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If you have completed or are planning to pursue a bachelor’s degree in English, then this subject offers a lot of options in your career.  Some students have many misconceptions about this subject like only academic career can be made with the help of this subject but if you have obtained degree in English language then you can easily step into any industry.  A number of career options open up after earning a degree in English, the main ones being:
Journalism and Mass Communication
By getting a degree in this subject, you can easily make your career in journalism.  Media is considered to be the fourth pillar of democracy, due to which people are interested in it.  Students with a bachelor’s degree in English literature have read and analyzed many works.  Doing this not only increases the level of their understanding but also develops the creative aspect in the students.  Such students analyze situations by evaluating them properly, which expands their working capacity.  Media career includes blogging, dialogue and text writing and many other tasks.
Publication work
Students pursuing a degree in English must not let the nature of the work of writing lose sight of what they have acquired through literary studies.  After the students write difficult articles about various novels under this course, the art of writing naturally develops.  Publishing is a great option for those who can present their ideas with their own pen and work their way around words.  You can also work for magazines, newspapers, journalists and columnists.
Research and teaching
It is very common for students with a bachelor’s degree in English to pursue a career in research and teaching methodology.  All institutions have always needed good teachers.  If you will do well in this subject then you can get a good source of income.  If you have cleared higher level exams like SET, NET or JRF then you can easily make a successful career in the field of teaching.
Public Relations and Advertising
Why waste the communication skills you have acquired while earning your degree?  With this skill, you can work as a Creative Head, Event Manager and PR Manager.  Therefore it is important that you use your writing skills, creativity, reasoning power properly.  The advertising industry always looks for individuals who have some creative thinking.  There is always a need for creative work in the public relations and advertising industry and it is also appreciated.
Free writing
We are seeing a rapid change in recent trends, showing a steady increase in the number of freelancer writers.  This may be the best theme for those who can create content for other people.  Freelance means the freelance writing industry is huge and you can easily establish yourself in this industry with a little patience and a good grasp on words.
There are many better job options available in this field.  Various journals and news agencies require deputy editors.  Apart from this, embassies of different countries are hiring translators who know and understand English language and can translate it.  The pay scale / honorarium is much better in the translation sector.  For the youth who wish to make a career in this creative field, becoming a translator can prove to be a better career option.
Students pursuing a degree in English can also pursue a career in library science.  The post of Librarian is a very honorable post.  There are many career options for students holding a degree in English language literature and if the student wants to take advantage of them, then he can make his career very good.

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