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Items filtered by date: Sunday, 08 October 2017 - Imphal Times

Life-A Bubble

 By: Joykumar Thokchom

Suddenly like bubble, man comes to the arena
Expand its peripheries, feeling bold and happy
Moves with ease, here and there
Takes a decisive part in the human medium.
With infinite time he goes
Believes not in the extermination of self
And obsesses with the power currency of the world,
Bickering only for the unholy money.
He never sees the truth
Never believes in true religion

But like a true devotee, he acts instead
Then greatest sinner he is.
Oh! Vain mortal beware
It’s not that God is blind to
The truth and faults
God acts accordingly, only time will tell.
Time has come to depart
Soon the crazy wind blows
Don’t feel like so, but it’s inevitable
O! Mortal, you wake up three score after
Have to leave the world unwillingly
Burying the hopes and aspirations far behind.

Health scheme for needy people in the offing: CM

Imphal, Oct. 8: Chief Minister N. Biren Singh has urged the medical fraternity to empathize with patients and their worried parties while discharging their valuable services. He was speaking at the inaugural session of the 22nd Annual Conference of the Association of Surgeons of India, Manipur State Chapter (ASIMANICON – 2017) at RIMS Jubilee Hall yesterday. Urging the medical fraternity to keep up the spirit of humanity and kindness which are the true traits of a healer, the Minister also stated that the Government would not tolerate any harassment meted out to health personnel and damage caused to medical properties. As suggested by some doctors, the Government would consider enactment of an Act which would protect medical personnel and properties soon. The Chief Minister said that the State Government is planning to introduce a health insurance scheme to benefit the poor and vulnerable people. Maintaining that problems related to health have a critical impact on the development and prosperity of the country, N. Biren expressed hope that the outcome of the conference would help in policy formation of the Government in this regard. The Chief Minister also assured that he would do whatever possible in his capacity to ensure that shortage of infrastructure and technologies do not come in the way of providing quality healthcare to the people. N. Biren said that the medical fraternity of the State needs to embrace modern technologies without losing human touch in the process of dispensing their services. He also expressed hope that the State medical fraternity would help realise the goals of the Government in the field of medical tourism in the near future. RIMS Director Prof. A. Shanta, JNIMS Director Prof. Th. Bhimo, Association of Surgeons of India (ASI) Honorary Secretary Dr. Ebenesh Bensam and ASI Manipur State Chapter president Dr. Kh. Palin also attended the function as presidium members.

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Indian paddlers win Junior Boys team title in Serbia Open Junior and Cadet Open

By: Monsum Hazarika Belgrade, Oct 8: India’s new generation of table tennis players continued making waves on the world circuit, with the Junior Boys clinching the gold medal in the Team Event of the Serbia Open Junior and Cadet Open here on Saturday evening. Earlier, Manav Thakkar claimed two silver medals and Manush Shah and Archana Kamat won a silver and a bronze each to make it a true bonanza for the Indian contingent. The Indian team, featuring Manav Thakkar, Manush Shah and Ishaan Hingorani, beat the US-Canadian team of Sharon Alguetti, Gal Alguetti and Jeremy Hazin 3-1 in the final to win the coveted title. Mumbai’s Manav began the medal hunt by winning the silver medal while Vadodara’s Manush claimed the bronze in the Junior Boys’ Singles category. They then combined to win another silver for India in the Junior Boys Doubles Bengaluru’s Archana too showed her mettle as she raced to the silver in the Junior Girls’ Singles and a bronze in the Girls’ Doubles with Serbia’s Dragana Vignijevic. Manav, the top seed at the championship, went down fighting to USA’s Sharon Alguetti in an epic final to miss out on the gold in the Singles. He did well to recover from a two-game deficit to take the match all the way into the seventh. But he failed to drive home the momentum and lost lost 3-4 (7-11, 10-12, 11-6, 12-14, 11-8, 11-8, 7-11). Manav was in his elements in the doubles too, in the company of Manush Shah. But the CanadianRomania duo of Jeremy Hazin and Paul Mladin proved to be a notch better than the Indian pair, winning 3-2 (11-7, 9-11, 11-6, 11-13, 12-10). In the Junior Girls’ category, top seeded Archana put up a valiant battle but couldn’t get the better of Serbia’s Sabina Surjan. She lost 3-4 (11-9, 4-11, 7-11, 13-11, 11-3, 7-11, 8- 11. She and her local partner Dragana Vignijevic lost to the German pair of Sophia Klee and Yuki Tsutsui 2-3 (5-11, 11-7, 11-8, 6-11, 5-11).

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Mother of Titular King Leishemba Sanajaoba passes away

Imphal, Oct 7: Mother of Titular King Leishemba Sanajaoba, Maharani Tampha passes away at around 11 am today. She was 65 years old. She died of an illness, report from the family said. As per tradition, the last rite of the mother of the titular king will be performed at Kangla and Chief Minister N. Biren Singh has granted permission for that

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4 non-locals without valid documents handed over to police

Thoubal, Oct 7: When apprehension about the influx of non-local particularly the Rohingya migrants in the state of Manipur, four non-locals who were found loitering at Khangabok Part-III area in a suspicious manner were rounded up by locals of the area. When the said non locals enquired by the locals did not possess any verification documents. However, they stated to have been stayed at a rented room at Hapta in Imphal West. All the four were handed over to Thoubal police for proper verification

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Post Panchayat Election turns murky at Sora; several injured in scuffling

