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Imphal, Feb 11

Whether Civil offices or educational institutions run by the central government have been entrusted power not to follow holiday list prepared by the State government, has not been defined at any of the service book or guidelines, but the Manipur University which is now a Central University under the Ministry of Human Resource and Development has converted state holiday to restricted holiday.

Patriot’s Day, observed every year by the Government of Manipur as a mark of tribute to Martyrs of the erstwhile kingdom by declaring as state holiday besides organizing main state function at Sahid Minar and by paying tribute at Hicham Yaicham Pat as well as at Kangla where Bir Tikendrajit and Thangal General were cremated.

Interestingly annual calendar published for this year by the Manipur University printed the 13th of August i.e, the Patriot’s Day as Restricted Holiday.

If the printed date – 13th August that is the Patriots’ Day is an erroneous mistake then the University authority should clarify at the earliest possible time. Had not the University authority makes any clarification regarding the matter then it will become an open secret that the Manipur University authority has no respect for the Government of Manipur.

It may be noted that the Manipur Calendar 2020 published by the Directorate of Information & Public Relations, Government of Manipur declared the Patriots’ Day as state holiday at serial number 16 of the Holiday list.                                                    

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Thoubal, Feb.11

Along with paying rich floral tributes, BJP Khangabok Mandal today observed the 52th Death Anniversary of Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyaya and 25th Death Anniversary of Saheed Madhumangol at Khangabok Mayai Laikai Community Hall in Thoubal District.

Led by the BJP Thoubal District President Yumnam Kumarjit and Former Vice-President of BJP Manipur Pradesh Thokchom Jadumani, Mandak members, Mahila Members of the party and Local Workers Paid floral tributes and respect to the photo of the late leader.

Former Vice-President of BJP Manipur Pradesh Th.Jadumani briefed the gathering on the life story and philosophy of Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay who was born in a noble family and became a pioneer in the formation of Bharatiya Jana Sangh (BJS) in India, his focused on social service by providing lifeskills to the youth and caring for the last person in the queue.

Vice-President of BJP Khangabok Mandal T.Chourajit, Mandal Office bearers, Executive members and invitees and members of various Morchas and Cells of the Party were also present.

Six (6) BJP Mandals of Thoubal District today observed the 52th Death Anniversary of Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyaya and 25th Death Anniversary of Saheed Madhumangol.

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Imphal, Feb 11

Condemning the illogical, undemocratic and untenable decision of the then Okram Ibobi Singh Government that was arrived at on February 10 four years ago, the public of Khousabung Region hold a Mass Candle Light Vigil last night at Khousabung Bazar in Churachandpur District of Manipur. The public demonstration, besides others, is a continuation of the long fight for justice and demands for immediate creation of Khousabung Sub - Division.

Khousabung is located in the most centre point of the mighty Thangting / Thangjing Hill Range and is the Headquarters of 01 - Khousabung District Council Constituency since 1972.

It may be pointed out that the then Okram Ibobi Singh Government took an unilateral and divisive Cabinet Decision renaming the erstwhile Thangting Sub - Division to Kangvai on February 10, 2016, smashing  the popular sentiments and aspirations on the ground, and side stepping the public demand for creation of Khousabung Sub - Division. It may be recalled that more than 117 villages out of a total of 125 villages and localities have supported and endorsed  Khousabung as Sub - Divisional Headquarters.

“Khousabung has been a political martyr in the hands of the Congress for electing BJP candidate to the District Council”, said Ng Sang, a social activist. In the 2015 ADC election,  Seilenmang Khongsai was elected from 01 - Khousabung, the lone BJP candidate to win election in Churachandpur ADC.

Drawing the attention of the BJP Government, the public resolution calls for immediate creation of Khousabung Sub - Division to accelerate fast pace of progress and development in the region.

The Mass Candle Light Vigil was participated by Seilenmang Khongsai, Member, ADC / Ccpur, village chiefs, public and women folks of Khousabung Region.

