How to prepare for NEET 2022 in one week?

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A lot of midnight lamps, NEET aspirants have already burnt and a few more to go until the D-day. Their minds must be boggling to get answers for how to prepare for NEET 2022 in one week? It is important to solve previous year NEET question papers , sample papers, mock tests religiously in  one week left for preparation.
How to prepare for NEET 2022 in one’week?
In order to make the maximum and optimum use of the time at hand for NEET preparations 2022 , candidates are advised to follow the points mentioned below.
1. Get your doubts and queries solved
Candidates should highlight all those areas where they are facing difficulties and have doubts and get them clarified by an expert in the subject as soon as possible. It is advised that they only take the help of experts in the same to get the apt solution. If they take a helping hand from anyone with no proper knowledge about the topic they might be misinformed or confused.
2. Practice sample papers and previous year question papers
Undoubtedly this is the most important thing to do while there are only 9 days left for the preparation for NEET Chemistry
45 questions
180 marks
Biology (Botany and Zoology)
90 questions
360 marks
Total Marks
720 Marks
Marking Scheme
4 marks will be awarded for each correct answer
1 mark will be deducted for a wrong answer
No mark will be given for unanswered question
Thoroughly reading NEET dress code guidelines - Since the authorities have laid down a specific dress code for the examination and not abiding by the same might lead to cancellation of candidature, candidates must go through it thoroughly and make arrangements accordingly
Tracking official website daily - It is imperative that candidates keep a track of the official website of NEET 2022- at all times before and after the successful conduction of the examination. This is vital as all important information will be communicated to candidates on the official website itself
Visit the exam centre of NEET once - Candidates must do this in order to get an idea of the distance and the duration that is going to be covered in reaching the same on the date of examination. By solving previous year question papers and sample papers candidates get an idea of the difficulty level of the NEET exam in the past and also the question paper pattern. Moreover, this will help candidates seek out their weak and strong areas subject-wise.
3. Set a timer while answering the questions
While answering mock tests or sample and previous year question papers of NEET candidates must set a timer and make sure they answer the same in 3 hours (the duration of examination). If they are not able to do so, they should practice harder to be able. This will also help them tackle tight deadlines in the examination and strategise their answering of examination during the same duration.
4. Make time table
Medical aspirants must make a timetable for themselves while preparing for NEET 2022. This is advised to them from the very beginning of their preparations as it helps in systematic and overall progress. However, if they have not done this yet, it’s better late than never, also, if made earlier, refresh that timetable accordingly. Candidates should make such a timetable which gives them enough time to cover all the important topics.
5. Get enough sleep and maintain physical and mental health
All-day work and no rest will make candidates ill physically as well as mentally. It is important that they take enough care of themselves and not panic in the 11th hour. Candidates are advised to take proper sleep and a balanced diet. If candidates take too much stress, it is sure to take a toll on their mental and physical well-being. Thus, it is advised that they take care.

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