Preparation Tips for NEET UG Repeaters

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It’s a dream for students to crack exams like NEET in their first attempt and secure a seat in the college of their choice. We understand that it is a really heartbreaking moment when you fail in a competitive exam that could potentially pave a path for your future. But everybody deserves a second chance to prove them and achieve their goals. So, as the famous idiom goes, ‘Fall seven times, stand up eight’, you should also dust yourself and get ready for the race again to  NEET 2023
Here are some useful tips to prepare for online NEET format. Make sure to follow these NEET 2023 preparation tips to make the most of your drop year and get good ranks in the medical entrance exam.
1. Analyze previous year score
The first and foremost thing that you should do is to analyze your previous year’s NEET results. This will give you a sense of what your strength and weaknesses are and will help you improve the weak areas over the course of time. This will provide a mirror to your preparation and aid you in the future when choosing the learning platform and study material.
2. Join an e-learning
Now that you’ve already taken the exam once, you most definitely are familiar with the syllabus and the pattern. Joining online NEET coaching rather than a more traditional classroom program will be perfect for you. It will give you the flexibility and time to self-study that you need to succeed. Further, as the exam format has changed now, online NEET preparation with live interactive classes or recorded video lectures will help you get ready for the computer-based test.
3. Practice a lot
Practicing different and abundant questions will be the key to success in your next attempt. When you practice questions, you are revising as well as strengthening your concepts at the same time. It’s like that age-old proverb, killing two birds with one stone. So, solve as many questions as you can. Moreover, it will also prepare you for the revised exam pattern. Choose different online tests for NEET 2023 like Daily Practice Tests, Mock Tests,  and Previous Year Papers.
4. Be in a comfortable environment
Comfort and peace of mind are paramount to preparing for a competitive exam. You can concentrate on your studies only when you have simple things like your meals and laundry sorted. So, let go of those worries by staying near/at your home and opting for a digital alternative Live that will help you prepare according to your own personal needs, preferences, and pace. With the live interactive classes, you will be able to attend the classes at your home without wasting hours on the daily commute.
5. Know your saturation point 
Studying for 15 hours straight does not mean you are preparing for NEET 2023 well. You should strive for studying hard as well as smart. You can ask your teachers to mentor you in the right direction and not exhaust yourself too soon. Instead of reading the same thing time and again to understand the concept, you can look for alternate mediums like video lectures to quickly get the things.
6. Make an effective plan
A routine can take you places, especially when it comes to cracking competitive exams like NEET. You need to consistently revise and improve your scores in order to succeed. Make an effective timetable and syllabus breakdown throughout your time, and strictly follow the same to complete preparation in time.
7. Do not feel disheartened 
Believe in yourself and try your best. Reward yourself when you achieve small goals like an average high score in practice tests or revision multiple times. This will keep you motivated and pumped up to work hard for longer periods of times.
8. Keep calm in stressful situations
Taking up tests  will help you to maintain a cool and calm demeanor in the actual exam. The mock test is designed to provide you a test like an experience that will definitely help you in conquering the last-minute nerves. Such tests are deliberately made a bit tough to help students prepare more for the final exam. So, if you score less on these exams, don’t lose hope; rather, check the detailed reports provided by the teachers and improve yourself.
9. Practice previous exam papers
Many a time in exams like NEET, questions are repeated or asked along the same wavelength. Practicing previous year papers will do wonders for your preparation. You will get a sense of the level and type of questions and if you’re lucky, you may even get one or two same questions.
10. Give it your all, hope for the best
Just have faith in your preparation and hard work, and hope for the best. Have confidence in yourself.


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