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Imphal, Feb. 10

Prof. Pulok Kumar Mukherjee has taken charge as Director of the Institute of Bioresources and Sustainable Development (IBSD), an autonomous institute of Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India. Earlier he was working as Professor of Pharmaceutical Technology and Director of the School of Natural Product Studies, Jadavpur University, Kolkata.
Prof. Pulok Kumar Mukherjee is working on traditional medicine inspired drug discovery and development from Indian medicinal plants with major emphasis on their validation, formulation and standardization, metabolomic profiling, safety documentation and related aspects. He has made significant contributions on translational research in biomedical sciences for drug discovery and development through evidence-based validation and documentation of traditional medicine for their quality, safety and efficacy. He has made several innovative and outstanding contributions in academics and research in the area of natural product studies, related to the bioprospecting of medicinal plants leading to the development of safe and efficacious products. He has contributed a lot on evaluation and validation of drugs and pharmaceuticals from medicinal plants including their chemo-profiling, quality evaluation, safety documentation, ethnopharmacology and evidence-based validation of herbs used in traditional medicine.
His multidisciplinary concerted efforts for drug development from Indian Medicinal Plants (IMPs) and their validation with special emphasis on quality control, safety-related quality issues, synergy, value-added formulation development, metabolomics, marker profiling and related aspects have been appreciated by several industries and products have been developed, technology has been transferred through University-Industry collaborations. His works on systematic data mining for validation of Indian medicinal plants are useful bio-prospecting tools for developing safe and effective products with scientific evidence. He is a fellow of the National Academy of Science, India (FNASc) and the Royal Society of Chemistry, UK (FRSC) and The West Bengal Academy of Science and Technology (WAST). Prof Mukherjee is the President of International Society for Ethnopharmacology, Switzerland and Secretary of the Society for Ethnopharmacology, India (SFE-India), Kolkata, India.
Institute of Bioresources and Sustainable Development (IBSD) was established as an autonomous institute by the Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India in April, 2001 at Imphal, Manipur.  Presently, IBSD also has its centres at Gangtok, Sikkim; Aizawl, Mizoram and Shillong, Meghalaya.

