Pandemic Impacted Students And Their Social Life

Written By: / Career Guidance and Education / Wednesday, 28 July 2021 18:24

Global studies have shown that youngsters are struggling to cope  with the varied challenges thrown up as a result of the pandemic. Anxiety, elevated stress levels and depression have been cited as some of the problems.

When it comes to education, interrupted study programmes has been the main issue, despite the adoption of online learning methods.

Academic insufficiency With online learning being the mode since March 2020, both teachers and students have been experiencing difficulties due to connectivity issues.

For economically-challenged students, the lack of access to devices is another problem. This means that, despite a teacher's best efforts, the question of how many students they reached remains.

Also innovative and exploratory models of assessment and evaluation would not have been possible during this time. Dealing with this requires a great deal of self-learning by students.

Emotional instability Over the past year and a half, many students have had to deal with the loss of loved ones. While philanthropists and the governments have come forward to help them continue their education, the trauma of the loss has also to be dealt with.

In the case of those whose parents have lost their jobs, there is a lot of For economically challenged students, the lack of access to devices means that despite a teacher's best efforts, the question of how many students they reached remains stress due to having to find funds to pay the fees.

A third aspect is that having to complete their education virtually has led to an emotional strain and worry about placements.

This year has also seen many students worry about falling victim to the virus.

No public gathering Youth often like to 'chill' at beaches, malls, theatres, parks and common places but this is now prohibited for their safety. Neither can they gather in other public places like places of worship, which may have offered some measure of solace.

This has led to a lack of fellowship and social structure. Unfortunately, students are now glued to laptops or mobile phones for hours and their social life is also virtual.

While this situation was unexpected and no one is sure when a degree of normalcy will be restored, it is important for us to address these issues so that the youth can come through to the other side without too much ado.

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