Imphal, Oct 7: At least 7 persons were seriously injured when a bloody fight took place between two groups of people at Sora in Kakching district at around 10 am today morning. Report said that the swords and other deadly weapons were used during the fight and condition of some among the injured is stated to be serious. Those injured of one group are identified as Md. Abdul Khan, MD, Inaocha and MD Farid, all in their early twenties. Md. Azad Khan and Firoz Khan of the opposing group too were injured in the deadly scuffled. According to report, heated argument took place between supporters of a candidates after a a person identified as Md Azad Khan (50 years) was found posted as polling official at the Sora Junior High School Polling Station. As MD. Azad Khan hail from Sora Maning Leikai, supporter of a specific candidate protest. A minor scuffled even took place between Md. Azad Khan and a person identified as Abe in yesterday’s incident. Police which timely intervened the matter brought the situation under control. A written complained was allegedly lodged to the Kakching PS yesterday evening by Md. Azad but later withdrawn after both arrived to an understanding. However today morning again the when groups of people supporting Abe turn hostile after receiving news of a complaint being lodged to the Police station again. As a result a heated confrontation occurred with the groups supporting Md. Azad khan resulting to a deadly fight. Source said that both side carried swards and daggers. Police team rush the site and controlled the situation.

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‘Only independent Kangleipak can safeguard indigenous communities’

Imphal, Oct 8: Chairman of People’s Revolutionary Party Of Kangleipak (Progressive) L. Paliba greets the people of the region on occasion of the outfit’s Raising Day . The proscribed group is celebrating its 41st Raising Day on October 9. In his message made available to media houses the chairman of the outfit said that North Eastern communities are endlessly being discriminated against by mainland Indians and various forms of criminal activities including murder are being perpetrated against the people of Northeast in Indian heartland. He also recalled on the mass exodus from many parts of Indian states because of atrocities and threats from many parts of India. The Chairman compare the mass exodus to that of the infamous mass exodus of India Pakistan partition. “Even though many European thinkers and leaders foreboded the balkanization of the so called unified India, Indian leaders are proud that the prediction did not come true as India is not breaking up, which successfully completed 70 years with the principle of Unity in Diversity. Nevertheless movement of the Maoist/ Naxalite in the backbone central states of India, Kashmiri people’s movements are rising more and more, revolutionary struggle in WESEA regions are strengthening, even some states are demanding separate flags of their own. Indian leaders were frightened when C.N. Annadurai on May 1,1962 demanded Self Determination for Dravidian South Indian, this demand compelled the government to make many strong amendments like the Sixteenth Amendment Act 1963 in Indian Constitution to make India unbreakable. “Determination in its Constitution ? Do the Indian leaders have courage to implement the UN Resolution on Kashmir problem? Why didn’t Indian Government respond to Plebiscite demand of UNLF (Manipur) in 2005? Even in the lone super power country USA; California, Texas and some states are demanding to secede from USA, Catalonia regional referendum to secede from Spain was held, even Scottish demand a second referendum for seceding from UK, so Indian leaders must understand these political events. India is a subcontinent, many independent nations, countries must be formed which would safeguard the different cultures, languages, religions and faiths, it should not be under one single government.” (to be continued)

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Manipur Maoist appeals to censor hate speech in the struggle for protection of indigenous people

Imphal, Oct 8: Maoist Communist Party Manipur has appealed All Manipur Working Journalists’ Union and Editors’ Guild Manipur to censor hate mongering speech between different communities of the state in their quest to save the indigenous communities of the region. In a lengthy press statement, signed by Kyonghan Mangang, co-ordinator, Standing Committee, the outfit said that there might be attempt to sabotage the movement for protection of the indigenous people of the region by inciting enmity among the various communities of the state. Already the ruling class is expert in suppressing peoples movement by propagating another issues, it added. The outfit appeals to stand prepare for the mega mass movement for protection of the indigenous people by November 11. It also appealed the people to stay away from people spreading hate speech to create enmity among the various community using social networking site. On the other hand the Maoist also appealed the Scheduled Tribe demand Committee demanding ST status for the Meitei / Meetei to make their stand clear and assure that no harm to the benefit of other ST communities will never be effected. As for the Meitei it is not difficult to convert them to ST status as per the existing strata . The Maoist also said that as reservation for the seat in the valley assembly constituencies for the indigenous people could be easier if converted into ST status , the outfit support both ST demand and the demand by KSA for reservation of assembly seat to indigenous people. Demand for the ILPS in the state is a genuine demand of the people and the Maoist support all movement for saving the indigenous people , however, if any of the move incite hate feeling among the various community to promulgate enmity then the Moaist warn sever consequences . It appeal each and every communities irrespective of variation in communities to stand together for a mass mega protest to protect the indigenous people of the state.

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EGM Condemns

Imphal, Oct 8: Editors Guild Manipur condemn and take serious note of some locales of Khumidok Arapti Madrassa area who intimidated reporters from both the electronic and print media who had rushed to gather news from the area following reports of violence during the local body poll today (7 October 2017). The unruly mob not only threaten the reporters with dire consequence but also prevented them from carrying out their duties as journalists. The EGM considers this as direct attack on the freedom of press and freedom to do our duty as media person and urge the state Home department to take equally serious view and book those concern under the due process of law. EGM also urged the local leaders, clubs of the area to identify the culprit and help bring justice so that similar incident do not take place in future.

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