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Mumbai, Feb 11

As a sequel to the Novel Coronavirus out break in China, the supply of actual pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) has been severely affected and the Drug Controller of India (DCI) has directed the Food and Drug Administrations (FDAs) across the country to collect information of available stocks of 58 APIs, from drug manufacturers.
API is the part of any drug that produces the intended effects. Some drugs, such as combination therapies, have multiple active ingredients to treat different symptoms or act in different ways. Production of APIs has traditionally been done by the pharmaceutical companies, in their home countries. But in recent years many corporations have opted to send manufacturing overseas to cut costs.
Nearly 75-85%  ingredients are imported from China. Some 354 drugs and drug ingredients were imported from China in 2017 and the situation was same in the year that followed. But due to the coronavirus, import of APIs has come to a standstill. The Hubei province is considered as a hub of API manufacture. Since January, Hubei remains in a state of lockdown to limit the spread of the virus and imports of APIs from China have stopped. Prior to that,  the supply was slow because of the Chinese New Year and holiday season during December.
A top official from Maharashtra FDA confirmed that the instructions to take stock of APIs have been received from DCI and the information is being collected from the manufacturers. The government is also collecting data on overseas manufacturers of APIs, the quantity imported since 2018, as well as the production capacities of domestic manufactures in case a scale-up is needed.
Some of the APIs include:  Cyclosporine,  Clozapine, Clindamycin hydrochloride, Cyclophosphamide, Ciprofloxacin, Methotrexate, Carbamazepine, Lithium carbonate,  Phenytoin, Phenytoin sodium, Lamivudine, Penicillamine, Thiabendazole, Efavirenz,  Nevirapine, Rifampicin, Lopinavir, Ritonavir, Zidovudin, Aciclovir and Ampicillin.
 Lopinavir and Ritonavir, are used for HIV/AIDS treatment and have been approved by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) for treatment of coronavirus infection. Amoxicillin, Cephalexine are used as common antibiotics to treat a bacterial infection, Rifampicin is used in tuberculosis regimen. Paracetamol, Doxycycline, Gentamycin, Prednisolone, Meropenam are commonly used APIs.
China remains a major supplier of not just antibiotics, but also Vitamin B12, B1, B6, and E to India. The manufacturers in India had faced a spurt in prices earlier and imports were stopped from China, for some time.  For finished products we have a month’s stock right now. But if the situation continues, we need to do something, Indian Drug Manufacturers’ Association (IDMA) Secretary General Daara B Patel, said.
Coronavirus and its impact in India will be a worrisome factor. If domestic production, that accounts for 30 per cent of APIs, is unable to cope up, key medicine supply for malaria, tuberculosis, HIV, cancer and even diabetes may get hampered and even National health schemes can get affected.
The India pharma industry’s reliance on China for its bulk drugs and APIs and the risk this poses to India’s health security has been a subject of policy discussions for many years now, but with little follow-up action. The current situation is a “call for action” for India to shore up its strength when it comes to drug intermediates, since India imports over 60 per cent of its requirement from China, Secretary-General of the Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance Secretary-General Sudarshan Jain said.
Industry executives fear that if the situation does not improve soon, the cost of materials used to make medicines in India will rise regardless of therapeutic category. In the case of products that are under price control, the prices that customers pay should not be impacted.  On earlier occasions, industry bodies had sought an increase in the maximum retail prices of these medicines, arguing that they were unable to recover the cost of manufacturing them.
In the meanwhile, ICMR stated that all the 654 samples from quarantine centres tested proved negative and they will be retested on the day 14 of the quarantine period.  Out of 918 samples referred from suspected cases,, three confirmed laboratory positive for nCoV. In addition to ICMR, NIV, Pune, 13 Virus Research and Diagnostic Laboratories across the country and National Centre for Disease Control, New Delhi are performing testing.

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Procedural lapses in the state government Tourism Department in media-related activities is evident enough to show how other matters related being taken up for the promotion of the Tourism Department would have been conducted. Knowingly or unknowingly media advertisement issued by the Department for Tourism related festival organized under the aegis of the state government has not been properly followed, which is a gross violation of the Manipur State Advertisement Policy 2013.
For almost all advertisements published in local dailies in connection with tourism-related events including the largest state Tourism Festival held in 2019, no payment has been so far cleared. The Tourism department authority sent the advertisement for publication to newspapers through the DIPR. On being enquired about the payment and amount approved, the answer from the DIPR authority is that media houses have to directly submit the bill amount to the Tourism Department.  
This newspaper has brought up this issue in November 2016 when there was Congress government
This paper highlights the issue not because this paper has not been able to submit any bill for the advertisement published for the Tourism department.  But it is people’s right to know how the government machinery is functioning whether or not on the behest of their superior. Imphal Times, being an evening daily can’t go for competition with the high-quality newspaper published in the morning but the management did try its best to promote the quality of journalism through unbiased reporting.
So highlighting the issue of a State Government Department violating the government rules and regulations, the Imphal Times gains no benefit. It is only an attempt to correct what is wrong in the system. But the question now is who will bell the cat?
The government always talks for strengthening the Directorate of Information and Public Relation, that is in charge of the department as well the State Tourism Department which had violated the Manipur State Advertisement Policy 2013. For sure a mere apology to mend the mistake may end the matters without awarding any sort of punishment, even as it is a complete violation of the rules framed by his government.
According to the Manipur State Advertisement policy, it is mandatory for every government department or agency under the state government to publish any form of advertisement through the DIPR. Clause 9 of the Manipur State Advertisement Policy says that All Government advertisements, both classified and display shall be released through DIPR only. And clause 24 of the state advertisement policy mention that if any Government advertisement is issued in violation of the provisions of clause 9, the head of Department /Office concerned will be personally responsible for payment of advertisement bills from his/her account. Again the clause 25 of the advertisement policy also said that Treasury officers/Sub-Treasury Officers shall withhold bills for payment of govt. an advertisement that has not been routed through DIPR. This means that all payments should be through the DIPR and not necessarily the department’s concern.
Asking the media houses to collect advertisement fees from the government department and not through the Directorate of Information and Public Relations by submitting the bill to the concerned department is the worst form of harassment to media houses.
Tourism department authority should be given a class on Manipur State Advertisement policy by the DIPR at the earliest possible time.

