Social media has revolutionized information, communication and social harmony

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Elderly people playing cards in village places as well as talking about wisdom, women sitting together in the streets in the evening with tea and sharing stories with neighbors, Mandhihar sitting in the streets and parks  Dream creation, etc. has been the traditional form of communication of all social information  This develops social harmony and the quality of speaking one’s mind instinctively  With this, social messages and customs continued to pass from generation to generation without any book
Gradually, educated and intelligent people in the newspaper columns expressed their views and proved their mettle.  Instead of places, readers started coming and going quietly in libraries  With the advent of radio, people got a better chance to listen to songs and news at home instead of in musical arenas.  In the thriving places, the elderly who were just miserable from home started coming to spend their time.  A ghazal applies to such elders, “You are smiling so much, what a pity that you are hiding”.  It is only natural that when such a person is kindly asked about his condition, his eyes will be filled with more tears than the words coming out of his mouth.
The discovery of TV left family members without work in the afternoon and evening  Modern Punjabi and other linguistic songs of the youth brought entertainment to the point where in the race of fashion, the hearth of the house began to forget the youth.  It would not be an exaggeration to say whether there is flour in the barrel of the house or not, but if there is any deficiency in the gathering of young friends.  Family ties became more and more common and small families were divided into big families calling for a happy family.  It has been observed many times that the youth involved in drug addiction, beyond the control of the parents, forced the head of the family and the society to bow in shame.
Now is the time for social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc. There are many platforms through which the society is getting closer to each other.  Families living hundreds of thousands of miles away in the country and abroad seek peace without delay.  From children to adults, they present their art in the court of the people at no cost.  Web media is a radical change in electronic media  Pint and other media have also created their own web portals to reach out to as many people as possible.  Web media portals have refreshed the news and encouraged readers to find out what is going on.  In any corner of the world, any kind of political, economic, social news is in front of the world at any moment, just like parents say ‘just two minutes’ while feeding their children.  Baking News has replaced the latest news today  The second has already become a race to publish news in TV channels and web news portals.
With a smartphone in hand and the availability of the net, you look no less than a good reporter.  Post the good news of the society on social media, the best issue is made ‘top-trading’ within hours of using social media.  There are many examples of this, such as the helpless sitting at the railway station, Ranu Mandal’s speech on social media made him a star.  In Punjab, the young ‘Chief Minister’ was counted among the favorite faces overnight  The role of social media is important for corona awareness  Social media has also proved to be a boon to school children these days
There are two sides to every issue  But social media is a blessing in disguise  It should be easily used for the betterment of the society  It is not a social phenomenon to use it to spread rumors and defame anyone  Individuals, social organizations, departments, enterprises and governments are resorting to various videos, live broadcasts or digital posters through appropriate platforms to make their point.  Social media is playing an important role in keeping school students in touch with teachers in such difficult times.  Governments strive to communicate their policies from door to door to the citizens of the state at low cost.  Society should use social media to communicate its feelings in a very relaxed and harmonious way.

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Vijay Garg

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