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Communal players in Manipur’s political theatre

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At a time when their big bosses are playing the with the sentiments of the security forces in the nation’s political theatres, the followers here in the state are busy throwing communal cards to hold power in the upcoming state assembly election.
Issues of corruptions, development, roads connectivity, etc. are of no concerns as these will not help any political party here in the state in getting required number of seats to form government in the next Manipur Legislative Assembly.
 Among the majority community meiteis, it is the secure government jobs rather than the good roads, drinking water or good governance which is matter. And in the Hills where diverse ethnic communities co-existed from time immemorial, it is the threat of their identity culture and besides the implantation of feudalistic culture so that the man dreaming to hold power could use less energy. When controlling only the chief is enough for 1000s or 2000s vote from a community bank, there is no used to be good to each and every people – a concept that followers of the mainland political parties are thinking. What is more surprising is that, it works. A chief or some strong armed group in hand will make a candidate win in election even though majority supported him.
When it comes to the state it is about Naga integration, Manipur’s Territorial Integrity, Separate states for some few groups of community.
The decline of Congress Party had direct impact to all the North Eastern States and Manipur even though is not exception is witnessing a mega political theatre. The same old wine keeps changing the glasses and assurance about getting in the right glass is the talk of every politicians. Some even recalled what our former Chief Minister Radhabinod Koijam had once said – “There is nothing impossible in Politics”. The former chief Minister was once heard saying this when he changed his political camp all of a sudden to become the chief Minister of Manipur in late 90s.
Yeah, everything is possible in politics, and why not, Pema Kendu of Arunachal Pradesh had quit Congress some few months back and joined a regional party to form government which can walk hands in hand with the BJP which is in power at the center. This means ideology is not so important for people in this region, what more important are, is picking up the right moment to befool the public with some sentimental issues which can be taken up by throwing communal cards.
And well it all works as it is assumed. The demand for a full fledged revenue district for Sardar Hills is in the lime light now. But unfortunately this time the players are not very successful as another similar case – the demand for a full-fledged revenue district is also accidentally triggered. But 20 years it keeps on playing and was allowed ignorantly to be played.
Those playing with the tribal sentiments cards too are rolling on their skates but forgetting that it is too quick to slip if ride with aggressive attitude.
There is no reason to deny any claimed or assurance by the so called patriots of a particular tribe assuring a land and unique history when they had many times proven their genocidal mission towards small communities. It will be wrong to consider all the people ‘fool’, as with the going of time individual to individual relationship is running fast making each other understanding their history culture and identity.
History is a sequence of events happened in the past and every happening are not orchestrated by some few kings or queen. History still stands as a perfect example of why we should have less respect for Muhamad Bin Tuqlaq who had though himself as a demy-god.
The more the game players keep on playing with the communal cards the more the people easily sighted their game plans. Because today is not 1990s, where anybody can be driven to slaughter someone with a bewilder rumours. This is 21st century where any persons across the globe know what happen at any places any times. Technology is fast growing and these game players are not wise enough to halt the growing technology which tie the bondage of brotherhood among each individual – forget about communities.  
Stop playing communal cards please. We now know we are one though our dialects are slightly different. We know that we are sons and daughters of the same mother. We now know that we are inseparable brothers and sisters, no matters how much venom you had spewed on us. 

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