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CCpur, Feb 11

After weeks of exciting and dramatic results supplemented with top-class football, the much fan-fare Raja Goukhothang Guite Football Memoriam 2020 will be drawing into conclusion today when district football giants United Khawzim Brothers goes head to head with Manipur State League giants Sagolband United for what is considered to be the greatest final showpiece taking place at the iconic Lamka Public Ground, Churachandpur in the current decade.
Considering the quality of both finalist teams as well as the results they have produced leading to today’s exciting final, no side has emerged clear favourites to grab the Rs. 3 Lakh cash prize on offer as the tie is highly in the balance. Moreover, the grand final fixture become the first ever all-Manipur State League final fixture hosted by Churachandpur district
The Final Match cum Closing Ceremony will be graced by Shri Th. Biswajit Singh, Hon’ble Minister (Power, Works, Industries, DIPR, RD & PR, Govt. of Manipur), Shri Vungzagin Valte, Hon’ble Chairman MTDC & MLA Thanlon and Ms. Amrita Sinha, IPS, SP-Churachandpur as Chief Guest, Functional President and Guest of Honour of the grand programme respectively.
Despite enduring a faltering start to the campaign which seen them collecting just one point in their first two group games, United Khawzim Brothers produced great comeback as they saw a sudden upturn of result which earned them a last-gasp entry into the quarter-finals. In the quarter-finals, they thrashed Zenhang Lamka YC 5-2 courtesy of a hat-trick by Luntinmng Haokip and in the semi-finals, they trounced Bungmual YC 4-1 to enter final. During this process, they recorded a total goal-score of 14 while conceding 7 thus averaging 2.9 goals per match with Luntinmng Haokip accrediting 5 goals falling just one goal short of leading scorer Jerry Pulamte, who has 6 goals while UKB’s Lamthianlal Vaiphei has also scored 4 goals and is still in the race for the top-scorer award._
 Meanwhile, Sagolband United have entered the tournament from the knock-out round for being an outstation Manipur State League team having introduced themselves with a penalty shoot-out victory over SYMROPIA FC after the evenly contested match ended 1-1 and in the quarter-finals, they edged past FC Zotal 2-1 before needing another penalty shoot-out victory over Konsham FC  in the semi-finals after a  disappointing goalless draw to book a place into the final.
Looking at the results of Sagolband United, it is evident that they have been struggling in terms of goal-score as they have an average record of just 1 goal per match. However, despite looking short of goals, they have produced eye-catching performances on their way to the final and earned strong public appeal thanks to their perfect rhythm of slick-passing game
With reputed coach Tongminthang Haokip, who guided FC Zalen into the final of the 10th Manipur State League 2015, United Khawzim Brothers have one of the most coveted coach of Manipur while in W. Khogen, who won the Hero I-League with Minerva Punjab FC, Sagolband United have one of the most successful coaches in the Country.
With United Khawzim Brothers having put their fate in the right path by finally breaking the jinx of their quarter-finals curse and making their first final appearance after 10 years at this iconic venue, many believes UKB are favourites to lift the prestigious trophy but the performance of Sagolband United and dynamism of their eye-catching football brand has earned the trust of many to consider them favorites to win the tournament. So, under such tag, both teams will be playing a historic final that will be remembered for long._
Final match to be kicked off after the closing ceremony which is scheduled to begin at 11:00 am

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