might have been a different outcome. As a matter of fact there would’ve been peace and maybe even arrived at a solution however he chose to ignore and played dirty politics igniting hatred amongst the people within the state.

Its is indeed such a small state however Churches are being attacked innocent Naga civilians pushed around yet nothing is being done as yet. Is this how you’d treat the Non Meiteis who already only want to part away? With the present situation no doubt the Nagas in Manipur will by default never accept any solution apart from complete disintegration from Meities. There is no wrong in them too as they only want to live with and amongst their fellow Naga brethrens under one administrative unit. It is a birth right of everyone to live with his Family and choice to live with Forieghners. In this case all the Nagas being the Family in question and the Meiteis/Manipuris the Foreighners who forcefully want the Nagas to be a part of them and shows no sign of warmth but hatred. The current incident that had just occured is an example which shows that they are only pushing the Naga’s further away.

Peace & harmony can only be brought with understanding, showcasing of hospitality, love and respect but not by attacking innocent Naga civilians if they do consider them as one.

May Peace prevail.


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