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If you have completed your twelfth standard but have not yet been able to choose a career, then now is the time for you to take the right decision and move forward in that direction. While choosing a career, the most important thing is to identify your interest and ability and prepare yourself for success. Generally, parents push their children towards becoming doctors, engineers, lawyers etc. after twelfth, but seeing the tough competition in these fields, they are now ready to take the risk of choosing an offbeat career alternative. They are giving priority to the hobby and interest of the students in these courses. If you are also looking for new alternatives in a field full of possibilities, then know about offbeat courses.
Cinematography is literally defined as recording motion. Every scene that appears on the screen is the result of cinematography. A cinematographer brings reality to any scene imagined by a film director or script writer. A genre made up of art and technology, cinematography is a separate part of film making It plays an important role in his success. Job opportunities there are opportunities to work as cinematographer, video editor, director and photography, cameraman, videographer etc. in this field. Cinematographers have excellent job opportunities in TV and web series, filming units, film studios, video businesses, etc. Course You can do one year PG certificate course in electronic cinematography, two year PG diploma in cinematography for EDM, three year PG diploma in cinematography. You from the twelfth after graduation in any subject, you can take admission in these courses by passing the entrance exam. Some institutes offer BSc in Cinematography, Advanced Diploma in Cinematography, PG Diploma in Cinematography along with Film Making. Advertising a great way to promote anything. It is the preferred alternative chosen by companies and brands to market their products/services.
Therefore, today advertising is a big industry in the country, which is always profitable is After digitalization, this sector has expanded further and new opportunities have been created in it. If you have the ability to do something creative and think differently, then you can advance yourself in this field. Work opportunities You can work in this field as a copy writer, creative director, art director, production manager, media planning manager, PPC etc. You can work in any advertising company. It also has the option of working as a freelancer. Course With graduation in any subject after twelfth By improving communication skills and English, you can enter this field by doing diploma or post graduation diploma courses in Advertising and Communication, Marketing and Advertising, Advertising Management, Advertising and Public Relations. Interior designing It is currently one of the most attractive career options. Be it home or office, hotel or mall, interior designers play an important role in making it colorful and beautiful. Job opportunities Architectural firm, construction firm, real estate company for interior designer.
There are opportunities to work in Town and City Planning Bureau, Design Studio, Hotel and Restaurant, Designing Institute. You can get a job in a firm by working as an interior designer. This field gives an opportunity to work independently and create an identity. Course After 12th you can do Bachelor of Interior Designing or BSc in Interior Designing. Courses like Diploma in Interior Design, PG Diploma in Interior Design and Decoration, Advanced Diploma in Interior Design are also preferred for making a career in this field.are Chartered Accountant Chartered Accountant (CA) is popular as a good career. CAs handle financial accounting and tax management for any organization or business unit.
A common perception about Chartered Accountant is that students with commerce or mathematics subjects choose this career, whereas those who have passed twelfth in any subject can take the CA exam. Job opportunities After the implementation of Goods and Service Tax i.e. GST in the country, the demand for CA has increased a lot. CAs have many opportunities to work independently are as a CA you can work with public and private sector banks, public limited companies, auditing firms, finance companies, stock broking companies etc. animation With increasing technology, animation has become one of the most scoped career options these days.
Animation is concerned with designing, drawing and producing graphics or multimedia video. Animation has a lot of potential for those who like to create magic in a character. Animation in a wide variety of work from entertainment to the field of advertising Job opportunities are available for professionals. Employment opportunities Animation professionals are in high demand in the advertising department, film and television sector, cartoon production, online and print news media, video gaming, e-learning sectors. Course BSc in Animation and Multi Media, BSc in Animation and Game Technology, BA Hons, BA in 3D Animation, BA in Animation and Graphic Design, BSc in Animation after 12th. Advanced Diploma in 3D Animation, Advanced Diploma in Animation  Can do Visual Effects, Advanced Diploma in Animation Engineering. After graduation, you can lay the foundation of a strong career in this field by doing MSc in Animation and Multi Media, Post Graduate Diploma in 3D Animation, PG Diploma in 3D Communication.

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